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Kolejarz Natura Tour
Double Room from 9 EUR

Goralski Domek Jasinek
Room Apartment from 9 EUR

Tatra House Pensjonat
Room Apartment from 9 EUR

Willa Belmont
Twin Room from 9 EUR

Pensjonat Orla Perc
 Double Room from 31 EUR

Zakopiański Dwór
 Single Room from 36 EUR

Kompleks Antałówka Termy & Med
 Single Room from 37 EUR

Boruta Hotel
 Twin Room from 37 EUR

Hotel Belvedere Resort&SPA
 Single Room from 79 EUR

Crocus Hotel
 Single Room from 83 EUR

Mercure Kasprowy Zakopane
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Grand Nosalowy Dwór
 Twin Room from 85 EUR

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Zakopane is one of most popular tourist destinations in Poland, thanks to its cultural relevance and location near the mountains with a lot of snow every year, being a center of attraction for skiers.

We are talking about a small city of approximately 30.000 inhabitants. Likewise, a beautiful landscape is offered that is portrayed in the lower part of the Mount tatras, part of the Carpathian mountain range in Eastern Europe.

La zakopane city is known in Poland as the "winter capital", due to its close proximity to the carpathian alpine system. For this reason, here there are different recreational activities and first class accommodation areas.

Here we will specifically describe the Zakopane city center, and as you can imagine, this location dignifies the status of the city's tourist activities. It is an area that combines the traditional aesthetics of a town, but with very modern shopping streets.

Zakopane is a tourism site that has dozens of luxury accommodations in various areas, highlighting the city ​​center, where there are well-decorated venues, striking structures and first-class services.

And, of course, the almost 400-year-old city has different options and well-planned activities in this wonderful destination: go to the hot springs, ski or hike in the snowy mountains or visit the center from the krupowki street.

Therefore, you must define your stay in Zakopane, and for this we will give you the best information of the city ​​center which houses high-quality accommodation.

Tourist copywriter. I have lived for many years in Poland where, thanks to my passion for traveling, I have visited many of its tourist attractions.

The city center, the best option

El Zakopane city center it is a location with a lot of life and things to do, where the surroundings are full of four and five star accommodation.

In this location of the city you can get endless commercial businesses at your disposal, highlighting the tourist quality of the municipality. Therefore, it is a place where you can see hundreds of foreigners every day.

In Zakopane city center you will find a variety of cultural venues or traditional structures in Poland, whose designs have been adapted to modernity, in order to receive and provide better care. The decorations and architectural aesthetics will dazzle you!

There you will find tourist information shops, supermarkets, restaurants, bars and banks in the vicinity of important accommodation centers, with all its services (WiFi, cleaning, parking, hot water, TV, among others).

The 9 best hotels to stay in Zakopane

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Zakopane Tourism

Enjoy your stay in Zakopane. Make your visit to Zakopane an extraordinary experience by staying in the hotel you deserve. Still don't know where to stay? We offer you 174 hotels in Zakopane from €23, so you can select the one that best suits your expectations and your budget.

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2-star hotels in Zakopane

Find among all two star hotels in Zakopane your accommodation thanks to our complete hotel locator, which lists all the offers and the minimum prices available in real time.

Although many people think that a hotel in this category does not have some of the things expected of a hotel, in the standards evaluation system the two-star hotels. Zakopane is home to a large number of accommodations of this type, and they are all listed in our database at the best prices on the market.

Muchos two star hotels in Zakopane They have services that are also offered in higher categories, such as wireless Internet service. The type of guest who usually books a two-star hotel in Zakopane is a young student who wants to travel and see the world.

Find your two star hotel in Zakopane among the more than 500.000 accommodations that make up our database.

Three (3) star hotels in Zakopane

The three star hotels in Zakopane They are usually the ones with the greatest tourist demand thanks to their reasonable prices and the balanced quality of their facilities. Find a cheap hotel with us at the best available price and take advantage of the cheapest promotions on the market to book your three-star hotel in Zakopane.

Hotels in this category have a series of more than reasonable services, such as the Internet, which is really very useful when traveling to calculate the itineraries to be done on site. In addition, the three-star hotels usually present a design between avant-garde and classic that pleases all kinds of clients and always at very reasonable prices.

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Four (4) star hotels in Zakopane

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Un four star hotel offers a high level of quality in its services, since standards with a high level of demand govern. The accommodations in this category are usually located in the downtown area, or in places with good communication to facilitate the client's planned tourist visits. The four-star hotels in Zakopane are defined by their excellence and their design, which is remarkable even though it may seem sober at times.

A four-star hotel in Zakopane usually has Internet service and active thanks facilities, as well as a restaurant and various entertainment areas. Thanks to our cheap hotel search engine you will be able to discover four-star hotels in Zakopane on offer and at the most attractive price on the market.

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