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The modest city of Zadar located in Croatia, it is very attractive for Tourists who visit this nice country or the area of ​​the Balkans. Zadar It is located 2 hours from Split (if you are driving) and it is far from noise and concentrations of tourists from other cities of Croatia. 

Here you can enjoy a unique environment, especially in the striking Historical Center from the city, which forms an unbroken peninsula in crystalline waters from sea.

En Zadar you can visit some fabulous beaches, among which the Zaton Beach. Here is the starting point to access the I of Zadar archipelago or to the majestic Island of Pag.

This city is known for its walled old town. The doors Porta Marina and Terraferma, provide the entrance to 3.000 years of history. You can also visit the Church of San Donato, with its particular circular shape, surrounded by the Roman Forum.

There is no doubt that this part downtown from the city, is one of the best areas to stay in Zadar. Zadar gives a unique experience to all Tourists they visit Croatia. You will meet fabulous old town, plazas very big, steeples stone a climate Excellent, sunsets and the best gastronomy.

As to lodging hotel offer in Zadar It is a little reduced, the offer of apartments, which is an alternative of more affordable accommodation, especially in summer, which is the season high in tourism for this city.

Next, we will give you more detail of the best areas to stay in Zadar, so you can choose the one that suits you best.

Zadar old town (historic center)

The fabulous Old (Zadar Old Town), welcomes many Roman ruins attractive to visitors. It is also recognized for its pretty Alleys and the great diversity of Restaurants and bars available in the city.

Zadar is surrounded by the Adriatic Sea and 20 minutes from Airport, the magnificent Old Town. It is an area with years of antiguaty, which presents a natural beauty amazing which is very attractive to all visitors.

Here you can tour the Promenade, where you will find one of its best charms, the Marine Organ. Is a architectural site which grants a musical recital fabulous through the push of waves.

Right next to it is located El I greet the Sun, which presents a circular floor that feeds on the solar energy. Upon arrival night, you can see a nice play with colored lights very striking.

Another site that you cannot miss in the Zadar Old Town, is Church of San Donatus, which is the largest pre-Romanesque building in Croatia. Next to this church is The Roman forum, One Roman ruins very particular that seem to come out of the ground.

In this same area, you will get the Zadar Archaeological Museum, which has many interesting things for all visitors. Get around the Historical Center it's very simple and do it walking is the best way. You can walk for it's streets and make your purchases at the mall City galleria, located very close to the area.

Another place to visit during the day is the local market Trznica Zadar. Here you can buy the best fruits, fish, vegetables and many more products. If you are interested in gastronomy at Old, there are many options to eat in the best restaurants area.

And to enjoy the night life at Zadar Old Town, here you will find excellent bars and pubs to spend the whole night well entertained. Regarding the accommodation at Old, here you can find various places where Lodge.

Offering apartments is much larger than that of hotels, so you can stay in those of your preference, since you are in one of the best areas to stay in Zadar.

Puntamika, the perfect place by the bay

The district of Puntamika is located in front of the Bay from the Old. Here you will find a nice beach, for an Leisure port, sports port and a great diversity of hotels, restaurants and bars.

Puntamika It is an area with a long history, dating back to neolithic settlements. This area of Zadar, was a very important defensive point, because geographically it protects the boarding entrance to the old town. That's why the city ​​lighthouse is here.

A big number of cafes, bars and restaurants is emerging to serve all Tourists who visit this area. So you can see the renewal all tourist facilities In the area.

La tourist activity en Puntamika It has grown year after year and is still one of the most popular places for tourists and locals, especially to spend a cozy moment in the beach.

If you walk the coastal road, you will see how it is full of tourists in summer. Here you can enjoy excellent restaurants, cafes and a Leisure port, sports port. El lodging in Puntamika comprises a large complex of hotels and apartments with rates affordable, Specially in summer, season with a large influx of tourists.

That is why many Tourists have selected Puntamika, as one of the best areas to stay in Zadar.

Biograd na Moru, the port city

Biograd na moru it's a port city located on the way to Split, being the most central area county Zadar. It is an important tourist destination, Especially in summer time.

El port and its spectacular beachesmake Biograd na moru be a destination with great opportunities for nautical tourism or the navigation.

Years ago, Biograd na moru It was the place chosen by the European royalty, to enjoy fabulous holidays.   Today, it continues to be a tourist destination par excellence.

If you walk the streets of this area of Zadar, you can find various monumentsLike Basilica de San Juan, S. XI and the churches Sveta Strosije S. XVIII, Sveti Ante S. XIII and Sveti Roka S. XVI.

Here you can also visit the national parks of Telascica and Kornati, the lakes of Plitvice, the waterfalls of Krka and Pasman island. That is why many Visitantes they choose Biograd na moru, as an exit point to attend these paradisiac places.

El biograd port It is an ideal place for Touristsas it has many stores located in the urban area. You can also enjoy their sport ports and a old sea port. There you will find water intakes and many more attractions.

As for accommodation places, you have the option of stay in some of the travelers apartments y hotels arranged in this port area.

Island of Pag, the party place

La island of Pag is recognized for its fabulous Clubs and nightlife it offers its visitors. That is why they compare it with the spectacular Ibiza or the wonderful Mykonos.

This mediterranean island Is synonymous with fun and party, where the Tourists They will have incredible nights that they will never forget. So it is a tourist destination par excellence for those who visit Zadar and that it must be included in the list of its favorite places.

If you visit western part of island of Pag, you will enjoy extensive stone and sandy beaches. Instead, in his eastern part, Predominate cliffs. Inside the island of Pagyou will find some karst lakes, olive trees, vineyards and forests mediterranean.

El tourism on the island of Pag attracts every summer thousands of Visitantes from all over Europe, who are looking for a place like this to have fun to full.

If you are one of those who enjoy discos and nightclubs, In the island of Pag you will get the most recognized worldwide. So you can combine daytime relaxation in the beach and music at night in these fabulous places.

But not everything is party and music in the Pearl of the Adriatic. Here you can also tour the village of Pag and observe the Alleys cobblestone and housing with white facades. You will also be able to know the The Church of the Asunción,Rector's Palace Skrivanat Tower, Pag Lace Museum and Gradski Muzej.

La gastronomy in the island of Pag is very similar to the rest of Zadar, although the Paski Sir cheese, made with sheep milk in a traditional way.

As to accommodation on the island of Pag, you will find various options such as hotels, apartments and villas with Sea View, ideal for all tastes. That is why it is considered as another of the best areas to stay in Zadar.

Petrcane, the charm of a fishing village

If you want to stay in a small fishing village, which represents the authentic Croatian tradition, Petrcane It is an excellent option.

Petrcane It is located in the north of Zadar and it's a fabulous place to rest on your journey through Croatia. A fabulous bay In which it is found Petrcane, is surrounded by 2 peninsulas, Skala Point and Radman Point.

This Fisher's town, presents a large strip of sand and hotel zone it is protected by many trees. If you visit Petrcane, you will observe its picturesque housingpretty beaches with crystal clear waters, Pine trees fragrant and a Mediterranean climate tempered.

En Petrcane you can find many cafes with excellent atmosphere, markets, restaurants, hotels and more s that cross olive fields near the town, fabulous to practice cycling and hiking.

Today, the number of Tourists en Petrcane increases year after year so it is known as a tourist center par excellence in Croatia. As to lodging, here you have at your disposal, various apartments, hotels and villas for rent for all tastes.

You can choose the hosting site that best suits your preferences and budget, but without a doubt, it is a the best areas to stay in Zadar.

The 9 best hotels to stay in Zadar

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