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The capital of the province of West Flanders in Belgium it has many cultural treasures to offer. Not in vain, Bruges was included on the World Heritage List in 2000.

In the city center in particular you can explore the atmosphere of the city, in addition to the many places of interest. Bruges has an idyllic style and inspires with its charming alleys.

The old town and the trade fair in particular attract many visitors to Bruges. Among the narrow streets there are numerous museums, brilliant restaurants Belgian, numerous chocolate shops and excellent hotels in Bruges.

The new concert building invites you to visit: In 2002 this city was the European Capital of Culture, this time several modern architecture projects were built in the city center.

The Sint-Salvator church, the town hall and the Grote Markt are particularly popular attractions in Belgium. The port of Bruges is worth a visit, considered the most modern in Europe. In addition to the places of cultural interest, Witches it is also a place for many international companies.

Last but not least, the city is considered a European commercial metropolis due to the easily accessible port, which is an important connection point, especially for Northern European countries due to its location on the North Sea.

In addition, there are a number of congresses and exhibitions in addition to the Exhibition Center of Witches. Therefore, in addition to tourists, in the capital of Belgium Many businessmen come together who stay in the renowned first-class hotels.

The historic center, the best area

You really can't go wrong with Witches, no matter what you look at. All the historic city center is nice and somehow a great open-air museum. Few things distort the impression that the clock stopped on Witches several centuries ago.

The city, famous for the heyday of Flemish painting in the XNUMXth century, can be seen perfectly from the boats that glide between golden swans and through the winding canals with stone bridges. Find out why Witches it is called "Venice of the North".

If you're looking for hotel in the center of BrugesYou should carefully study the room and location reviews. The Belgium Typical can be found, for example, in the Hotel Velutel Brugge and in the Hotel Value Stay Bruges. The Ibis budget Brugge Centrum hotel is not inferior to this one either.

Stay at the Hotel Hans Memling overlooking the center of Witches, stroll through the nighttime city devoid of tourists, with many of its well-preserved and impressively illuminated landmarks and canals.

In the center of Bruges you will find the oldest building in the city: The Basilica of the Holy Blood. In the Chapel you can see one of the most important religious relics in Europe: a container with a drop of the blood of Jesus Christ, which, according to legend, was brought to Witches by the crusaders.

Ezelstraat, backpacker destination

Un trip to the city of Bruges is synonymous with world cultural heritage, crafts and delicious delicacies Belgian. Explore the exciting history of Witches on the quiet Ezelstraat street.

Also called Callejón del Asno Ciego, the origin of the name is not yet clear; appears in archives from 1302 onwards. Street probably created around 1200.

Feel the traces of the Middle Ages on this winding street with steep stairs and small houses. Another important milestone is the Burg Square in Bruges, towering over the market square in the heart of the city.

To enjoy a wonderful view of charming Bruges, climb to the top of the structure; even if it's a bit strenuous, the view is worth it!

The old castle is gone, but the town hall stands out visually. In the Burg Square in Bruges there's a market. So take the opportunity and start your tour of Witches with a drink.

The square in the heart of the city is still huge and is framed by numerous beautiful guild houses, the provincial palace and the mighty bell tower. In the middle there are mobile food stalls and small rides for children throughout the year.

Along with the statue of the popular heroes of Witches Jan Breydel and Pieter De Coninck, the magnificent Provincial Palace (Provinciaal Hof) can be photographed perfectly.

This neo-Gothic building is now the housed Historium Bruges, an adventure museum about the history of the city.

Sint-Anna, calm and close

There are many places to sleep and accommodation comfortable in this neighborhood, it doesn't always have to be expensive. It is one of the nine neighborhoods into which the city center was divided according to the spatial structure plan of brujas in 1972.

La West Flanders region is a holiday destination in Belgium. Staying in Sint-Anna Quarter during your holidays it is a good idea especially in this nice and comfortable apartment.

It is located northeast of the city center. The Anne church it is the heart of the district and its greatest tourist attraction. The accommodation is self-catering and overlooks the canals. The market square and the Beguinage it is also nearby.

It has lovely canal landscapes, street scenes, and some minor views that make it little-visited Sint-Anna Quarter, it is a good place to walk.

Although a guest room or pension is usually a bit simpler compared to hotels in other more touristy cities, and rarely offers a restaurant in addition to breakfast, it is usually cheaper.

Sint-Gillis, quiet and familiar

Experience the hustle and bustle Belgian (even the first few minutes) in the heart of Saint GillesThey leave a lasting impression, because the place is characterized by old buildings that are not forgotten thanks to their magnificent construction.

A walk around the city is a must here, and Saint Gilles it is a place for lovers of art and culture who love architecture in particular. The center is the square with the large and impressive town hall, which has a large number of battlements and towers.

You should also visit the local prison. It is anything but a dark place. Made up of many towers and provided with a majestic façade, it blends in seamlessly with the urban landscape.

But not only there is much to experience culturally in Saint Gilles. If you want to try some really good fries, you can do it in the heart of the city, where you will find tasty potato sticks of different varieties.

After a refreshment, you can take a walk through the old town. Small boutiques and quaint shops are waiting to be discovered. Find a good hotel in the center of Saint Gilles or book budget accommodation in the suburbs.

Magdalena, the most familiar district

It has become synonymous with food providers offering quality, artisanal products. On Friday nights in summer the gallery becomes an open-air tapas bar with snacks, fish-based snacks and live concerts.

In the place there are many hotels in different price categories, but also a wide range of bed and breakfast. Some locals improve their family budgets by renting rooms to tourists.

However, you shouldn't stay long in the room, there is simply a lot to discover. Those not so good on foot can choose the comfortable option and let themselves be driven through the city in a horse-drawn carriage to match the medieval backdrop.

El area in Magdalena it's not that big, but it is perfect for a walk. There are interesting things to discover throughout this town. Small florists, nice cafes or antique shops that are hidden throughout the city and for which Belgium is known.

It's definitely worth getting off the beaten track and 'conquering' the quieter outdoor areas of the city.

The train station, the most practical

In the Sint-Michiels heart (place where the train station is located) is the old castle of Bloemenoord. Since 1947, when it was bought and reused as the town hall, the castle, and the square in front of it, has played a central role in the community life of San Miguel.

It is certainly a quiet retreat with a romantic atmosphere. The park with its beautiful lake is located at the southern end of the city center, very close to the train station.

Originally, a river ran at this point, which was channeled by the inhabitants; This is where the lake, which is so popular today, was created. The Kasteel Minnewater restaurant stands out for its building. A few meters ahead, the square with its ducks, swans and other birds is certainly also a wonderful place to relax.

El Bed & Breakfast De Hoogmolen It is located west of the main train station, a bit far from the historic city center. It is approximately 1 km (15-minute walk) from the Belfort. It is a very spacious and comfortable place.

If you want to treat yourself, spend the night in the popular Bourgondisch Cruyce Relay or Hotel B&B Exclusive Guesthouse Bonifacius it would, of course, be a real experience.

Ultimately, Witches It is a positive surprise, with excellent hotels and restaurants. All in Witches It is worth it and this medieval tale you must live it and if it is in winter, better.

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