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At the time of visiting Poland, we recommend you know warsaw, the largest city in Poland, located on the banks of the Vistula river.

It's a tourist destination that receives many Travelers they come for business or for fun years after year.

To deal with this growing tourist demand in the city, the offer of accommodation and entertainment venues, it has been increasing and diversifying.

You won't have to worry about stay en Warsaw, since the city offers you all kinds of hotels boutiques, hotels with spa, hotels of luxury and bed & breakfast, in addition to many apartments for rent for tourists.

All these places are very modern and clean, In addition, compared to other European capitals, in warsaw it's more affordable rent a hotel service.

warsaw It has many areas where you can stay, thus being able to choose the one that is best to your liking and style.

Among them stand out, Srodmiescie, Stare Miasto, Prague Południe, Prague Polnoc, Żoliborz, Mokotów or Wilanów.

Here they offer you great opportunities accommodation, in addition to having the advantage, of being able transfer by taxi or bus without problems, because they are very economic.

Next, you will be able to know The best areas to stay in Warsaw.

Sródmiescie, the best area to stay

Srodmiescie is best area to stay en warsaw. It is located in the city ​​center and you can find all the main headquarters of the companies and Public Buildings from the city. In addition, it stands out for being a very commercial.

En Srodmiescie You will be able to know various cultural and educational institutions, such as the University of Warsaw as well as the Warsaw University of Technology. Srodmiescie It is ideal to visit, due to the large number of historical places of the city worth knowing.

In the list of places to visit in srodmiescie, you must include the street Ulica Bednarskaplatforms, Palace of Culture and Scienceplatforms, Ogrod Saski, Sigismund's Column and, of course, the Warsaw Royal Castle.

In this area is also found, the Parade Square, a place where the events and the most outstanding concentrations of the time Soviet in Warsaw.

You can also know the Powazki Cemetery, which houses graves of personalities very important in the country. Srodmiescie, for being the heart of the Polish capital, has the most important districts, such as, the Old City as well as the new city.

Here you will get a lot of commercial places between its streets, in addition to theaters, cinemas, clubs and other tourist attractions, that you can visit without using a means of transport.

What if night life it is about, Srodmiescie It is one of the best areas of Warsaw, to enjoy the places arranged for it.

Srodmiescie has a accommodation offer very varied, including hotels and hostels luxurious plus apartments for rent for tourists.

Stare Miasto, the Old Town of Warsaw

Old Town is historic helmet and the most antigua from the city of warsaw. In this area you can find a large number of business establishmentsAs boutiques and brand stores

You will also get various restaurants that offer you the best typical dishes of the city, in addition to many cafes quite charming. All this is accompanied by an excellent night life.

Between the historical sites of interest to visit in Old Town, are the St. John's Cathedral, rebuilt after the war with the same appearance as it had in the XNUMXth century, and the Rynek Starego Miasta square, chaired by the statue of the Little Mermaid.

The Tourists that they visit Old Town, they cannot stop knowing the Royal Castle, la Barbican, la Sigismund's Column, the remains of the Ancient Medieval Wallsplatforms, Jewish museum and the building of the Town hall.

El Services en Starego Miasta it's very diverse. It is recommended to use the tram, metro and bus, in addition to Bike available in the area.

This area is a very good option for Lodgebecause it allows to stay in pretty monuments and be very close to city ​​center.

Old Town offers many hotel establishments of all categories and for all types of tourists, being one of The best areas to stay in Warsaw.

Wola, the neighborhood with an excellent location

Area Will is an option to consider for to stay en warsaw, thanks to its fabulous location. This neighborhood is located at west of historical Center de la ciudad.

In this area you can find various sites they tell the city ​​historyand Museum of the Warsaw Uprising, which relates in detail, everything that happened during the Second World War in 1944.

Other historic place that you can not miss, is the Polinplatforms, Museum of the History of Polish Jews, which offers you impressive exhibitions.

Will It also has places of a spectacular design, which are highly visible for their great height, like the skyscraper of the offices of the Warsaw Spire, about 180 meters high. This skyscraper is a spectacle to enjoy, especially, at the end of the day when the sun reflects its light on the windows.

Also, in this same area, you will get the shopping center Golden Terraces. Next to it, you can see a piece of the Wall which was part of the perimeter of the Warsaw ghetto, during world war II.

Will offers a tour in tourist buses to know the attractions of the city. You can also tour the city ​​center en horse carriage, a unique experience for all visitors.

Those tours will show you very closely, the important places de Will, many of them are located in the surroundings of the Castle plaza.

For stay, we recommend the various hotels, bed & breakfast and apartments for rent available in Will.

Prague Poludnie, the residential district

Area Prague Poludnie it's a district residential located across the Vistula, on the eastern bank.

You will get it right in front of the historical Center, being the second zone with more inhabitants en warsaw. Prague Poludnie It is characterized by being an area that maintains its original appearance since it was built, offering a clásico environment very peaceful and quiet.

The highlights it offers Prague Poludnie to all its visitors, is the Park skaryszewski (with 58 hectares of green areas), the impressive and modern Stadion Narodowyplatforms, Lago Trucks as well as the Natural reserve Olszynka Grochowska.

Prague Poludnie is a very popular neighborhood that has a local culture fabulous, being an ideal area for stay in warsaw and enjoy the traditional life of a neighborhood in Polish capital.

Here you will enjoy all the culture of warsaw, knowing fully his lifestyle. So you will feel like you are part of the city. It is an ideal place to the whole family.

On the other hand, Prague Poludnie, it is a romantic destination very outstanding for its parks, bars, restaurants and rivers. To move around the area, to and from Prague Poludnie, it is recommended to use the bus lines.

As for the accommodation in Prague Poludnie, there are various hotel deals ideal for all tourists, being another of The best areas to stay in Warsaw.

Prague Polnoc, family-friendly accommodation

Area Prague Polnoc it's a neighborhood residential located north of historical Center de Warsaw This area has many interesting places for the enjoyment of Visitantes.

Here you can learn all the history of the region, visiting the Museum Poland wódki, where they permanently expose everything related to the history and processes for the elaboration of the famous polish vodka.

Another place with history to visit in Prague Polnoc, is the Muzeum Warszawskiej Pragi. This museum includes very old objects from everyday use.

Continuing with the list of museums to visit in Prague Polnock, el Neon museum is another very popular one. This includes a collection of illuminated signs rescued after World War II.

If we talk about Services en Prague Polnoc, this area offers all Visitantes, a wide range of Bus that will take you all over the city, so that you don't miss any corner to explore.

Lodge in the zone of Prague Polnoc It is ideal, especially if you want to live a very local and know all their traditions, being connected with the city ​​center.

Here you will get a good offer of hostels, bed & breakfast y apartments perfect for stay in groups or with you family. So you can save costes and enjoy in a family atmosphere.

The 9 best hotels to stay in Warsaw

Other destinations in Poland that may interest you

Cheap hotels in Warsaw

The capital of Poland is one of the most attractive destinations in Central Europe. Are you thinking of this as the place to spend your next vacation? We help you find the best prices when booking at hotels in the center of Warsaw, the ideal starting point to discover all its corners. Do not let them to tell you!

Finally, there is also the option to opt for sleeping in cheap hotels in the center of Warsaw. In this line there are three-star accommodations such as HDM, in the Plaza de la Constitución, or the Hetman Hotel in the Old Town Square. And how to forget the 2 star Ibis Warszawa Stare Miasto hotel.

Warsaw Luxury Hotels

Would you like to spend your stay in the city in luxury accommodation? We recommend that you take a look at the 5 star hotels in the center of Warsaw. In them you will have at your disposal the latest in services and you can reach the Warsaw Royal Castle and other points of interest in the Polish capital on foot.

Some of the best rated are the Rialto Hotel, the Mamaison Hotel Le Regina Warsaw and the Polonia Palace. You will also find all the luxuries in accommodation of the main hotel chains, which on many occasions are a guarantee for the traveler. These include the Hilton chain, Marriott, The Westin and Sheraton.

2-star hotels in Warsaw

Find among all two-star hotels in Warsaw your accommodation thanks to our complete hotel locator, which lists all the promotions and the minimum prices available in real time.

Although many people think that a hotel in this category does not possess some of the things expected of a hotel, two-star hotels are considered "good" in the standards evaluation system. Warsaw has a wide range of accommodation of this type, and they are all in our database at the best prices on the market.

Many two-star hotels in Warsaw have services that are also offered in higher categories, such as wireless Internet service. The type of guest that usually books a two-star hotel in Warsaw is a young student who is eager to travel and see the world.

3-star hotels in Warsaw

The three star hotels in Warsaw They tend to be those with the highest tourist demand thanks to their low prices and the good quality of their facilities. Find with us a cheap hotel at the best available price and take advantage of the best promotions on the market to reserve your three-star hotel in Warsaw.

Hotels in this category have a series of more than reasonable services, such as the Internet, which is really very useful when traveling to calculate the itineraries to be done on site. In addition, the three-star hotels usually present a design between avant-garde and classic that pleases all kinds of clients and always at very reasonable prices.

4-star hotels in Warsaw

In our database you have hundreds of accommodations among which you can locate the four-star hotels in Warsaw that interest you the most, at the best market price. Our specialized search system will help you find the best four-star hotel promotions.

A four-star hotel offers a high level of quality in its services, since standards with a high level of demand apply. The accommodations in this category are usually located in the downtown area, or in places with good communication to facilitate the client's planned tourist visits. The four-star hotels in Warsaw are defined by their excellence and design, which is considerable, even though it may sometimes appear austere.

A four-star hotel in Warsaw usually has Internet service and a function room, as well as a restaurant and various entertainment areas. Thanks to our cheap hotel locator you will be able to discover four-star hotels in Warsaw on offer and at the most interesting price on the market.

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