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Best accommodation to sleep in Tuscany

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Tuscany is one of the Largest Autonomous Communities of Italy, which has 9 provinces and iconic cities. It is a very extensive piece of land, with colonial infrastructure, and a host of characteristics that make it a tourist city par excellence.

That is why Tuscany is a well-known destination to visit and houses cities like Florence, Siena and Pisa... It is a banner of Italy and what this country means!

Additionally, La Toscana is an ideal space that allows tours interactive to go from one city to another.

It has hilly paths and cypresses that characterize the area, but it is also one of the spaces where they still remain authentic medieval villages, full of stories to tell.

As well, natural benefits are not lacking: landscapes of red roofs and buildings all similar from 3 to 4 floors, hot springs, lagos, natural spaces to do outdoor activities, and of course... All this accompanied by Italian food made by locals!

If you want a travel low cost that allows you to get to know magnificent places and without taking a plane), this province offers benefits from the northern tip to the south.

Now, so that there are no doubts about why to travel to Tuscany, we will show you the best places to stay in tuscany.

Being a tourist city, there are many offers to stay in Tuscany, that's why you should know about which place suits you best to be your epicenter of the tour Italian.

We want to show you the best cities in Tuscany for their location and communication with other towns. Thus, with all this information, you can decide the place to stay in Tuscany that suits you best according to your vacation plans and budget.

Florence, the tourist place par excellence

This is the most popular city in Tuscany, thanks to its architecture, the wonderful landscape, its artistic heritage, the history and variety of places to visit, as well as its communication to the rest of the provinces by train.

Is the option number one when we think of staying in Tuscany, because it is a totally central place and has access to the tourist places of the entire Autonomous Community. However, it can be very crowded for some.

In that case, you won't have to look for accommodation in the old town, but you can locate towards the river Arno, on the western shore, where you will find quieter hotels and rural houses.

The accommodation in florence They range from 3 to 5 stars and it is the city with the most variety: from hotels with all the luxuries, to camping areas, rustic inns, and even glamping Europeans. It adapts to all budgets.

We recommend this area to stay in Tuscany, since with little effort you can be in places like the Plaza del Duomo with its Cathedral, the Basilica di Santa Croce di Firenze, the statue of David by Michelangelo, and many museums.

Siena, the city of restaurants

Siena is located south of Florence, and one of its greatest characteristics is that it offers an experience focused on the culinary and natural of its valleys, being a few minutes from Florence (You can visit both on the same day).

On the other hand, Siena has a large number of accommodations scattered throughout the city, but they are usually more common in the historic center. So you definitely want to be close to the Duomo Square and Siena Cathedral.

However, if you have no problem walking and taking a longer route, you will find other areas where stay in Siena; from Montarioso to the north, to Tartuca to the south. These spaces have beautiful natural views that will captivate you.

Now, make sure that the area where do you stay in siena, allows you to go to the Plaza del Campo, which has diverse culinary offers with many prestigious restaurants that you will undoubtedly have to visit, because you will not find the same in all of Italy!

Pisa, the most famous leaning tower

Who hasn't heard about the leaning tower of Pisa? That's why if you're visiting Tuscany, you cannot miss this area that stands out for its unique World Heritage architecture, along with local restaurants with exquisite food.

One of the reasons you should stay in Pisa above the other main cities of Tuscany, is that it has a airport with a large number of destinations. Thus, it is easier to stay in Pisa and from this point visit other cities.

In addition to having very easy access, it also has first class accommodations with very diverse budgets. You can stay from a luxurious hotel with views of the tower, or more rural accommodations towards the Arno River.

In any case, residing in this city means being close to the Piazza dei Cavalieri, the church of Santa Maria, the Pisa Botanical Garden, the Pisa Cathedral, the Monumental Cemetery, and others. tourist architectural places very popular.

Lucca, picturesque city of film

This is one of the most picturesque and beautiful places to stay in Tuscany. If it is located next to Pisa (about 11 kilometers away), with a favorable climate, a free and very boho atmosphere, perfect to feel like you are in a romantic movie.

It is a destination with a wall-type architecture built in the XNUMXth century, which in addition to a unique history and many anecdotes about its construction, also has a huge range of accommodation.

Precisely because of the particularity of this territory, its proximity to Pisa, and the fact that it is the city where the singer Giacomo Puccini was born, his Old town is the most common place to reside in Lucca (which is inside the walled area).

Within the wall area are the museums, cathedrals, squares, restaurant boulevards and all most of the attractiveness of the city. Outside the walls, there are many trees that add purity to the air and allow you to relax with the landscape.

Arezzo, lodgings with history

This city is pure gold in Italian history: it was built by the Etruscans in the XNUMXth century BC. For this reason, its appeal is preceded by this fact, and that is that many places are preserved almost identical to its constitution, which is why it creates a royal medieval atmosphere.

One of its greatest attractions is the Piazza Grande, with a number of restaurants set in the same architecture as the city, the church of Santa Maria Della Pieve, the Cathedral of Arezzo, a Roman amphitheater and two museums: Casa Vasari and the Medieval.

Therefore, Arezzo is an important city that symbolizes the Italy's first steps, its constitution and the things that marked the starting point of the most important events in the country.

To stay in Arezzo, it is it is advisable to live in the historic center, a place that has direct access to all the sites mentioned and other spaces of interest. In addition, it is likely that as you move away from the center, the accommodation offer will be less.

Additionally, as this space is so close to the train station, the offer to stay in Arezzo is concentrated around its Cathedral.

San Gimignano, with its towers and valleys

San Gimignano is a Community where an architecture of very "European" buildings reigns with a maximum of 4 floors, being towers so tall that they significantly attract attention... And for that particularity it is such a good idea to stay in San Gimignano!

This is a medieval town built in the late Middle Ages, where its old town of towers like cliffs are Heritage. This means that this area is protected and professionally maintained to preserve it tremendously.

It also brings with it many tourist activities associated with routes through the towers, the streets of the town and all its uniqueness.

But why is San Gimignano a so peculiar town? We can tell you that it used to host rich families and they competed to see who could build the tallest tower.

This created an atypical landscape of the area, which today is the best way to make a type of alternative tourism in Tuscany, but close to the most famous places like Pisa, Siena and Florence.

San Gimignano is so exclusive that most of the places to visit are paid. Therefore, it is best to have a tourist card San Gimignano Pass so that you save a little on expenses and can distribute your costs on tickets to historical places.

In short, San Gimignano is a very good place to reside in Tuscany, although a little more expensive than the rest, since it has places of accommodation set in medieval times and is off the beaten track, but still offers you access to the best known places in the area.

Viareggio, the coastal area of ​​Tuscany

Another space of the Community that breaks the rules of the typical Tuscan is Viareggio. We talk about a italian destination full of sand, an intense blue sea and a mountain range with small shops to shelter from the sun during your visit to the beach.

Viareggio it is close to Pisa (20 kilometers away), so it is a excellent place to stay in Tuscany if you want to have the best at your feet: A more tropical environment in the Europe of history, typical architecture, local food and friendly people.

As you can guess, the accommodation offer is very extensive, especially in the most close to the sea. However, it also has lodgings to reside in Viareggio, in its historic helmet.

It is also a Very common place to stay in Tuscany, because it has fairly good communications with the rest of the towns (at a distance of less than 20 kilometers between one and the other), which means that you can cover the best of the Community in a few days.

Pienza, with its dreamy alleys

This town invites you to stroll through its very striking streets cycling. it's definitely one romantic zone and very intimate, perfect for rest and relaxation, but very close to Siena.

The architecture of country style buildings (small brick walls with large wooden doors) and small alleys that connect some streets with others, is what defines the essence of the place declared a World Heritage Site.

For this reason, the accommodation here is different, quiet, intimate and with many agrotourism offers. Therefore, forget the 5 star hotels and think more about family offers in hostels, cabins, rural houses, villas in the countryside, campsites, Among others.

Pienza is one of the best destinations for a honeymoon or a rest trip after exhausting days of work. Now, this does not exclude that you have a historic center with many things to visit and access to the busiest cities in the area.

However, it is one of our Favorite destinations to stay in Tuscany, because it is also cheaper, quieter, and invites you to be in contact with nature.

Chianti, wine and more wine

The medieval towns and the coastal area are not the only elements that stand out in this Italian area. Chianti It also stands out for its wine production, which calls many tourists tasters of this drink.

So a wonderful place to stay in Tuscany is Chianti, awarded precisely for having an extensive valley where grapes are grown, in order to make a local wine imported to the rest of Italy and the world.

Staying in Chianti it means having a view of these spaces and even being able to opt for guided tours to learn about wine production. For this reason, there are not a few places to stay in this city.

From hotels to cabins, castles, campsites and Spa hotels, are part of the places where you can stay in the Tuscany if you choose this wine area.

The biggest advantage of staying in Chianti, is that you will have an unparalleled view and a disconnection with the busiest parts of the Community.

If you want to visit iconic places in Chianti, then you can go to the Castello di Verrazzano, Fattoria di Montemaggio, the Greve in Chianti vineyard, the Basilica of Santa Croce, or the Castle of Uzzano... The repertoire is wide!

Montepulciano, countryside and tasting

Although it is also a wine area, located on a 600 meter hill high in the middle of a valley and a green landscape that extends as far as the eye can see.

It is a very old city, built by the Etruscans with thousands of years of data and has undergone many transformations. However, all that history has been imprinted in its culture and in its museums.

Now, there are also physical remains: the It leads to the Prato It is one of the remains of a wall that extended in the city, and that we can now see in the north of Montepulciano.

To stay here, it is recommended head to the historic center, a place where almost all the accommodation is located because it is close to the area's attractions.

They are, for the most part, castles made hotels or rural houses, which makes you always be in a unique environment.

The 9 best hotels to stay in Tuscany

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Book your cheap hotel in Tuscany Coast

If there is something that characterizes all the corners of Tuscany, it is its incredible natural beauty. Are you thinking of this as the setting in which to spend your vacation? Then you are in the right place. We help you find hotels on the tuscan coast at a great price. Just filter by your preferences and book your ideal accommodation now!

Luxury hotels on the Tuscan coast

Tuscany is one of the most emblematic regions of Italy. On the coast of Tuscany you can enjoy incredible islands and rocky beaches like the one in Argentinian, in which the water is crystal clear. The islands of Tuscany, for their part, are found in the Uccellina Park, a natural park where you can dive and do water activities.

In the center of the region are some of the most popular luxury hotels on the Tuscan coast. In this area, in addition, there are the award-winning beaches of Castagneto Carducci, Marina di Bibbona and San Vincenzo. There is also Viareggio beach, one of the main beaches that stands out for hosting several spas.

Cheap hotels on the Tuscan coast

Thanks to the wide variety of hotels on the Tuscan coast it is easy to find hotels with good value for money. If this is what you are looking for, we recommend you take a look at the hotel Village Golfo Degli Etruschi, in Orbetello, and the Capo d'Uomo hotel, in Talamone. Both offer competitive prices per person per night.

What are you waiting for? Choose among all the hotels on the Tuscan coast the one that suits all your tastes and book it at the best price and with the maximum guarantee. You will love to meet the elbe island, Follonica beach and the views from Mount Argentario.

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