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Center Tromso
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Smarthotel Tromso
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Comfort Hotel Xpress Tromso
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Thon Hotel Polar
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Thon Hotel Tromso
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Enter City Hotel
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Quality Hotel Saga
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Scandic Grand Tromso
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If you are in search of places to stay in Tromso, but you don't know where to start, you've come to the right place! On this website you will be able to know the Best places to stay in Tromso at the time of your next visit to Norway.

Without a doubt, choose a good place where to stay in tromso It is very important, in order to be able to enjoy all the attractions of this city called by many as the "capital of the Arctic".

Tromso is one of the largest cities in northern Norway, and if you want to find a good place to accommodation in Tromso, it will be better to book in advance, as the city does not stand out for its wide range of hotels.

La tromso city (Norway) has about 70.000 inhabitants and most of the places to see or sleep are in the city center.

Additionally, the geography of the town is another of its great attributes, including much of the center of the tromso island it is covered by the Marka, a landscape park with a large area that is highly appreciated by the inhabitants.

Also, many of the points of interest are nearby, and many of the excursions depart from the Tromso center, so the choice of your accommodation will be based on your needs and comfort criteria.

A good stay in the capital of the Arctic is based on the correct choice of accommodation, so it is important to know the Best areas to stay in Tromso.

Although most of the hotels, lodging places, restaurants and other attractions are located around the port of tromso, city ​​center It is also ideal to stay in this city.

Another of the ideal and favorite places for tourists to stay in tromso, are the districts of Stakkevollan and Tromsdalen.

The port of Tromso, the main point

El port of tromso it is an area known as the main port of the Arctic, even ahead of Hammerfest.

In this port we find different terminals and several transport companies that have offices and terminals in the area.

In addition, there is the Tromso Passenger Terminal, place where the large cruise ships that travel this area of ​​the world arrive and with it many tourists every year.

That is why the hotel offer in the port of tromso It is usually varied, in order to meet the requirements of all the tourists who come to the area every year.

In many areas near the port of tromso You will have free Wi-Fi service available for about 2 hours. You will also find several cafes and places to eat or drink, as well as various shops to spend a few euros.

You can also find access to different buses, taxis from Tromso and to rental cars, so that you can move wherever you prefer quickly and safely.

 Without a doubt, the area port of tromso It is one of the most outstanding places to stay in the city, so get your ideal accommodation and enjoy the best amenities.

Tromso city center

Tromso It is a city surrounded by mountains, and with an important cultural and commercial environment, being even considered as the most important capital of the region.

To get to Tromso city center, you will surely find some of the best places to stay that suit your needs.

Some of the hotels that fit any pocket, so the options are wide in your visit to Tromso center

As if that were not enough, just a 10-minute walk away is the hypercenter with all its shops, bars, among other attractions; which means that you can enjoy the area while you spend one day in Tromso and keep the budget under control.

In turn you will be alone 600 meters of the Polar Museum, the Museum of Modern Art, and only 1 km of Lake Prestvannet, a perfect alternative to sleep in Tromso.

Stakkevollan, a paradise of greenery

To the northeast of the island, you will find the Stakkevollan District, a small paradise surrounded by vegetation and where the university hospital is also located. It is ideal for those who have a few days off and are looking for a quiet place to stay.

In this town you will also find some of the best Tromso accommodation places: hotels and private apartments.

Another of the places in this district that are available to tourists are Marca Park and the beach nearby for a perfect immersion in nature: there you will be very relaxed from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Tromsdalen, close to the mountains

Tromsdalen it is a small neighborhood of the city Tromso, located north of Norway, specifically on the mainland in front of Tromsoya Island.

In this part of the city you will be very close to the mountains and the Fjellheim cable car, which provides a great view of the city, you will also find the Arctic Cathedral, and some bars and restaurants.

In Tromsdalen district you will have at your disposal various hotels and accommodation in Airbnbou, in addition to some apartments and various camps such as Tromso Lodge and Camping.

Why stay in Tromso?

Tromso It has been the place where the greatest travelers and explorers, such as Roald Amundsen, began their great expeditions, and it is also the ideal place to start a journey through the beautiful northern tip of Norway.

On the other hand, the small town located on the island, the people who He loves winter, the dawn, the midnight sun, and phenomenal mountains.

In this area you will also find innumerable attractions such as the polar museum, the open-air museum, and Polaria. The latter will bring its visitors closer to life in the Arctic, and the main attractions of this place are Bella, Mai San, Lyra and Loffen.

conduct a fjord cruise It will be another fun and unique experience, especially if you haven't had a chance to experience Norway from the water.

The best hotels to stay in Tromso

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