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SIRACUSA is one of the cities most ancient Mediterranean, located southeast of the coast of Sicily.   

Today, it is a provincial capital with a large catalog of historical places. Here you can see the Temple of Apollo, Greek theater, Maniace Castle and Roman amphitheater, which are the 4 attractions that everything tourist must visit in Syracuse.

The maritime city of SIRACUSA, was declared in 2005, Heritage at Unesco.

Here you can see the medieval atmosphere and a nice architecture, which make it one of the most wonderful cities in Sicily and Italy.

Our ancient greek ruins, medieval lanes that extend between baroque squares and many others places, are the great attraction of this city.

SIRACUSA has a hotel offer very interesting with excellent services. Here you will get hotels 4 and 3 stars, apartments, B&B y villas for rent.

Lodge in the city of SIRACUSA it's a great experience for everything tourist and more if it is done in places near the coastwhich are ideal to enjoy the beach, good weather and the Mediterranean. 

Next, we will indicate you The best areas to stay in Syracuse:


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Neapolis is known as the new city and it was one of the 5 districts of the old Greek city of Syracuse. Here you will find the Neápolis Archaeological Park and other monument complexes.

Visitors will be able to observe alongside the Archaeological Park, the church of Saint Nicholas of the Rope Makers built in the XNUMXth century, which has a rectangular shape and arched windows. East temple is built on the Roman swimming pool, which served as water tank and where his remains are still preserved underground.

Other attractions of Neapolis, is the Greek Theater, which stands out for its cave, one of the largest that were built by the ancient greeks. Although later, the building was restored by the Romans. 

El Anfiteatro Romano It is also a great attraction for all tourists. East anfiteatro dates from imperial era and it is slightly carved out of the rock.

Another of the historical places to visit, is the Altar of Hierón or Siracusa, which is 198 meters long and is considered the greatest altar of Antiquity. Today, only its great basement structure. The rest was dismantled in the XNUMXth century.

The best places of accommodation in Neápolis, are in the surroundings of the Archaeological Park. Here you get hotels y Room Rent very affordable with excellent views.

Ortigia Island

This small island which follows from SIRACUSA, it's really fabulous. Here you can walk through its narrow streets, observe the plaza where is it the duomo and continue until tue to contemplate the source.

Here at the ortigia island you will find places of the Classical antiquity en SIRACUSALike Arethusa Fountain, Temple of Apollo and  Temple of Olympian Zeus. The Arethusa Fountain  you will find it on one terrace and it is one of the places that transmits the most memories of the past of SIRACUSA.

El Temple of Apollo you can see it in the Syracuse historical center, being the oldest of Sicilia. You will notice it very well preserved and some of the findings can be seen in the Archeological Museum.

If you visit the Temple of Olympian Zeus, you will observe their features very SicilianLike double row of columns on the facade and the crepidoma. You can also see the Maniace Castle, the other great gem of SIRACUSA, which was built in the XNUMXth century with stones from the quarries of Latomy.

Know your interior and adjacent area, is of great attraction to all Visitantes. You can not stop visiting, the wonderful cathedral with a mix of styles. If we talk about lodging, there is no doubt that the ortigia island is the best areas to stay in Syracuse 

Here you have at your disposal, hotels very luxurious and others Affordable en historical buildings de la ciudad.


Pantalic it is one of the oldest towns SIRACUSA, where visitors can observe the attractive from the past link with nature of the present. You have to remember that, Pantalic, is included as Syracuse and the rocky necropolis of Pantálica”On the World Heritage list of the Unesco

Here you can visit 5.000 thousand graves in the form of caves dug in the rock and the Anàktoron, a majestic royal building located on top of a hill. These places bear faithful witness to the presence of man on this earth at the time of the prehistory.

The Tourists they will also be amazed by the natural context of the Anapo Valley Nature Reserve, with fabulous gorges and ravines. There is no doubt that Pantalicis an important natural area. Here you can enjoy several s to do many outdoor activities.

You can enter the anapo valley down 2 corridors linked together, on the side Sortino and Ferla. This path it has more than 10 kilometers, on the layout of the old line Syracuse-Vizzini railway.

You could visit the Sella di Filiporto (Filiporto chair), from the region of Ferla through Sortino slopegoing through the call Bats cave or cave of bats.

These spectacular places are part of the nature reserve Pantalica Orientata Nature Reserve. And not everything is here, Tourists You can visit various monuments such as Filiporto necropolis, Northwest necropolis and North necropolis.

The options of lodging en Pantalic they are very small, where they stand out mainly, hotels middle category, farm stays and rooms for rent.


Noto It is located on a plateau in the Asinaro Valley. It is one of the most beautiful areas of SIRACUSA and cradle of sicilian baroque, World Heritage.

Known as the stone garden, visitors can walk through the fabulous streets and observe their churches and buildings with decorations, stuccos and friezes, which demonstrate all the luxury that it got Sicilia in the XVIII century.

La Puerta Real indicates the entrance to old town, pierced by the fabulous Corso Vittorio Emanuele, cut by the 3 main squares.

Here at the Town Hall Square you will find the majestic staircase which leads to Cathedral, delimited by 2 bell towers and 3 buildings dating from the nineteenth century. Certainly some architectural treasures awesome.

Nearby, visitors will be able to observe the SS complex. savior, which has the basilica, el monastery and seminar, each one with different styles coupled together in a unique way.

Another place that cannot be missed is the Santa Clara Church, which is decorated with cupcakes, colonnades and stuccos that enhance the sculptural and pictorial works of interiors. The Church of San Domenico with the convex façade and decorated by nice columnas, you can not stay out of the list of places to visit in Syracuse.

Noto it is one of the best areas to stay in Syracuse, where you will have various offers in hotels, villas and B&B for rent.


Tiche (o Tyche) is a zone historical Syracuse. It belonged to the 5 districts of the old greek pentapolis and today it is a large residential neighborhood. In turn, it is divided into 2 zones, Santa Panagia and Scala Greca.

This district is the most town town de SIRACUSA and is visited by Thousands of Tourists annually, those who fully enjoy their stay in the area. The Sicilian tradition, a life cultural and folk very happy, they are attractive Tiche tourist. 

In the extreme north of Tiche (At the coast), you can enjoy the Cava di Santa Panagia, a water entrance with a narrow mouth, created by the erosion of the sea on the rocks.

In the same space, you will find a Byzantine rock church. Next to it are the remains of the Tonnara di Santa Panagia, an old trap but which is currently abandoned. In this place, the historic city ​​port.

Tiche It has very good communication and you can get to this Syracuse area on various lines and routes of buses. Tiche is another of The best areas to stay in Syracuse. Here you can stay in various hotels, villas and B&B.

The 9 best hotels to stay in Syracuse

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