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A place to which you will always want to go back. This is the feeling with which the hundreds of tourists who visit Split every year return, one of the most important cities of Croatia, which is located in the south of the country, specifically, in the Dalmatian region.

Split is a comfortable city to visit, very well connected to the rest of the country and also with neighboring Italy, which has everything a traveler may need: tourism for all tastes, a pleasant climate and a gastronomy that dazzles.

In this guide we tell you All you need to know to not miss any of the highlights of this beautiful seaside town, as well as tips of interest for all types of travelers.

One of the biggest advantage offered by Split as far as accommodations it refers is that it has as much variety as tastes and economies they visit her. Hotels, hostels or apartments of different sizes and prices, which are spread throughout the Croatian city.

In order to make the most of your stay, we offer you a small guide with the best areas to stay in Split: the most tourist, the safest, from which it is easy reach any point in the city, walk on foot or eat and shop without problems, near your hotel.

Historical Center

Declared Heritage by Unesco, if you stay in the Historic Center of Split you have the advantage of being able to sleep surrounded by some of the most important and well preserved Roman monuments in Europe. In addition, it is thearea of ​​the city where more accommodation options you will find.

Of this area, undoubtedly, the Roman Palace of Diocletian; a monument that began to be built after the third century and is now an authentic open-air museum. In few occasions you will be able to enjoy a palace of the time in as good condition as that of the town of Split.

This area is very touristy, but it is very pleasant to be able to spend the night there, since it has all the services available to the visitor. In addition, for the night is a fairly quiet area, in spite of the atmosphere that occurs in its streets and you will always have the option of making tourist night visits.


The neighborhood receives the name of the beach where you are. It is a small bay located to the south of the port of Split that receives the name of Ferris. Is a area that combines tranquility and nightlife, which highlights a large number of villas and large houses, many of which can be rented to spend the holidays.

It is a neighborhood very well connected with the main avenues of Split, which many locals come to bathe in. blue flag beach and surrounded by beach bars, besides being one of the places where some of the most important restaurants in the city.

This is, therefore, the preferred lodging area for those tourists looking to spend their days near the beach and that they have at hand one of the best leisure bars in the city. Undoubtedly, nightlife is guaranteed.


If you are looking for a Quiet area, away from the hustle and bustle from the center, Storbec is the place you are looking for. Among the main advantages of this area it is worth mentioning, on the one hand, that it is a place where leisure options are very varied: they range from the option of staying at the Camping de Storbec, passing through apartments, aparthotels and some high class hotel.

On the other hand, in this area located about 8 kilometers from the center of Split, you can also enjoy different beaches, being the most valued by tourists and inhabitants, those of Strobec Kam and Strobec North East; the first one is right in front of the campsite and the second east of it.

It is also an area where there is a extensive hotel option, both in terms of restaurants, and beach bars. At night you have the option of having a drink in front of the sea and enjoying music bars of different styles.

Without a doubt, a cheap leisure area and ideal for those looking for beach and leisure vacations without having to walk a lot.


There are two factors that define this area: on the one hand, its beach, which is the most famous in Split, where there is an option to dive, as well as rent boats and jet skis; on the other hand, high prices of their accommodations. And it is that most of them are resorts of 4 and 5 stars and, therefore, the price of the night goes up (the average round the 150 euros).

However, if you want to enjoy the delights of this area, located east of Split and the largest beach in the coastal town, then we invite you to share an apartment or aparthotel, that there is also that option and the price goes down a lot.

The good thing about staying in this area is that it is very well connected with other main points from the city, so you can get there without problems and, therefore, visit these places, but then enjoy the leisure offer, both day and night you find in Znjan.


Marjan is the Best Split area to be able to see at a single glance the whole city, since it is located on the top of a hill located at 180 meters high. An area that has different ports and natural beaches, which attract the attention of all tourists who visit this area.

As for the price of their accommodations, the truth is that the range is very wide and, except for a few cases, spend one or more nights in this area of ​​the city comes out cheap.

In addition to the mentioned ports, in which you can rent recreational boats and make different excursions that are proposed to tourists to different Islands near Split, you can also enjoy the Suma Marjan Park, in which lovers of the Hiking.

If you prefer more cultural leisure, you can always visit the archaeological museum and the science museum, as well as the art gallery Mestrovic. Of course, it is a place where there are plenty of dining options and nightlife. An area very well connected, both on foot and by bus.

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