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Do you want to visit a destination where there are beaches, a wonderful culture and excellent gastronomy? Then, Sicilia It is the tourist place that you must know soon. Therefore, here we are going to tell you what are the best places to stay in Sicily.

As you traverse the sicilian streets, you will find different restaurants that offer outstanding dishes of local food, but in others you can also taste excellent international cuisine.

Likewise, street food It is part of the routine of the inhabitants of Sicilia and is another ideal option for visitors.

On the other hand, you can not miss the beautiful landscapes, especially in the Sicilian coastline. It can be said that the sicilian beaches, are its main attraction, thanks to the white sand and crystal clear water.

Additionally, not all beauty is exposed to the naked eye in Sicilia, since you can find magical corners far from the coast, including wells with turquoise waters and incredible vegetation around.

Another point to highlight are the very friendly inhabitants in Sicilia, where the name is undoubtedly phenomenal. The hospitality of the people will make you enjoy the whole experience more!

In this sense, in any place you visit, you will have employees ready to serve you with a big smile. Would you like to know this beautiful area of Italy? If the answer is yes, from now on you should know the best places to stay in Sicily.

Palermo, the capital of the island

One of the most outstanding areas of Sicily is its capital, Palermo. Not only has it been the setting for various movies, but it has a lot of potential to offer its visitors a unique and unforgettable experience.

Therefore, you have to book in some of the available places to stay in Palermo. Luckily, it is an excellent tourist area and you will always have a hotel to stay at.

Our streets of palermo are immersed in a lot of history and something that is not mentioned is the great urban culture of Palermo: if you go through the Via dei Cassari, you will see all kinds of street or urban art on the walls.

Similarly, wherever you look you will see a church, and in this case one of the most visited by tourists is the Palermo Cathedral. The entrance to the church is free, but knowing the tombs, the crypts and other corners of the building has an additional value.

As well as Palermo it is a point to appreciate street art, it is also in street food. Of course you can get outstanding dishes like pizza or pasta, the typical food of Italy. However, you have alternatives to American cuisine in its streets.

Finally, it is a city full of adventure and you can hire an excursion service to get to know the most emblematic areas of Palermo.

Catania, beautiful coastal city

La sicilian coast is surrounded by beautiful Italian cities, and one of them is Catania, where tourist attractions are part of the local economy.

One of the places where you can appreciate the commercial premises is in the Via Etnea, a passageway of up to 3 kilometers.

Now, within its architecture you can admire the Cathedral of Santa Ágata: it is a true work of art, above all, because in 1693 after an earthquake it was left in ruins. However, it was rebuilt and is now a pearl to be discovered.

Did you know that Catania is there a river under the city? It is that in the year 1669, there was an eruption that buried the river.

Fountain of the Amenano It is the point where such a river can still be seen, through the fountain and at night it is a spectacle because the fountain is illuminated.

Music is part of the culture in Catania: if you like you can take a walk around the Massimo Bellini Theatre, where you can listen to great pieces of opera.

Cefalu, the iconic fishing village

Other unforgettable experiences in Sicilia are in Cefalù, a coastal town with iconic areas to visit located in the province of Palermo.

Although it is somewhat small, it is a good place to stay in Sicily. The first thing you have to see is the pier: you will see fishing boats and if you continue walking around the place, you will arrive at the Cefalu beach.

In the inner part of the city, is located the cefalu cathedral, a Romanesque architecture that consists of two very large towers that can be seen from anywhere in the town. These towers communicate with each other through arches!

A particular site is medieval lavatory: before it was used as a place to wash clothes, now it is just part of the tourism in the area.

And, if when traveling Cefalù you want to eat an appetizer, you can visit any of the available restaurants; some of the gastronomic options are pasta dishes, ice creams, desserts and pizzas.

The hotel industry in the area is quite varied and without a doubt you have several alternatives to stay in Cefalù Sicily.

Taormina and its amazing old town

A single day is not enough if you want to know the beauty it has to offer Taormina, a city located in province of Messina in Sicily.

So, so that you can learn more about the people and their culture, you need to stay for several days in some of the hostels in the city.

Don't worry about the activities! Close to the areas where you can stay, there are tourist tours, which show you the most relevant of the city in a short time.

However, to give you a better idea, one of the sites you have to go through is the churches of the city.

Other wonders you will find is the Old Town of Taormina, a site full of vegetation, beautiful squares and the preservation of local architecture. 

About 50 minutes from the city there is a cannon with features special: it is a natural wall that was formed by the passage of lava that came from Etna. Later, the lava was in contact with the water and gave way to the Alcantara Gorge.

Furthermore, the Isla Bella It is a corner in the middle of the beach and to get to the island you have to walk a few kilometers. In the Isla Bella you can practice kayaking and other marine activities.

Trapani, for wine lovers

The most commercial drink in Trapani is the wineTherefore, if you are a lover of this drink, in this area you will have a great time.

Now if you trip to sicily is close and you can not plan many visits, learn now what are the historical and emblematic sites in Trapani.

The first thing you have to solve is the lodging. Fortunately, in Trapani There are several hotels and inns, which have cheap rates for visitors.

Once you have solved where are you going to stay in sicily, then it is time to look for tourist destinations to visit.

The list must be headed by the Monte Cofano Nature Reserve: walk along a path contemplated the nature of Trapani. Keep in mind that the entire route lasts approximately 4 or 5 hours, including the return.

In the second instance, the Erice village It is the most famous town in the area, especially because it has medieval architecture, in which there is a viewpoint that allows you to observe the Aegadian Islands.

Finally, in Marsala, a town that is 45 minutes from Trapani, you have several attractions to enjoy, among which are the baroque cathedral, The Church of Los Carmines, the Archaeological Museum, the Palacio VII de Abril, among others.

Messina, with its fantastic landscape

where you go in Sicilia, you will always see a beautiful landscape, such is the case of Messina, located north of this Italian region.

To start the tour of the streets of messina, you must go through the Piazza Duomo. On this site you will find several interesting constructions such as the Basilica, the astronomical clock and the Orion Fountain.

Additionally, the Cathedral of Messina It is a building that combines Roman and Gothic art. Today, it is a religious monument that brings together thousands of parishioners who will raise their requests.

Also, you have other artistic options like the Vittorio Emanuele II Theater, a place near the sea that offers the local population and tourists many plays, most of them focused on the history of Italy and Messina.

To rest from the architecture of the city, you can take a walk through the University Botanical Garden: You do not need to pay a ticket to delight your eyes with various exotic species of plants.

Finally, you can finish the messina tourvisiting the cemetery The Camposano, according to the most beautiful in all of Italy.

Syracuse, with its spectacular archeology

La city ​​of SIRACUSA, is one of those that offers an architecture that denotes romanticism. Perhaps it is one of the reasons why it is considered one of the oldest cities in the Mediterranean and also that its beginnings date back to Antigua. Greece.

El Temple of Apollo It is one of the buildings that frames the culture of Greece. Added to this, the Greek theater it is another of the archeological resources from the era of bygone Greece. Its construction is recorded to have occurred in the XNUMXth century BC.

If you keep walking the streets of this city, you're going to run into Ortigia. It is a "magical" place, since it is an island that connects the two ends of the city through bridges. It is a site where you can take romantic photos with your partner.

Something that you had not heard about in the previous cities of Sicily, is the puppet Theater. In this way, in the theater of the pupi you can enjoy a magnificent show every day for a few euros.

Would you like to visit the renowned Arethusa Fountain? Well, if you're still staying in Syracuse, check it out. by the source, a place where you can appreciate a panoramic view of the coast.

Noto, Baroque capital of Sicily

En Sicilia there are an infinity of formidable sites that you must know; In addition, in this part of Italy, multiple buildings and regions declared as Heritage.

In relation to this, in the municipality of Noto you can get to know other towns considered as Heritage. This time, it is the Baroque capital of Sicily.

During your stay in I notice, you can walk and get to know this capital, as well as all the ecclesiastical temples in the area.

At the same time, Noto has more to offer you, especially in the area of ​​ecotourism. Moreover, close to places to stay in Noto Sicily, you can select any of the hotel options you have in mind.

If you did not know, this somewhat small town has several attractive places such as, for example, the main avenue called Corso Vittorio Emanuele. The peculiarity of this main road is that it is the epicenter of 3 important squares in I notice.

On the other hand, every year they have parties where the whole community participates, one of those celebrations is the Flower Festival.

On the other hand, you can't leave Noto without first going through its beaches with crystal clear waters and white sands. Do not miss it!

Agrigento, for those seeking adventure

If you are an adventure lover, the Agrigento province located south of Sicilia, It is a place full of natural sites to discover and where you can stay in a fabulous way.

El Valley of the Temples It is a World Heritage Site declared by UNESCO, since it hides a great cultural value. The reason for this is that it has housed 8 temples and that according to date from the years 510 and 430 before Christ.

Moreover, to know the details, you can pay for any of the tours that they offer near the area. On the other hand, in the Torre Salsa nature reserve You will be able to observe a beautiful beach with calm waters, ideal to share with the smallest of the house.

In addition, you will get to know the architecture of past centuries with a visit to the Archaeological Museum of Agrigento. This museum is located right in the middle of the Valley of the Temples and in it you will see sculptures carved in stone and marble.

Finally, before going to another destination within Sicilia, you have to go through it Agrigento Market, where you can buy souvenirs to take home, food, clothes, typical crafts, among others.

Ragusa, the rural city par excellence

Noto and Ragusa They are known as rural towns in Sicily. As to ragusa, its economic engine is not precisely tourism, but agriculture, field work and small oil fields.

If in your case you are only going to stay a few days in the city and you want to know in depth the history of the city, how it came about and who its rulers were, you should visit the Ibleo Archaeological Museum.

Basically, with the guided tour of the museum, you will get to know the beginnings and the present of the city in just a few hours.

A very interesting fact that you cannot ignore is the fact that Ragusa is divided into two zones: upper ragusa y Lower ripple. You will discover which corners are hidden in each region!

Our Stairs of Ragusa you must visit them, for example, and they consist of a route of a few kilometers in the form of zigzag.

In addition, it seems that you are walking on the roof, when in reality you are not. At the bottom of the stairs, you will reach the dome Santa Maria…

After you walk all those stairs, surely, you will be exhausted, and it is time that you can look for one of the places Where to stay in Ragusa Sicily. Also, you can choose to visit restaurants, since you have several options available.

Milazzo, to enjoy the beaches

With about 30.000 inhabitants, the town of Milazzo is part of the province of Messina, in which you can find good places to stay.

First, the Milazzo beaches They are perfect to share with the family, since they have white sand, little waves and crystal clear waters. At the same time, the entrance to the beaches is completely free.

In turn, you can enjoy a full service, that is, you have available hygiene services, tents, food stall, among others.

On the other hand, if you like plans away from the sea, you can choose to get to know the Castle of Milazzo: It is a construction on top of the highest hill.

In addition to this, a visit to Milazzo is not complete if you do not know the ruins of the necropolis in Milazzo. The ruins are extremely important, because it is the only site where there is evidence of cremations.

If you pass through this beautiful town, do not forget to meet the Aeolian Islands, they are a true natural spectacle!

The cuisine of the town revolves around food from the sea, such as fish and shellfish. In this sense, it is not surprising that, in each food establishment, the menu focuses on seafood dishes.

Castellammare del Golfo

En Trapani there is a town known as Castellammare of Gulf and its name derives from the history that frames this unique tourist spot. Previously, it was a naval fortress, but today it is one of the best places to stay in Sicily.

Part of its charm is on the peninsula, since the town and the port are located. Although it is an area not as large as other parts of Sicilia, you can visit the church, the port or the Dello Nature Reserve.

The gastronomy part is one of the favorites and if you are wondering which restaurants to visit, you can go to the ones that are on the boardwalk. According to locals, they say that they serve the best dishes in the entire gulf.

Therefore, if you like quiet destinations, with few people, but with beautiful places to capture memories, you can stay in Castellammare del Golfo.

In conclusion, Sicilia It is one of the most complete tourist sites in Italy, with beautiful beaches, ancient buildings mixed with modern architecture and wonderful people.

The 9 best hotels to stay in Sicily

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Sicily Tourism

You will find cheap apartments with all the comforts you deserve, so you don't give up your days at the beach and you can relax with your family or friends. There are apartments with WiFi, accommodation with a gym and apartments ideal for families. In Sicily there are endless solutions to stay and thanks to the accommodation search engine you will always find the one that suits you best.

Whether you want an apartment on the beachfront, or if you prefer one that is close to the center and well connected to party, or if you are looking for one with a swimming pool or a parking space, we will show you all the apartments in Sicily at the best price. Go ahead, choose the perfect apartment for your vacation in Italy without spending a fortune!

Luxury hotels on the coast of Sicily

The island of Sicily offers fine sandy beaches, turquoise water ponds and dreamlike coves. With more than 1500 kilometers of coastline, this island is an ideal destination for a getaway full of culture, tradition and sea views. On the western coast the beaches are white sand, and one of the most popular is the Scala dei Turchi beach, known for its geological formations.

Due to the tourist importance of this destination, it is not surprising to find a wide variety of high-end hotels in all corners of the island. Whatever your location you will have incredible treasures to discover. For example, in the eastern part you can visit the lagos natural of the marinello beach, and to the north of the island are the dunes and plains of Eraclea Minoa.

Cheap hotels on the coast of Sicily

On the other hand, if you are looking for cheap accommodation to sleep in, you also have options to choose from. We recommend that you compare the prices of the Agora Hostel, in Catania, and the Villa Oasis Residence hotel, in the town of Taormina. Both are 1-star hotels on the Sicilian coast that are good value for money.

Do not let them to tell you! Book your room in one of the hotels on the Sicilian coast that suits your preferences and prepare your suitcase to live a great adventure on the island. You will love knowing the city of Palermo, the landscapes of Taormina and the ruins of Syracuse.

Hotels in Sicily

We have a wide range of hotels in Sicily so that you can make the most of your trip, without wasting time on your journeys. Normally the most interesting areas of a town are in its old town, in the downtown area. That is why we have created a filter that selects all the hotels in Sicily from our list so that you can find the accommodation you are looking for at the lowest price.

The hotel search engine will show you all the available results ordered by price, from the cheapest to the most expensive, and all this thanks to this filter, which is capable of discovering the hotel in Sicily that most interests you.

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