The best areas to sleep in Sardinia

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Best accommodation to sleep in Sardinia

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¡Sardinia is a paradise! That is why thousands of people visit it annually. Just look at the almost unreal color of the water on its beaches, the charm of its calcareous cliffs, its sea caves or the beauty of its villages to never want to leave.  

Maybe until now you still don't know what the best areas in where to stay in Sardinia. And that is a detail that you should not overlook any longer, especially if you are thinking of visiting it soon.

This emblematic island located in Insular Italy, has almost 2.000 km of coastline that offer you the opportunity to visit countless beaches and dream areas, such as:

  • Gulf of Orosei.
  • The Beaches of the Costa Smeralda.
  • Cala di Volpe.
  • Spiaggia di Scivu. 

We assure you that they all transmit that relaxation you are looking for, mixed with the characteristic smell of the Mediterranean.

Of course, due to the vastness of its territory and the many places there are to know, we advise that you have at least 10 days to get the most out of the adventure.

The Island is quite large, so it is advisable to find accommodation in advance. Fortunately, the accommodation offer in Sardinia is very wide, and in this article we will guide you in detail through the best alternatives so that you will not run out of a corner to go. Can you come with us?

Cagliari, the capital of the island

A good alternative to start your trip in Sardinia is Cagliari: the largest city on the island. Going to Cagliari is not a problem. You can get to this area in different ways such as on a cruise or direct flights.

Precisely because of the crowded city, getting where to stay is easy. You will find numerous luxury hotels, as well as cheaper options that are just as comfortable and beautiful.

The only thing is that you must book early so that you do not have problems and you can count on affordable alternatives.

Like every city, the best alternative to stay is in the center. Since from there you can easily get to almost all the places of interest such as:

  • The Castle of Saint Michel.
  • The Roman Amphitheater of Cagliari.
  • The Castello neighborhood.
  • The National Archaeological Museum.

In addition, you can reach the Port and the Marina neighborhood, where you will see the town hall of the city and a numerous alternative of shopping centers and stores, so you can have a good time shopping.

¡Ah! And don't forget to go to San Benedetto market, which is the largest in Italy, where you will be among unforgettable flavors and smells.


Our cobbled streets and historic walls What you will see in Alghero make it a perfect destination, especially if you go as a family.

Likewise, it is very famous because there are many young people who venture there in search of good nightlife.

In Alghero is the Maria Pía beach, considered one of the most beautiful in Italy, which with its calm waters offers an environment conducive to adults and children.

Our accommodation options here are fantastic. You can opt for family apartments to feel at home, or for the different hotels at different prices that are in front of the coast or in the center of town.

It is good that you rely on travel advisers to provide the most relevant details and make a successful reservation.

Olbia, a dream city

If you opt for staying in Olbia, congratulations! This is an excellent decision. This small town is very picturesque and contains all the italian charm. The good thing is that due to its small size, it gives you the opportunity to get to know it from end to end.

You can choose to stay in the city center or in any other area of ​​it, because every corner that you know it's full of history.

Su gulf is beautiful. So much so that the Greeks, upon seeing it for the first time, baptized it as "Happy city", and it was a strategic marketing point in Roman times. In addition, it connects with other areas of interest such as Alghero.

Being there, you can't stop visiting:

  • The Piazza Giacomo Matteotti.
  • The Piazza de la Reina Margarita.
  • Via Acquedotto.

And many other architectural monuments that will amaze you for their beauty. Remember to bring enough memory for your photos, because there you will want to occupy all the space of the camera with so many memories.

Accommodations in this area are cheaper than in Cagliari; although there are also luxurious four-star hotels that are well worth it. Do not forget to make the reservation as soon as possible.

Saint Teresa of Gallura

In Santa Teresa de Gallura you will always find something to do, from outdoor activities to walks with the children; it is even one of the areas preferred by couples to spend your honeymoon.

It is located in the center. Which provides the ease of completely touring the island. The nights in Santa Teresa de Gallura are very busy. In fact, many people arrive by ferries there, a journey that only lasts an hour and a half.

El accommodation is very varied. But there is always a movement of tourists, because getting to the Magdalena Archipelago and Corsica from there is very easy to transfer. 

During the day, take advantage of and visit its museums and monuments such as Longosardo tower or the Capo Testa lighthouse. I assure you that you will take the most beautiful photos that you won't find anywhere else.  

Consequently, don't wait until the last minute to choose a lodging. It is recommended that, according to your budget, you choose a hotel, or apartments that are rented at a low price depending on the season.


Orosei can not be left behind in this top of the best areas to stay in Sardinia.

Su attractive is unique and it is the perfect place to combine swimming and outdoor activities. The offer of cruises and trips to know the Gulf of Orosei is varied.

Whether you decide to go in one of those gulf cruises or charter a sailboat and drive it yourself, it will be a spectacular experience.

But if you don't want to navigate, you can prepare a hiking trip or lie down on one of its beaches. With that we assure you that any activity you choose to do in Orosei will be the best.

To stay you have a range of good hotels, there are even luxury hotels. There are also good deals that if you spend some time looking for them, you will find several pleasant surprises.


A tour of Sardinia would be incomplete without going to Sassari. This is one of the three most important cities on the island, and together with Cagliari are an important part of the Costa Smeralda.

Their imposing medieval castles along with the beauty of its streets will leave you speechless. It is simply the perfect place to complete a dream vacation.

La gastronomy is recommended, and accommodation in the city is something that will not give you the slightest complication.

And the best thing is that you will not have to spend a fortune on it, because they are handled good deals and tour packages very favorable.

Porto Torres, city with history

Following our tour, we recommend Porto Torres as a good destination to stay on the North Coast.

There are countless ferries and cruises that arrive in Sardinia through Porto Torres. Since it is one of the most touristic places on the island and it houses the most interesting beaches that you must visit.

But what is most striking about this area is the gulf of Asinara, full of beautiful rocky cliffs. The city is built on an ancient Roman civilization. That is why you may find archaeological remains such as the hot springs or the bridge that passes over the Manu River.

Porto Torres hosted a maximum security prison. Then, on a getaway to Asinara, you will see the old cells that are still appreciated in the area - with that you will have a good story to tell.

In the city you will also have a good internal transport system; You can even rent a car to tour the island.

Of course, as it is a very busy place, accommodation here becomes a little more expensive than in other areas of the island. So it could be said that It is the favorite place for celebrities to stay in Sardinia.

However, for everything you are going to enjoy and know, it is good that you think about it and book in Porto Torres. What's more, you can't leave Sardinia without knowing this heavenly city.

Oristano, a good alternative

On the West Coast is Oristano, a town full of history and beauty, which gives you the opportunity to get to know its historic center and its charming beaches.

You can plan excursions to the Sinis peninsula or spend a day at the beach in Well Idu, S'Anea Scoada or in the beautiful Santa Caterina.

Another attractive thing about Oristano is that there are many alternatives to enjoy with the family. Since the area is less busy than the previous ones and gives that extra touch of tranquility that you need. 

The accommodation offer is also less, but there are different alternatives between cheap hotels. Also, in the area restaurants and shops are abundant.

As an extra bonus we tell you that its carnivals are one of the most famous in Italy. So coming at that time is a great idea.


Although the hotel offer in Nuoro is not much, you can stay in the area if you are a lover of Hiking.

Es a good area to stay in Sardinia if you are looking for a more direct contact with nature and with the beaches that are inside.

Nuoro offers you good historical heritage such as Cathedral of Santa María de las Nieves and the Della Madonna Della Solitudine Church.

If you choose this area to stay in Sardinia you will find a good offer based on small hotels, Bed & Breakfasts and rural houses.

The 9 best hotels to stay in Sardinia

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