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San Sebastian
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San Sebastián It is one of the busiest tourist centers in the entire Spain. In addition, it is a place that attracts many tourists who come from outside our borders. This is mainly due to the fact that it is one of the Spanish cities with the highest culture charm from the northern part of the peninsula.

As if that were not enough, his magnificent and beautiful mountainous landscapes y good gastronomy, make it a vacation spot with a lot of potential and possibilities for visitors.

None of the neighborhoods that make up the city ​​of San Sebastian they have no waste, since each of its corners have a particular charm, worthy of being visited by any traveler who enters the streets of the city.

Furthermore, the city ​​of San Sebastian can perfectly boast of having a enviable hotel offer looking for accommodation to spend a few days on vacation.

However, the San Seba hotel sectorstián happens to be one of the most expensive in all of Spain; although it is true that we can find very interesting and affordable offers.

In fact, some of the neighborhoods more expensive from San Sebastian are in the center, La Concha, Ondarreta and Zurriola. On the other hand, those who are more economical are located in Ancient, Gros and Amara.

Regardless of the price, this is a Spanish city that is well worth visiting. For that reason, we will show you what are the best places to visit and stay in the entire city of San Sebastián.

San Sebastián It is made up of a street map divided into about 20 neighborhoods. All of them have their own imprint and places of great interest. However, among all of them it is worth highlighting the most interesting at a tourist level. Take note of the best options.

Downtown, the heart of the city

El Downtown San Sebastian It includes the heart of the city and it is one of the busiest areas in the north of Spain.

Facing the Cantabrian Sea, we can enjoy the wonderful views offered La Concha Bay and the Urumea River. The area of ​​the call romantic area, is made up of a stupendous and beautiful grouping of buildings that have survived from the nineteenth century.

The main places of interest for a cultural visit are made up of the Town Hall, the María Cristina hotel and the famous Reina Victoria theater.

The Neo-Gothic Cathedral of the Good Shepherd It is another of the favorite enclaves for tourists in which we can contemplate an imposing construction of 75 meters high with a clear medieval style.

Guipuzcoa Square is a must see in the downtown San Sebastian: it is a very idyllic and bucolic small forest located around a beautiful pond and decorated with beautiful sculptures

Also noteworthy the walk of France, the North Station, the Bretxa and San Martín markets and the wonderful La Concha beach.

One of the liveliest places in the city, it is the Plaza de la Constitución, which is decorated with beautiful facades and is currently a wonderful area of pintxos.

Gros, on the banks of the Urumea River

The huge influx of tourism in the area of Fat is largely due to Zurriola beach. And it is that this beautiful beach can boast of having incredible waves, which attract a multitude of surfers.

Fat is located on the shores of Urumea river and to be looking directly at the Cantabrian Sea. Undoubtedly, the views offered by this area of ​​the city of San Sebastián are unbeatable.

The area is accompanied by the so-called money cubes, one of the architectural peculiarities that was the winner of the Contemporary Architecture Prize Mies van der Rohe, which is perhaps the most important European award in this category.

Other places of tourist interest Gro zones are made up of the San Saguës wall, the Kubo Kutxa room, which hosts numerous exhibitions, Mount Ulya and the streets of Zabaleta, Goñi and Peña, in which we can visit a large number of local pintxos.

Zurriola beach and its great avenue

The place stands out for having various surf schools and in which a large number of sports disciplines such as basketball and volleyball are practiced. In addition, the area has a complex of ramps skateboarding in the park of Sagues.

Moreover, Zurriola Avenue, which runs along the edge of the beach, is an excellent place to enjoy some of the best establishments and restaurants in the entire city.

On this same avenue, you can find some lodging places and hotels with prices that are somewhat more affordable than those in other areas.

Old, traditional neighborhood

Old It is the neighborhood with the most tradition of the city ​​of San Sebastian. It is bounded on the northwest by the famous shell bay. In its streets, you can find an interesting offer of restaurants specialized in Basque cuisine.

Old It is one of those neighborhoods that does not leave you indifferent from the first moment. And it is that we reached it through the pedestrian underwater tunnel Miramar; one of the most attractive entrances of the city and that runs under the hill of the Parrot's Peak.

The Miramar Palace It is another of the points of interest that arouses the greatest attraction throughout the city. The palace is famous for having been a summer residence that was inhabited by Queen Maria Cristina of Austria.

Special mention must be made of the funicular which brings us to amusement park of the famous mount Igueldo, from which we can enjoy very beautiful panoramic views.

Needless to say, the range of restaurants and hotels in the Antiguo area is one of the most varied in the city and of exceptional quality.

Ondarreta, the old part of the city

The famous Ondarreta beach is part of the impressive old town from the city of San Sebastian and is located in the bay of La Concha in front of the beautiful Santa Clara Island.

La Ondarrera beach sand It stands out for being very fine and is one of the favorite places for tourists and locals to stroll quietly.

Likewise, numerous sports activities proliferate on the beach, such as soccer or volleyball, and has a great playground to have a good time with the smallest of the house.

On the other hand, on the seafront are the famous Ondarreta gardens, made up of a selection of flowers and some wooded areas great to those who accompany such sculptures like Zeharki's and Maria Cristina's.

The hotels and apartments that are bordering the Ondarreta beach are very numerous, although they do not stand out for being especially cheap.

Amara, if you are looking for something cheaper

Maybe the area Amara It is one of the places where you can find the more affordable prices for hotel accommodation of the entire city of San Sebastian.

The area is very close to Urumea river, whose shore is accompanied by a beautiful walk where there is an abundance of vegetation and green areas that lead to the easo square, which is surrounded by beautiful buildings and wonderful terraces where, in addition, you can stop for a while to taste some pintxos at several of its great venues.

La easo square connect with acquaintance arab park, ideal place to walk and take a walk with the little ones at home.

We must make special mention of the streets Whalers and Elizabeth II, in which establishments abound pintxos.

In addition, Amara has one of the busiest churches in the city. We are talking about the lesu church, designed by Rafael Moneo and that enjoys a very particular minimalist design.

Very close to there is one of the most renowned and affluent buildings and cultural centers: The Tabakalera.

Amara It is not the areas with the highest tourist influx in San Sebastián, so it is possible to find very high prices. affordable and competitive as far as hotels and vacation accommodation places are concerned.

La Concha, the city's urban beach

La Concha comes to be a kind of urban beach very characteristic. In addition, it is considered one of the most beautiful in all of Europe.

The beach has an extension of more than 1.000 meters of fine sand, for which it is worth taking a walk with bare feet. In addition, its waters are a wonderful setting to practice all kinds of nautical activities such as windsurfing or canoeing.

On the other hand, the promenade that borders the beach has a very personal charm and is populated by some of the best restaurants in town.

Other places of great tourist interest are the Paseo Nuevo de San Sebastián, the Empty Construction, the Aquarium, the Basque Maritime Museum and the Island of Santa Clara.

say that some of the most luxurious hotels in the city of San Sebastián are located in this area.

Although it is one of the most expensive centers of tourism in the entire Iberian Peninsula, the truth is that San Sebastián has a very characteristic attraction that attracts million tourists a long the whole year.

Its beaches are of the most beautiful in all of Spain and the cultural and artistic offer is very particular. Also, in terms of local gastronomy, San Sebastián is one of the best places to see. Your kitchen enjoys a prestige that echoes throughout the national territory.

Without a doubt, San Sebastián is a excellent choice as a holiday destination at any time of the year.

The 9 best hotels to stay in San Sebastian

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Visit San Sebastian

In our database you have hundreds of accommodations among which you can discover the four-star hotels in San Sebastian that interest you the most, at the best market price. Our specialized search engine will help you find the best four-star hotel deals. A four-star hotel proposes a high level of quality in its services, since they govern standards with a high level of demand. The accommodations in this category are usually located in the downtown area, or in places with good communication to facilitate the client's planned tourist visits. The four-star hotels in San Sebastián are identified thanks to their excellence and their design, which is notable although it may sometimes seem sober. A four-star hotel in San Sebastián usually has Internet service and pleasant facilities, as well as a restaurant and various leisure areas. Thanks to our cheap hotel search engine you will be able to find four-star hotels in San Sebastián on offer and at the most attractive price on the market.

Luxury hotels in the center of San Sebastian

Would you like to spend the nights in a 5-star hotel in the heart of the city? You can do this if you book your stay at the María Cristina hotel, part of the Sheraton hotel chain. This accommodation with “La Belle Epoque” style decoration is located a few steps from the popular shell beach. In addition, it offers its guests laundry service, business center and restaurant. Nor will you miss any comfort in 4-star hotels in the center of San Sebastián. In this sense, the Silken Amara Plaza, in Plaza de Pio XII, and the hotel de London and England, with easy access to the La Perla Spa and other points of interest in the city.

Cheap hotels in the center of San Sebastian

Do you prefer to sleep in cheaper accommodation? Then take a look at the La Galería hotel on the Paseo Marítimo and the Punta Mompás hotel, located very close to the Kuursal Auditorium and Zurriola beach. The hotel may also be of interest to you Nice and the so-called Codina, which offers the option of including a buffet breakfast in the stay. Don't think about it anymore! Choose from all the hotels in the center of San Sebastián the one that suits all your preferences and book it at the best price. You will love to know the Santa Clara Island, the María Cristina bridge and the San Telmo Museum.

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