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If you plan to visit Pula, the largest city on the peninsula of Istria en Croatia, take note of the best accommodation areas.

This city has a great tradition as tourist destination, making it an ideal site for plan a tripthanks to its quiet tue, climate moderate and great Nature. 

Pula offers you some beaches awesome one gastronomy unique one landscape wonderful and hosting sites for every taste. This city stands out from others holiday destinations of the area, for its wonderful legacy of the Ancient Roman.

Here you can get good hotels and apartments for rent very Affordable where you can stay with all the included services.  You will find them both in the most downtown of the city, as in the part coastal de Polish.

Here you can see a lot of Roman ruins and a anfiteatro very well preserved. Pula It is a great option for any tourist who wants to enjoy the historical views 2 millennia old.

Each filtering bag ferris of the area, connect the tourists with nearby islandsyes, while the train and various Bus, allow exploring the surroundings of this interesting city of Croatia.

Staying in Pula It is also very advantageous, thanks to the various accommodation places available here. You can stay in hotels modern and boutique type, resort family, apartments y villas for rent.

Next, we will indicate all the details, the best areas to stay in Pula.

Sergijevaca, the commercial area

Area Sergijevaca is the part commercial de Pula and one of the busiest streets for settlers and tourists from all regions.

The atmosphere of this area of Pula very traditional and cultural.  It is known as the shopping street, due to the large amount of markets, gift shops, cafes and boutiques located in this area.

If you want to know everything it can offer you Sergijevaca, in terms of commerce, gastronomy and leisure, Can stay on one of the sites available for Tourists in this area of Polish.

HR streets de Sergijevaca they are quite narrow and give the impression that they are a great shop with different departments. En Sergijevaca, for being a very central and lively, you can get a wide variety of lodging options For all tastes and budgets.

This area of Pula It is quite extensive and varied, and offers you multiple hotel offersIncluding hotels of various categories, hostels y apartments for rent.

It is highly recommended the accommodation in this part of the city, for being very search of croatian culture and leisure sites available to all Tourists. Rest assured that you will not get bored in this street.

Veruda, the beach area

Veruda It is a very beautiful and fascinating area of Pula. It has many sights and it is very outstanding for its white sand beaches and bays.

After you visit the various beaches and bays de Verudamake sure you know the Naval park, the Church of Our Lady of the Sea and Naval Cemetery.

You can also know the Augustus Temple Forum Square, la Pula Fortress, el Pula Stadium and Punta Verudela beach.  Perform these tours to explore the wonderful district Veruda from the city of PulaIt is very relaxing and entertaining.

El tue en Veruda It is very clean, although it is usually full of many Tourists in summer. This district has some wild beaches y 2 local beaches perfect for children and young people.

Some are also available restaurants and cafes to enjoy the stay by Veruda. You will have various access roads to get to all the places to visit in this area of Pure.

En Veruda you will find various accommodation options, among which stand out, many apartments, houses and villas for rent, as well as hotels and resort of various categories. There is no doubt that Veruda, It is one of the best areas to stay in Pula.

The Roman zone

The city of Pula has a great Roman culture and its areas have many main attractions.

Because of this, the Roman zone, where the tourist activity makes visitors want to return to this part of the city year after year. The Roman zone offers some nice scenery and you can also see the construction of boats, activities of fishing and wine production.

Each filtering bag places of interest most prominent in this area, are the roman buildings that still survive to this day. It is also worth admiring, the Amphitheater, being one of the bigger of the world. Another place you should know is the Sergi's Arch, made in honor of the 3 brothers of this surname.

Other places you cannot miss on your visit to the Roman zoneAre the Twin door preserved from the old walls, the Augustus Temple dedicated to the first Roman emperor, the Hercules Gates and Augustino Forum. 

Because the historical sites in this area, they are mostly, roman buildings, there is a great demand in hospitality en strategic points distributed in nearby places.

Es por eso que el accommodation at Roman zone It is highly recommended, being one of the best areas to stay in Pula.

Pjescana Uvala, away from the center

Pjescana Uvala It is an area located in the south of Istria.  This area moves away from the city and heads towards the tue. Here you will find a modern settlement with many private houses and family hotels.

Enjoy an excellent climate, fabulous beaches and the best family atmosphere, is what you can get on your visit by Pjescana Uvala. This bay offers numerous restaurants and some are among the most recognized in all Croatia. 

You can not miss the opportunity to delight the dishes of these fabulous gastronomic places, they have received tourist awards very prestigious. The architecture of the whole area Pješcana Uvala, including the famous Church of Saint Nicholas the Traveler, it's very modern.

This iglesia stands out in the entire area of Pješcana Uvala and it is located at the top of the hill. In addition, it was built in boat shape, with a white and blue color scheme. Here you can enjoy the slopes over the bay, which are gently tilted and exposed to the sun all day.

El accommodation en Pjescana Uvala ofrece private rooms, apartments and family hotels or types shop, some of which are of the highest category.

For these reasons, Pjescana Uvala It is considered as one of the best areas to stay in Pula.

Banjole, holiday area par excellence

El Banjole boardwalk, is located in the south of Istria, a few kilometers from the city of Polish. It is a holiday area par excellence, with several accommodation sites all necessary services for tourists and a fabulous Seaview.

It is a fantastic area to plan a familiar trip. There are various offers in apartments, resorts and hotels for different budgets and tastes, all with great amenities for the visitor. The activities that are carried out daily in the Banjole boardwalk, make your stay a lot of fun.

Walk along the promenade, go around the tueride bike and other activities, will make you have fun until nightfall by the Banjole promenade. In addition, there are several re

staurantes, cafes and ice cream parlors, to delight your palate in the afternoon.

Pula It is very close to the Banjole boardwalk and you can get there in a short journey in bus or taxi.

We recommend you stay in another of the best areas to stay in Pula. Do not miss the opportunity to visit the Banjole boardwalk and enjoy the best Sea View, while you spend a few days of tranquility next to your family or partner.

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