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If you plan to travel across the European continent, we recommend you visit Portugal and specifically, the port city of Portimao.

In recent years, this city in the region of Algarve, in the south of Portugal, has become a fabulous tourist destination.

Its main tourist attraction is its Cliffs, Its caves or beaches that you can find them of all sizes, from long beaches with easy access, to small coves that can only be reached by boat.

Portimao has a culture very important to know and some very pretty and special for tourists, who will spend a few dream holidays in this Portuguese region. Currently, the most important economic sector in Portimao, it is without a doubt The tourism.

Here you can see the old town, the brilliant Leisure port, sports port, the pretty beaches, a community cosmopolitan and a history, which make this place the ideal place to spend some wonderful holidays.

You can not stop visiting the Portimão Museum XNUMXth century, which offers exhibitions on local history, or the Gothic church of Our Lady of Conception, with its fabulous tiles.

And not to mention the Rocha beach, surrounded by beautiful ocher cliffs and the medieval fortress of Santa Catarina de Ribamar.

Portimao It is ideal for lovers of water sports, since it has optimal conditions to practice surf, windsur, or kitesurf. Also take the opportunity to take a walk in boat and see dolphins, to play on one of its golf courses or to walk and eat on its streets.

La accommodation offer en Portimao It is very large and you can get many hotels and apartments with fabulous views of the Mar.

If you want to know more about the best areas to stay in Portimao, here we will give you all the details.

The city center

El city ​​center It is the main area of Portimao and the most popular for Lodge. Being the heart of the city, it offers many historical sites of interest for Tourists and very close to the places of accommodation.

The atmosphere of this area is fabulous, with its famous streets central cobblestones, where you can walk in their pedestrian spaces and observe the white houses with chimneys well decorated, an Arab heritage from the time of Iberian occupation.

El city ​​center It is a typical area of ​​the on de Portugal. The advantage of stay in full centeris that it will allow you to know the best establishments y historical sites which Portimao offers to travelers.

One of the most prominent sites to know, is the Museum which details all the city ​​history, including its various economic activities. You can enjoy a movie which recounts the fabulous days of the industry in the city of Portimão.

The Tourists They will also be able to visit the area of Da Rocha beach (one of the most famous in the city) and the showy shore of the arade river.

Being the main area of Portimão, here you can get various accommodation options, with excellent offers, since there is a large number of hotels, hostels and rental houses for the tourists.

Praia da Rocha, the beach par excellence

Stone beach It is an area that has a touristic offer very funny, with a climate fabulous beaches fantastic and a lively night life, ideal for Tourists they want to spend some vacation social and vibrant.

This area is one of the coastal cities most important Portimão. It offers plenty of entertainment, attractions and activities for all ages.

Nowadays, Stone beach is being renewed, opening new business and optimizing hosting sites, to offer better amenities and services To visitors.

Stone beach is one of beaches most emblematic of Algarve and Portimao, which   welcomes thousands of Tourists every year. Due to its popularity, the area around Stone beach, is full of various options of accommodation for all types of tourists.

Stone beach It also offers a wide variety of restaurants, bars and discos. Its proximity to ocean, It is another reason why it is so visited by tourists.

For those who enjoy night outings, this area is perfect, since it has many bars and nightclubsspecial for big parties until sunrise.

Regarding the services of lodging, Stone beach It is an excellent option, since, being a tourist area, it has a lot of variety of hotels and apartments modern and complete.

Praia do Vau, the area of ​​family tourism

Area Vau Beach it is very special and popular for the family tourism, making the experience of your vacation are ideal for all your loved ones.

Our kindness of this area of Portimao they are fabulous. Here you can enjoy beautiful beaches with great Rocky formations and surrounded by places to delight your palate with delicacies from local fishing.

Vau Beach offers the wonders of tue its visitors, in addition to a night life with the best sites ready for it.

This zone has Cliffs impressive, the arena It is very fine and golden, and also the sea ​​is . clean and quiet to be able to swim carefree. Besides, the Vau Beach It is perfect for long family walks.

The restaurants of the area are highly recognized and highlight the Jacaranda Restaurant & Barplatforms, Vau Steakhouse and Oh Rebel, which will offer you excellent food and great service.

Vau Beach has various accommodation offers with fabulous hotels and villas, which offer you their services with magnificent Sea View and a easy access to the beach.

These hosting sites they are ideal for families looking to enjoy a quiet holiday by the sea. It is another of the best areas to stay in Portimao.

Portimao Marina

Portimão Marina It is an area surrounded by some of the beaches most famous and shining of Portugal and all Europe.

La Portimão marina is one of sport ports most beautiful in the city, which offers a very safe place for boaters and tourists in the area. Here you will find very lively and fun, which offer a large number of events sports and nautical.

For lovers of sports boats and yachts, you will be able to observe a lot of parked in this nice port. In addition, transportation in Portimão Marina It is very varied, which includes cars, boats and ferries.

If you are curious about boats, There is a school in the Leisure port, sports port, where they will teach you how to drive various boat classes for all types of sailors or ages.

Portimao Marina offers a wide variety of Restaurants and bars, in addition to many parties outdoors and night clubs on the beach.

This area offers a accommodation unique to visitors, with apartments and hotels located in the port, which present the latest technologies, to provide guests with the best possible comforts.

Portimao Marina It is perfect for all kinds of Tourists, whether you visit it alone, as a couple, with friends or family. Here you will get very affordable prices.

Alvor, small but attractive town

Area Alvor It is a small and attractive town that is located in the suburbs of Portimao. It is ideal for to stay, for being a very alternative affordable and quiet, in comparison to the other areas of the city.

This town is perfect if you are looking for a quiet beach vacation, Being a tourist destination by excellence. Holidays in Alvor focus around the Playa. He climate This area is wonderful, with a environment very lively and full of Recreational activities.

One of the activities offered Alvor to its visitors, are its fabulous night parties. Here the traditional portuguese charm and the joy of its inhabitants.

Alvor offers a wide variety of Restaurants and bars Next to other interesting places to visit, like the Castle, the Mother Church, la Mercy Church, La Costa Vicentina as well as the Monchique mountain range.

This area also offers you other activities, such as sailboat rides traditional Portuguese, kayaking, fishing, surfing, mini golf y swim With the dolphins.

Lodge en Alvor It will not be a problem, since here you have at your disposal, a large number of hotels and villas, which will adapt to your preferences and budget.

The 9 best hotels to stay in Portimao

Other destinations in Portugal that may interest you

Portimao Tourism

Are you considering traveling to Portimao and don't know where to stay? If so, we propose a solution ... Have you ever thought about rent an apartment in Portimao to enjoy your days off? If what you are looking for is to organize your trip making the most of your free time and planning your stay in the most independent way, do not hesitate, the best option is to find the apartment that best suits your needs.
Regardless of the apartment you need, be it a studio, a house for the whole family or an aparthotel, because you can find it quickly In one click, you will find your perfect accommodation in Portimao… And always with the best offers and prices at your disposal!

All inclusive accommodation in Portimao

Are you planning your getaway to the Algarve and still haven't found accommodation? Do not worry, because we have what you are looking for: incredible offers in the All Inclusive Hotels in Portimao. This is the best option to spend a few days on the coast of Portugal without having to worry about anything else but to fully enjoy all its possibilities.

Portimao All Inclusive Beach Hotels

Some of the most popular options are the beachfront accommodations. And is that, who does not want to wake up in the morning and contemplate some magnificent views of the atlantic coast from your room? If you are one of those who love the sun and the beach, do not hesitate, book your room in one of the all-inclusive beach hotels in Portimao. You will have the sea a few steps from your room and you can practice water activities and relax sunbathing without having to depend on any means of transport.

4-star hotels in Portimao

On the other hand, if you are looking to spend a stay surrounded by all the luxuries and comforts, it is best to book your room in one of the high-end tourist resorts. In them, quality is guaranteed, since they offer all kinds of leisure and entertainment facilities and services and benefits designed to facilitate the well-being of its guests as much as possible. Do you like the idea?

A four-star hotel offers a high level of quality in its services, since standards with a high level of demand apply. The accommodations in this category are usually located in the downtown area, or in places with good communication to facilitate the client's planned tourist visits. The four star hotels in Portimao They are characterized by their excellence and design, remarkable although it may sometimes seem sober.

So we recommend that you take a look at hotel Pestana Delfim Beach & Golf. This 4-star all-inclusive hotel in Portimao has luxurious facilities such as a swimming pool, gym, restaurants, golf courses and a spa center. You will also have at your disposal a laundry service, a hairdresser and an exclusive boutique.

Three (3) star hotels in Portimao

The three star hotels in Portimao They tend to be those with the highest tourist demand thanks to their low prices and the balanced quality of their facilities. Find with us a cheap hotel at the best available price and take advantage of the best promotions on the market to reserve your three-star hotel in Portimao.

Hotels in this category have a series of more than reasonable services, such as the Internet, for example, which is truly very useful when traveling to calculate the itineraries to be done on site. In addition, the three-star hotels usually present a design between avant-garde and classic that pleases all kinds of clients and always at very reasonable prices.

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