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If you planned to spend your vacation in Italy, we recommend you stay in the city of Palermo, the wonderful capital of the Sicily island and an excellent touristic place with many attractions to visit and a great history.

El city ​​center it is one of the best areas to stay in Palermo, since you can be very close to everything the city has to offer.

This Palermo area It is divided into 2 parts very well differentiated from each other. The new center, which is very elegant and modern, located on the Ruggiero Settimo and historical Center, Which is the oldest area from the city, locating on the road Maqueda.

The main attractions you will find in Palermo neighborhoods, are the The Cathedral XNUMXth century, the fabulous Massimo Opera House neoclassical style, the Norman Palace and palatine chapel.

You can also visit the markets most popular in the city, like el central Ballarò and La Vucciria near the port. In addition, here you will have at your disposal, many bars, restaurants and beautiful beaches.

Next, we will point you in more detail, the best areas to stay in Palermo, so you can select the one that suits you best when visiting the city.

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La Kalsa (old center)

The Kalsa It is one of the largest areas of the Palermo old town, which is a fusion of Arab neighborhood of Silicia, the kalsa and the area of the courts. This area of ​​the city is located in the old center de Palermo and very close to port. Here you will get many places of interest y pretty streets, to enjoy the attractions while you walk.

The Kalsa It is one of the areas of the city that is set with the style authentic and picturesque de Palermo. The advantage you will have by stay en The Kalsa, is that you can enjoy the great story de Palermo, Thank you to your visual attractions made up of various structures, such as churches famous, medieval buildings with beautiful facades, huge palaces, little streets, showy plazas, museums y antique stores.

The Kalsa It was considered an unsafe neighborhood a few years ago, but today it is the trendy area in Palermo, full of hotels with charm, restaurants, bars and monuments for the enjoyment of all tourists. Area The Kalsa, you will find a wide gastronomic offer with many taverns. Here you will enjoy excellent drinks and best Sicilian dishes.

En summer, you can also enjoy the events most important Palermo, which will show you all the history that this city can offer. Between the sites most outstanding you can visit, are the impressive churches Magione y spasimo, Abatellis Palace, Arab Gate and Greek gate.

If you are a lover of classic story, to stay in the center of Palermo is your best option. It is a tourist district by nature and offers you a great diversity of hotels, bed and breakfast, hostels and apartments for rent.

En The Kalsa, it will be very easy for you to choose one lodging option that adjusts to your tastes and needs, since it is one of the Best areas to stay in Palermo.

Castellammare Vucciria

Area Castellammare Vucciria is located between La Kalsa and Monte di Pietà, and welcomes the old port de Palermo. In this area of ​​the city, you will get many merchants and craftsmen from various countries, which inhabit country houses from the XNUMXth century. 

Castellammare Vucciria It is characterized by having many Interesting sites for visitors like historical buildings y monuments. Here you can see all the traditional culture from the city of Palermo. This area of ​​the city is ideal for Tourists who want to learn more about Palermo and also you will find Too much fun, making your days of vacation For this beautiful city they are worth it. 

En Castellammare Vucciria you will be able to see a lot of very nice buildings, like the Palazzo Mazzarino or the palace Gravina Filangeri and many historical monuments, like the Post Office building and Palazzo Lampedusa. Another of the main attractions of this area is the market of Vucciria, and very close, is the station Central Palermo. 

Castellammare Vucciria it is very central area, where you will find various restaurants and commercial stores. On the other hand, accommodation offer in this part of the city it is very wide, which makes Castellammare Vucciria, Is one of the Best areas to stay in Palermo.

Here you will get residences very comfortable, hotels, inns and hostels with a wide variety of prices.


Area Monte di Pieta, is located in full Palermo historic center. Here you will see a large number of emblematic buildings such as the Palermo Cathedral, el New Montevergini theater, el Diocesan Museum the Palazzo Branciforte, la Church of the Ten Thousand Martyrs, el Massimo theater or Porta Carinni.

Monte di Pieta is delimited by 2 Streets main of the Palermo old town. This area is known by the name of The boss, due to the Capo market, another of the essential markets that you must visit in Sicily.

Said Capo Market, It is one of several interesting places for Tourists and of the most striking of Monte di Pieta. The market It is located between 2 very important churches, that of Sant'Agostino, where the Sanctuary of Santa Rita and the church of the Immacolata Concezione al Capo.

As for Accommodation Services, Monte di Pieta it has very good employment offers that adapt to the needs of tourists, with affordable prices and very close to the points of interest in the area.

Here you will find various hotels, hostels, bed and breakfast and houses for rent, with all the necessary comforts for its visitors.


Neighborhood Shelter, is located at the other end of La Kalsa, separated by the Via Roma. This area of ​​the city of Palermo It is characterized by having narrow streets y buildings ostentatious like the Santa Croce Palace, which is one of the favorites for tourists. 

En Shelter you can find many places to visit, like the Market of Ballarò, University, Palazzo Reale, the church of Professa House, Palazzo Sclafani, la Piazza Bologni and Regional Gallery of Sicily.

If you go to the area northwest of the Shelter, you will see how it is bounded by 2 of the most fabulous buildings in the city, the St. John of the Hermits and Normans Palace. Also, in this area, you will be able to know the University and a student house which serves as student hostel in summer time. 

The most interesting thing that the Shelter, are the surroundings of the Ballarò Market, which has been recently renovated in its structure, replacing the old buildings by structures of concrete with more modern appearance.  We recommend you visit this popular market very authentic from the city of Palermo. 

Shelter It is an ideal area for those visitors looking for a cheaper accommodation or just to sleep in alternative places and less traditional, unlike those of the center de la ciudad.

Borgo Vecchio, inexpensive and relaxed

Area Borgo Vecchio is ideal for stay in an area more remote noise Palermo historic center and the concentrations of Tourists. It is an alternative and very quiet neighborhood Palermo. 

Borgo Vecchio It is a special area if you are one of those who enjoy the night life local. This neighborhood is ideal, since it offers you a little more elegance, where you can enjoy good drinks and Best food in the local available in the area. This area is relatively economic and the atmosphere is alternative and fabulous.

En Borgo Vecchio you will be able to rest with peace of mind, since it is located a little away from center and old town. Here you can see its fabulous buildings, such as the Art nouveau. 

Borgo VecchioIs a tourist destination very beautiful and romantic, which stands out for its good restaurants, buildings, Leisure port, sports port, theaters y Commercial stores. It is very special to enjoy family tourism.

The hosting sites located in Village Old they are normally quieter, calmer, more romantic and private than those in the center de la ciudad.

Here you stay away from concentrations tourist, making it an ideal area for Travelers interested in the Alternative tourism and more relaxed.

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