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If you want to know the second most important city in Portugal, you must plan a trip to Port, great tourist destination that will not disappoint you.

This city is located at the mouth of the Douro river. Here you can enjoy various spaces and landscapes very charming and with a lot of history.

Full of contrasts; modern and traditional at the same time, Porto is a perfect city to make an eweekend scapada or spend a few days discovering the true essence of Portuguese culture and traditions.

Port it is a relatively small city and the main attractions they are mostly concentrated in their historical Center located in the North Douro area.

It is in this area, it is also where most of the accommodation offer de la ciudad.

And, of course, if you travel in summer, you can take a dip in the fresh waters of the beaches in the area of Foz do Douro or in those of the nearby towns of Matosinhos and Vila Nova de Gaia that enjoy, most of them, blue flag.

The best areas to stay in Porto, are those that are very close, the best historical attractions of the city and necessary services for visitors.

That is why, the Porto historic center, stands out from the rest of the city areas. However, the other parts The region also has its charms.

Among the various areas very attractive presenting Port, which offer a excellent service to tourists including the transport to get from where you prefer, they are: La Ribeira, Sao Nicolao, Boavista and Miragaia. 

Next, we will indicate you in more detail, the best areas to stay in Porto.


The historic center or Baixa

The area of the historical center of the city, Also known as Low, is the best place to stay in Porto, since it is very close to all attractive of the area. Here you can enjoy a environment . lively and traditional city Port. 

Area Low You will find many interesting sites, including Antique buildings of great beauty, the Clerigos Tower and the town square. This plaza is the icon of the city, due to the statue of the King Pedro IV, the Casa da Música and the Porto Cathedral. Do not forget to visit these fabulous places.

El Historical Center has an excellent offer of Restaurants and bars, in which you can delight typical dishes from the kitchen Portuguese

In addition, this area has modern shops to make your purchases. It also has different types of monuments, cafes Very famous, plazas and other things that you can observe daily.

This area of Port It is ideal for visitors who want to enjoy a great movement of people and a lot of life any time.

This is the area with the highest hotel offer of city, with accommodation sites from the simplest to the most modern and luxurious, all with very affordable prices. So it will be quite cheap stay in Porto.

La Ribeira, one of the most touristy

The Ribeira is one of More tourist areas from the city. It is ideal for to stay since it has a environment very lively and its environment has great beauty, because it is on the shore of the river Duero.

Furthermore, the painted houses With a wide variety of colors, it gives an impressive look to La Ribeira.

The places of interest in this area are the Corrubedo lighthouse, with magnificent waves very relaxing due to the sound they emit, the Pedra da Ra viewpoint, Castro de A Cidá, el Periurban Park Of San Roque and San Roque Archaeological Interpretation Center.

All these places are highly recommended for Tourists that they visit La Ribeira. This area also offers you an environment with many bars and restaurants. Here you will get all kinds of services for the traveler.

En La Riverside, you will find a great diversity of leisure activities, especially at night, since the sites offer that you can visit and enjoy until dawn.

La Riverside It is one of the most popular areas for stay in Porto, making the lodging be a little more expensive than in other areas of the city.

Even so, you can stay in various hotels, hostels and apartments for rent, which will offer you everything you need for your stay.

Sao Nicolau, near the train station

The district of Star Nicolau It is an area with a privileged central location. Is a tourist destination Fabulous for all kinds of visitors.  

It is an area that offers you many servicesas well as a great life day and night. Here you will find various special premises for tourists leisure. You will also get good deals in the hotel service and very affordable prices.

Star Nicolau It is the ideal area for tourist accommodation who come to visit Port. Here they will be very close to various points of interest, such as the Sao Bento train station or Stock Exchange Palace.

You can also visit the Sao Nicolau church, which is a fabulous sample of the religious architecture that took place in the city at the end of the XNUMXth century. 

In his interior, the altars are in style neoclassic and there is also an altarpiece from San Eloy worthy of admiration.

La Sao Francisco church It is also worth visiting. It has a gothic exterior and baroque interiors most extravagant of Portugal. This very ornate church is one of the most impressive of Porto.

Accommodation in Sao Nicolau consists of various offers of hotels, hostels and tourist apartments.  This is why, it is another of the best areas to stay in Porto.

Boavista, where the privileged class

Boavista is another area that should be considered in the accommodation list when we visit Port. In recent years, it has grown greatly, the touristic offer in this area of Portugal and gained much prominence in the city of Port.

Here they have settled residences of the most privileged classes and companies highly recognized, which makes this area in a constant crecimiento.

Boavista owns large attractions for visitors, as is the Music House or Serralves Park, being these one of the most visited sites in the city of Port.

Moreover, Boavista also offers great leisure offer for all Tourists, which will have an unforgettable experience on your visit to the city.

Among the sites that you can visit are the various malls, restaurants, cinemas, theaters and other places for entertainment. Here the fun is more than guaranteed.

Area Boavista has very modern buildings with great luxury and presence. In addition, you can tour the wide streets from the city and enjoy the services and amenities offered here to visitors.

Furthermore, Boavista has the advantage of being located very close to the Porto historic center, together with an excellent service public transport, which is available to all visitors and residents.

As to accommodation in Boavista, you can find several accommodation offers very cheap. You have at your disposal, various hotels, hostels, apartments and houses for rent, with a lot of comfort and luxury.

Miragaia, traditional and modern at the same time

Miragaia It is an area with traditional characteristics of the modern city. It is located in the area where the Duero flows into the Atlantic Ocean.

Here you can enjoy the decor from their houses, with traditional colorful dwellings. This is a typical settlement area of fishermen and merchants.

Miraigaia It has 2 zones, the high part which is on the hill, which offers excellent views beyond the Duero, and his bottomwhich is close to the river. Here you will get many bars and restaurants.

Area Miragaia It has several places to visit, such as Gardens of the Crystal Palace, very special and romantic with beautiful views towards the bridge do Ash tree.

Also, you can't miss the museum World of discoveries, which is inspired by the travels of the Portuguese sailors.

Stay in Miraigaia It is very convenient for your tourist visits to Port, because it is a downtown area, which will allow you to know and enjoy the city in a great way during your stay.

The advantage of stay in this part of Port, is that it will allow you to travel so much of the antique zone and the more modern.

As in any downtown area from the city, it is convenient to book the accommodation with all the in advance possible, so that you can easily enjoy your stay for Port.

Here you will get many hostels, affordable hotels and houses for rent. It is certainly one of the best areas to stay in Porto.

The 9 best hotels to stay in Porto

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Book your cheap hotel in Porto

Porto is always a hit for a getaway, because every corner of this beautiful town in northern Portugal will make your vacation worthwhile. One of the best ways to discover Porto is to be enchanted by the charm of its nostalgic streets or an aromatic coffee in any of its comfortable cafes. And it is that the people of Porto receive the tourist with a warmth of which they can boast.

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Luxury accommodation in central Porto

Would you like to spend your stay in a luxury hotel in the center of Porto? Then we recommend that you take a look at the Porto hotel Cardosas Palace and the Sheraton Porto & Spa. Both are 5-star accommodations with sauna and gym facilities to make the most of your leisure time.

Nor will you miss any luxury in hotels in the center of Porto from well-known 4-star hotel chains. In this sense, it is worth noting the Quality Inn Porto, in the Batalha Square, and the Mercure Porto Centro hotel, where you will have a restaurant, laundry, parking and even a casino.

Cheap hotels in the center of Porto

If price is your top priority when looking for accommodation, you may be interested in taking a look at the Porta Azul Guest House apartments, opposite the Crystal Palace, and Grande Hotel Paris. They are also good options to consider Grande Hotel do Porto and hotel da Bolsa.

What are you waiting for? There is a wide variety of hotels in the center of Porto, choose the one that best suits your needs and book it with Destinia at the best price and with the maximum guarantee. Amazing moments await you discovering the Cathedral of the Sé, the Clerigos Tower and the Mercado do Bolhao.

Four (4) star hotels in Porto

Un four star hotel offers a high level of quality in its services, since standards with a high level of demand apply. The accommodations in this category are usually located in the downtown area, or in places with good communication to facilitate the client's planned tourist visits. The four star hotels in Porto They are defined by their excellence and design, remarkable although it may sometimes seem sober.

A four-star hotel in Porto usually has Internet service and sports facilities, as well as a restaurant and various leisure areas. Thanks to our cheap hotel locator you can discover four-star hotels in Porto on offer and at the most interesting price on the market.

Three (3) star hotels in Porto

Each filtering bag three-star hotels in Porto They are usually those with the highest tourist demand thanks to their low prices and the good quality of their facilities. Find with us a cheap hotel at the best available price and take advantage of the best offers on the market to reserve your three-star hotel in Porto.

Hotels in this category have a series of more than reasonable services, such as the Internet, which is really very useful when traveling to calculate the itineraries to be done on site. In addition, the three-star hotels usually present a design between avant-garde and classic that pleases all kinds of guests and always at very reasonable prices.

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