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Nice is a city located at South of France, on Mediterranean coast in the Blue Coast. She jewel what you can not stop visiting on your journey through this country.

This city is the meeting point of A lot of tourists coming from different countries of the world, which are attracted by the soft winter, la tranquility harmony and other kindness of this area of France.

The places to stay in Nice reflect personality and charm, allowing Visitantes they sit with a lot class and style during your stay.

Nice it has a unique and very unique identity, which makes it a tourist destination by excellence. It combines various customs, ranging from local gastronomy fabulous until warmth of its people.

To visit Nice, you must know the old town, the city ​​center, the zone of Promenade des Anglais, the surroundings of Jean Médecin Avenue, the district of Gambetta and Cimiez, the port or Le Port and Acropolis Conference Center.

Enjoy the street markets, bars, restaurants and fabulous beaches in various areas of the city. If you want to know the best areas to stay in Nice, we quote them below:

Nice's historic center

El Nice old town or historic center, is one of the most outstanding attractions of this French city. There is no doubt that it is one of lThe best areas to stay in Nice. There are many places with historical memories y various activities to do, for day and night enjoyment in this area of ​​the city.

El Nice old town it presents a river that runs underground and an area called Promenade du Paillon. This area is great for go for a walk and have direct contact with the nature in full city ​​center.

You can go from purchases walking from the Place Masséna, by the route of the rue St François de Paule. This sector is full of very elegant shops, arranged in vintage buildings what are a true luxury for any visitor.

If you continue the route you will reach Corso Saleya, One more entertaining routes of Nice old town and that is in shape totally different race Sea. Here you can enjoy a fabulous plant and flower market, ideal for Visitantes nature lovers.

In the Nice old town, there is a great diversity of restaurants highly recognized, offering a menu with affordable prices. There you can taste the best dishes from the city, like the nice salad, the socca or the beef stews.

If you take the path of Corso Saleya you will get to promenade, where you can observe the Bay of Angels from the Castle Hill. In the vicinity of this road, there is the rue de la Préfecture, a street that has many bars and pubs, which await all Tourists at late afternoon.

To the North of the rue de la Préfecture, you'll find narrow roads suitable only for pedestrians. You can walk through the alleys of Nice historic center, provided with fresh air from the sea. We also recommend you visit the terraces adjacent to the Place Rossetti, where you can take a break while enjoying a drink or a fabulous ice cream.

Another very prominent attraction in this area, which is located in the area of Promenade du Paillon Park, is the Museum of Modern Art and Contemporary Art of Nice.

El historical Center is a the best areas to stay in Nice. Here you will find hotels all categories, which offer Prices very diverse, for all kinds of budgets.

Jean Médecin Avenue

La Jean Médecin Avenue is commercial and leisure area highlight of Nice. Here you will find all kinds of restaurants, cinemas, theme bars and big malls.

This avenue begins in the area of ​​the Fountaine du Soleil, In the Promenade du Paillon and it reaches Voie Pierre Mathis. The Jean Médecin Avenue divide into two parts Nice. Here you can see many fashion stores in the Lafayette Galleries or mall Nice-Etoile.

In the surroundings of the Jean Médecin AvenueThere buildings and monuments very interesting for visitors. Among them, the one of the Church of Our Lady of the Assumption, the temple largest of Nice.

In this area of ​​the city, the Nice Carnivals, which you can not miss if you come to visit on the corresponding dates (between the months of February and March). You will be delighted with the float parades from Battle of Flowers.

At the end of Jean Médecin Avenue you will find the Nice Train Station (Gare de Nice Ville). This station allows you to move to other places in the Blue Coast. Stay you en this zone of the city, offers certain and advantages. One of them is more affordable prices en mid-range hotels.

And the other advantage is that you won't need your car, to enjoy the sites that the Jean Médecin Avenue, since walking you will access many of them. That is why the Jean Médecin Avenue, is another of lThe best areas to stay in Nice.

Promenade des Anglais

Promenade des Anglais It is located in the center of Nice. In its surroundings, it has a promenade located to the west from the historic center and the Bay of Angels.

In this part of the city, you will find the boulevard Víctor Hugo. Also, you can walk by Avenue or walk cycling safely with your special rail. This avenue reaches up to International Airport de Nice-French Riviera. Promenade des Anglais has various hotels luxury, casinos, palaces, residential buildings and villas surrounded by palm trees and gardens overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.

Here you will also find many shops and restaurants very exclusive. And you could not miss the spectacular beaches of the area, to enjoy a fabulous summer in Nice. These beaches shows Very clean and they have all the services necessary for any tourist.

Another attraction in Promenade des Anglais, is the Palais Baréty, which dates from the late nineteenth century and which has a unusual design. You can't miss visiting the Masséna Palace Museum (dedicated to the history of Nice), the palace with Italian style in which this museum and the Nice Anglican Church.

Promenade des Anglais It's the the best areas to stay in Nice in style You can do it in many of the Luxury hotels available in this area.

The small neighborhood of Gambetta

Gambetta It is a small neighborhood of Nice located south of the city. It's at edge of the sea and the Bay of Angels.

The ring road Voie Pierre Mathis and tue, form their ends. It is a residential area which lately has become a tourist district. Here you will find various hotels, holiday homes and tourist apartments to stay at low costs.

You can visit the Nice Museum of Fine Arts, so you will have the opportunity to observe the true french contemporary art y international avant-garde art.

Further north of Gambetta, passing the Voie Pierre Mathis, tourists can get to know a architectural site exclusive, as is the Russian Orthodox Cathedral of Saint Nicholaswhich is very similar to the Red square of moscu.

To move around the area, you will have trams y bus lines that cross the entire neighborhood of Gambetta.

Le Port (the port)

The Port is considered the Nice port area. It is a place with residential environment, which houses the port sports and fishing from this city. Port it has a great extension, formed by diverse springs. The Port It is the arrival point of many Cruise who travel the Western Mediterranean.

The Port is made up of the Mont Boron, Which is the Urban park largest of Nice. Here you will be surprised by the views from its heights and the Old City. You will have at your disposal, various s to practice sports and exercises in general, in addition to being able to observe Nice at a height of about 190 meters.

All Tourists who visit this area of Nice, they have the opportunity to walk around Mont Boron and even get very close to historical Center to Garibaldi Square. Refering to gastronomy, here you will get restaurants of traditional French, Mediterranean and international food, with the best dishes and prices area.

The area of The Port is a lThe best areas to stay in Nice in a slightly different way.

Here you can take advantage of the great offer of apartments and holiday homes that are available in the area. You will also get many category hotels and even, rental villas very luxurious.

The 9 best hotels to stay in Nice

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Cheap Hotels in Nice

It is a city in France of the provence region. It can be said that it is one of the biggest tourist attractions on the French Riviera, a Mediterranean area. Very close to the border with Italy and Monaco, east of the Var river.

With an extension of 71.92 square meters and a population of around 340.000 inhabitants. It is a coastal city where the weather is good throughout the year.

Accommodation in Nice

One of the most affordable accommodations in Nice is the Hotel Ellington Nice Center. The hotel's most outstanding services are: meeting and chat rooms, Internet via free Wi-Fi, a spacious patio and non-smoking rooms. Another very cheap place to stay is Hotel Azurea.

Since 2006 its design is more modern and it has an active reception service during all hours of the day. It also has a TV room, free wifi connection, a box to safely store your goods and an elevator.

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