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If you have planned to visit Marseilles, the second most populous city in France, we will give you a detailed information about best accommodation areas, so that you have a fabulous experience on your visit.

Marseilles it is port city southern France, which has a large amount of accommodations, giving you the opportunity to choose the accommodation that suits your budget and style of travel.

As to coastal tourism, Marseille It is the most outstanding city of France. It is privileged for its excellent climate and its fabulous beaches. Also Marseilles hosts a lot of historical buildings and a standout sea ​​port, with a recognized economic center.

Among the places of interest, Marseilles offers its visitors the opportunity to visit the Basilica of Santa María la Mayor, Our Lady of the Guard, if castle, Town hall, Longchamp palace and the abbey of Saint Victor of Marseille. 

One the best areas to stay in Marseille, is in the surroundings of the Old Port, Being the most attractive area de la ciudad.

This is where most of the tourist activity in the city, in addition to being very advantageous for visitors, for having a very fast access to the rest of the French cities.

We will indicate you in more detail, all the areas to stay in Marseille, so that you take it into account when plan your trip.

Vieux Port, the old port

El Old Port (Old port), is one of the most recommended areas to stay en Marseilles, for being a very central location and with an atmosphere sailor very nice. 

El Puerto Viejo runs from the start of the artery Canebiere. Here you can visit its beautiful streets together to the places of interest most important in the area. Here you will know the abbey of Saint Victor, the lighthouse of Santa Maria, the museum Views of Provence or that of European and Mediterranean civilizations, in addition to the forts of Saint Nicholas and Saint John. 

You will also get great Palais du Pharo, built by Napoleon during the second half of the XIX century. Here its highlights huge gardens, which form a beautiful green space, ideal for Tourists take a very relaxing walk.

The area of the Old Port It is very striking for its architecture romantic and renaissance, being very special in Marseilles. El Old Port offers many interesting and beautiful sites restaurants, cafes and bars. Plus it has fabulous hotels and seafood restaurants, in whose letter they will prepare food from the fresh fish market, which is in the surroundings.

Additionally, the Old Port has a ferry service which starts from the Town hall and it works all day. This allows Tourists, enjoy the wonderful views of Marseille from the sea. The accommodation offer en Old Port It is very generous, with various hotels medium level or very luxurious, camping and tourist residences with all amenities.

La Corniche-Prado, the quiet area

Area la Corniche-Meadow is another of the best areas to stay in Marseille. It is ideal if you want quiet seaside vacation and enjoy the maritime environment that this place offers.

Walk the walk of the Corniche-MeadowIt is one of the best attractions that the Tourists by Marseilles. You can enjoy 5 kilometers of road parallel to the sea, with unique views of the medieval castle of If and Frioul islands.

Along the walk, you can also observe the tide gauge, dating from the eleventh century and beautiful mansions and villas, many of them built by merchants during the XNUMXth century. Among them, the Valmer and Château Berger villas.

But there is no doubt that the charm of the Corniche-Prado, It's the little one fishing port de Valley of the Auffes. Here remain a lot of local boats docked alongside colorful houses in its surroundings.

Corniche-Meadow It also offers various restaurants, where you can delight in dishes of fresh seafood and fish, together with local specialties, such as bouillabaisse. This area also hosts Our Lady of the Guard, a fabulous catholic basilica of Byzantine influence and one of the tourist places most important Marseilles. 

El Valmer Park, is another site that constitutes a great green lung endowed with many gardens. El lodging en the Corniche-Prado is very varied, offering you hotels of various categories and rooms for rent with all services.

Euromed-La Joliette, the busy area

Area Euromed-La Joliette It is one of the best known of Marseilles, due to the large movement of people that is observed daily by their streets.

Euromed-La Joliette It is located just north of the Old Port. Being of Oceanfront, offers its Visitantes fabulous views. The square of the Joliette It is a very busy place and you must visit necessarily in this area.

This plaza is communicated with the Euromed-La Joliette town center. In addition, it houses one of the markets most important Marseilles, where you will find a great variety of articles. In this area you can also get to know the business centers Euromed, Marseille docks and the big ones monuments of interest, such as Cathedral.

Euromed-La Joliette has a nice terrace, from which you can enjoy the best views of the Old Port. If you love shopping, you should visit the mall Les Terraces du Port. There you will find the best products of French and international brands.

La accommodation offer en Euromed-La Joliette It is very spacious and very luxurious, being this one the best areas to stay in Marseille, both for tourists who like the urban environmentas for those who enjoy being surrounded by Mar.

Le Panier, local and multicultural

Area Le Panier offers local and multicultural atmosphere, due to the large number of immigrants from various parts of Europe, who work as fishermen and shipowners In the area.

Le Panier is the area oldest from the city of Marseilles and it is located behind the Town hall. En Le Panier you can find many places of interest, such as the valuable architectural jewel Old woman Charity, a museum made up of the archeology and African art.

You can also visit the Mayor Cathedral, Place des Treize Cantons with its fabulous bars and the famous chocolate shop of Basket, la Place de Lenche, the pottery workshop Sardine d'Argile and the pretty Place des Moulins.

In this area you can see the ornate houses bright colors, vintage shopsworkshops craft traditional (like Sneaky) y shops where they sell typical products like soap Marseilles. The best known is The Great Savonnerie.

In addition, Tourists can enjoy the bars, cafes and restaurants of the area, being a cultural attraction, peaceful and relaxed, for the enjoyment of all visitors.

La accommodation offer en Le Panier It is a little more limited than in other areas, but it is a good choice to Lodge if you are looking for something quiet and you want to know the lifestyle from Marseille.

La Canebière, one of the most expensive

La Canebiere it's one of the most parts costly city, but it is located between the best areas to stay in Marseille.

Here you will observe a luxurious and elegant city, with lodging options high level, offering excellence services for all visitors. The area of La Canebiere presents the most commercial streets of the city, as they are rue Paradis, rue de Rome and rue Saint Ferréol.

La Canebiere it has places of much touristic interest, which can not miss on your visit for Marseilles. Here you can see the Great theater, Marseille Opera el Stock Exchange Palace and the church neo-gothic Retired.

This area has the main artery from the city of Marseilles, where you can appreciate the splendor of the ancient yellowish buildings from the city. Here you can also find various business that famous people sell handmade soaps de Marseilles, popular for their elaboration based on different vegetable oils.

This artery is also home to fabulous palaces, highlighting the Stock Exchange, created by Napoleon III 150 years ago. Don't miss the great appeal it presents the canebiere, with the pretty decor their manor houses, great palaces with great beauty, the magnificent cafes, warehouses diverse, stores prestigious and the best restaurants.

What if accommodation it is about, La Canebiere You have various options, such as hotels, apartments and residences for all kinds of tourists.

The 9 best hotels to stay in Marseille

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Accommodation in Marseille

Thinking of booking a hotel in Marseille? You will surely find a room that fits what you are looking for. There are numerous hotel chains that offer the best accommodation options in the largest city in southern France. Which hotel do you want?

Hotels in the center of Marseille

Marseille is a city that combines the historical culture of some of its buildings with the atmosphere of a great metropolis. Therefore, in its streets we can find elegant cafes and restaurants surrounded by luxurious 5-star hotels and close to the essential Old Port or the old port, such as the Balladins Marseille Saint Charles hotel, the Mercure Marseille Center Vieux Port hotel and the Sofitel Marseille Vieux Port hotel.

If your budget is more focused on other types of hotels in Marseille, accommodation from the accorhotels chain and Ibis hotels are available. These include the Ibis Marseille Castellane hotel, Ibis Marseille Bonneveine Calanque, Ibis Marseille Timone and Ibis budget Marseille Prado, located on the central Avenida del Prado.

Marseille Cheap Hotels

In addition, in the area of Stade VélodromeThere are other cheap hotels such as the Le Corbusier hotel, the Novotel Marseille Center Prado, the Kyriad Marseille Provence hotel or the Adagio Marseille Prado Plage Aparthotel. All of them offer their guests good value for money.

Accommodation in Marseille is suitable for any client and in addition to being located in tourist areas close to points of interest such as the cassis beach and the Prado or the popular Canebière street, are provided with air conditioning services, modern rooms, Wi-Fi connection and, in some of them, a swimming pool. Find the hotel in Marseille that you like best. There are many options!

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