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Best accommodation to sleep in Madrid

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Madrid It is one of those tourist destinations that leaves no one indifferent. The proof is that there are millions and millions of tourists who visit the famous Spanish capital throughout the year regardless of the season.

It doesn't matter if you come from another point of Spain or from outside of it: Madrid has a something that catches you and visiting it is something fascinating. And it is that we are facing one of the European cities with the greatest possibilities at the historical, cultural and artistic.

every little corner of Madrid it exudes its own history, culture, art, character and personality. In addition, the number of restaurants, bars, nightspots and shops for visit in Madrid is wide.

What's more, Madrid It is one of the Spanish cities that offers the greatest cultural offer when we talk about cinema, theater, music, events or museums and exhibitions.

It is also very striking that, being a non-coastal city, enjoy a very fluid tourism during the summer months. Of course, you must take into account than Madrid it is a huge city and that each neighborhood and each area is a world apart compared to others.

However, you will see that each of the neighborhoods and districts Madrid has its own very characteristic idiosyncrasy and personality.

This detail is also very curious; because at the same time, Madrid can boast of being one of the cities in Spain with Mayr cultural heterogeneity across Europe.

And it is that there is much to see in Madrid because it has no waste. For this reason, we want to show you what are the best places to visit Madrid and where you can find the best accommodation during the holiday season.

Without a doubt, the favorite area for tourists who come to visit Madrid is center. And there is no excuse not to get lost in the streets of Madrid center: is where we will find the best and most emblematic areas of the entire city.

From the iconic Puerta del Sol, passing through the huge Gran Vía, Puerta de Alcalá, Atocha and Retiro Park; Madrid has some of the most attractive tourist spots in Spain and throughout Europe.

Also, if your concern is the price of accommodation in hotels in the downtown area you should know that, apart from having a wide range, you will have the lowest prices competitive from almost all of Europe.

In hotel matters, Madrid can boast of having the cheaper hotels that you can find throughout Spain.

Puerta del Sol, truly spectacular

La Puerta del Sol It is spectacular every day of the year. The famous and impressive kilometer zero from which all the radial roads of Spain depart, it is one of the main tourist attractions par excellence and the main favorite meeting point for the people of Madrid.

Furthermore, in the emblematic Puerta del Sol the well-known is located Bear and the Madroño, a true symbol of the Spanish capital.

The Sol area is always full of people at any time of the day and almost seems to have a life of its own. Here and there, you will find a lot of interesting shops of all kinds and large shopping centers such as The English Court or the Fnac.

Furthermore, there are not a few restaurants and cafeterias that you will find everywhere, each one more characteristic and endearing, in which you can stop to have a drink and feel in the company of the always cordial spirit of the people of Madrid.

The Puerta del Sol, you just have to walk a little to get into the fascinating Madrid of the Austrias or to finish in front of the fantastic Museo del Prado and being just a few minutes from the imposing Retirement park.

We are talking about an impressive and extensive wooded area, which always seems to have an intense, indelible green colour.

Undoubtedly, one of the wonders of Madrid: a small garden of Eden embedded in the middle of everything in the characteristic metropolitan landscape of the capital.

The Madrid of the Austrians, monumental

El Madrid of the Austrias happens to be the most monumental of the Spanish capital. In addition, the oldest neighborhood in the entire city is located here: Madrid's old town It is quite a cultural historical spectacle.

The main points of interest that you must visit yes or yes, are the Royal Palace, Plaza Mayor, Almudena Cathedral and Plaza de la Villa. In addition, you can lose yourself in its labyrinthine cobbled streets that emanate their own personality, and visit an endless number of very characteristic small churches.

In this neighborhood full of unique history and charm, you can also find countless tapas bars and restaurants great quality at great prices.

In addition, the area is one of the best for drink something at night, as it is always very lively regardless of the time.

The Latina neighborhood and its tapas bars

La Latina is very close to the Tirso de Molina square and a few minutes from the well-known district of Lavapies. Main square It is also located a few meters from La Latina.

In any case, La Latina enjoy having many tapas bars where it's always great to get lost for a while. As a general rule, it is one of the favorite places of the people of Madrid to spend the afternoon and evening on Sundays.

In addition, very close to there, is where the Trace of Madrid every Sunday morning and where there is a great atmosphere full of people.

Huertas, the neighborhood of letters

It is one of the neighborhoods that major cultural interest They own the entire city of Madrid. In this neighbourhood, personalities as legendary as Cervantes, Quevedo or Lope de Vega.

One of the things that most attracts the attention of the orchard neighborhood, is that there is always a lot of nightlife.

The emblematic neighborhood of Madrid letters, is one of the best to go out for a drink at night in good company. The number of good restaurants and cafes in the neighborhood is innumerable: there is a good range of options to choose from and at reasonable prices. excellent .

Best of all, it is just a few minutes from Sol or Madrid de los Austrias. One of the advantages of Madrid center, is that you can walk to almost any district.

The charming area of ​​the Prado Museum

We are facing one of the areas of greatest interest and cultural claim in all of Spain. All this area that embraces the area of ​​the Prado Museum, Atocha, Recoletos, Cortes, and others, so it becomes one of the most recommended if you are visiting Madrid.

In it, you can visit not only the Museo del Prado, you also have the Reina Sofía Museum very close and the Thyssen Museum next to.

Other points of interest are the Congress of Deputies, the Botanical Garden and areas to go out for a drink in the neighborhoods of Chueca and Huertas.

Plaza de España and Gran Vía, the popular

Without a doubt, this is one of the most popular areas of Madrid where you can find an unbeatable offer in terms of entertainment it means: Gran Vía and Plaza de España are full of cinemas and theaters, in which to drop to enjoy the artistic atmosphere so characteristic of Madrid life.

For its part, the Gran Via andIt is one of the streets with the most history in all of Madrid and is surrounded by all kinds of businesses, shops and restaurants.

Also, in this area you can find the cheapest hotels and where you can stay during the days you are visiting.

The Chueca neighborhood, modern and trendy

Chueca is a neighborhood that is very close to Gran Vía. It is one of the most modern and fashionable of the entire city of Madrid. Its streets are always full of life and there is a lively atmosphere at any time of the day.

Plus, it's packed with shops, bars and cafes the most unique and original. It is well worth going around and having a drink there.

It is very close to its neighboring neighborhood, Malasaña, which enjoys a very lively nightlife during the weekends and, sometimes, also on weekdays.

Malasaña neighborhood, artistic and bohemian

It is very difficult to talk about Chueca neighborhood to say nothing of Malasana neighborhood, basically, because they are practically overlapped with respect to each other.

The most characteristic from malasana is, without a doubt, the atmosphere artistic and bohemian that breathes through each of its corners.

As a general rule, it is one of the favorite places for young people and not so young to go out to drink something at night.

Chamberí district, elegant and sophisticated

We are facing one of the most elegant and sophisticated Madrid. The neighborhood is in the area of Arguelles/Moncloa and is characterized by being a very quiet and excellently cared for area.

Its streets are made up of wide avenues through which it is a joy to walk. In them, in addition, we can find numerous art galleries and exhibitions.

Of course, as usual in every corner of Madrid, There is no shortage of high-quality restaurants and cafes.

The area of ​​Argüelles and Moncloa

Moncloa is slightly away from the center and, apart from the Moncloa Palace and the Ciudad Universitaria areaThere isn't much else to see either.

Area Argüelles, on the other hand, is more crowded and is crossed by the princess street, which leads directly to Gran Vía and Sol.

The Parque del Oeste and the Temple of Debod, are some of the tourist attractions to highlight in this district of Madrid.

The multicultural neighborhood of Lavapiés

Lavapies It becomes one of the Madrid districts that enjoys the greatest multiculturalism of the entire city of Madrid. In that sense, we are going to find a multitude of commercial stalls with products from many countries and Arab, Indian and countless other countries restaurants.

Although it is true that a few years ago it was one of the most controversial sites and where there was some danger at certain times of the day, nowadays things have changed a lot. and it is a very safe neighborhood. Moreover, to this day, it is one of the trendy neighborhoods of Madrid and one of the favorites of the people of Madrid.

In addition, the neighborhood has enough artistic activity and it doesn't matter what time you walk through its streets: they are always overflowing with people. It is a very lively neighborhood with a lot of life.

The Barrio de Salamanca, elegant and exclusive

Of all the neighborhoods and areas of Madrid, we could almost say that the Salamanca district of the city of Madrid becomes one of the most elegant and exclusive. Its streets abound with all kinds of first-class shops and stores that offer articles and products of very good quality.

This neighborhood is where the so-called Madrid Golden Mile, since it is one of the most expensive areas of the city. Generally is a quiet neighborhood and, in certain areas, exclusively residential areas predominate.

The 9 best hotels to stay in Madrid

Other destinations in Spain that may interest you

What accommodation to choose to visit Madrid?

The great advantage that the city of Madrid has is that it enjoys a huge hotel offer throughout the year, so it is relatively easy to find accommodation in hotels, pensions and hostels of all kinds and within reach of all budgets.

Without a doubt, you will find from luxurious rooms in 5 star hotels, to modest stays in hostels and pensions They come out at a very good price per night.

The best of all is that, if we compare with other European cities, we will see that staying in hotels in Madrid is cheap. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why the Spanish capital is chosen by a large number of tourists who come from outside and from within the country.

Prices are usually around $50 in the case of hotels 3 stars hotel. In the case of hotels 4 stars hotel, it is normal to find prices that are between the 70 and 80 euros. for the hotels of 5 stars hotel, prices already tend to rise to around the 90 or 100 euros.

What cheap accommodation can be found in Madrid?

Although as a general rule, prices are usually affordable in Madrid hotels, in the case of looking for really low prices, it is possible to find modest pensions and hostels at very cheap prices. The most usual thing is that the prices that we will find oscillate between 15 and 25 euros per night.

It is also possible to find hostels and shared rooms for extraordinarily low prices. We are talking about an outlay that will barely reach $10 per night In both cases, they are usually the usual prices in full center of Madrid.

Holiday apartment rentals in Madrid

Rent an apartment when we visit Madrid It is usually a somewhat atypical option, however, it is true that opting for this alternative will allow us to enjoy a comfort and privacy much greater than the case of a hotel.

In this sense, we can find ourselves with a generous offer of apartments that their private owners put up for rent during the vacation period.

always a good idea rent an apartment to gain economic savings and to be able to enjoy a holiday stay a little longer homely, since it will give you the possibility of being able to cook as you please and have a much larger space than that which a hotel room can offer.

In addition, as soon as you take a look on the internet, you will see that there are many individuals who offer their apartment in Madrid for more than competitive prices.

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