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Budget Inn Hollywood
 Double Room from 53 EUR

Studio City Court Yard Hotel
 Double Room from 55 EUR

Hollywood Inn Express South
 Double Room from 60 EUR

The Georgian Hotel
 Room from 36 EUR

Mosaic Hotel Beverly Hills
 Room from 36 EUR

The Delphi Hotel
 Room from 37 EUR

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  • It has heating
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  • Perfect for two people
  • Adapted for people with reduced mobility
  • offers gym
  • In the best area of ​​Los Angeles

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Los Angeles, known as the "City of Angels" and home to the world's largest entertainment industry, It is a tourist destination that attracts millions of visitors every year.

With its sunny weather, beautiful beaches, exciting nightlife, cultural attractions and a vibrant food scene, Los Angeles offers an experience like no other for those looking to explore and enjoy all that this diverse city has to offer.

Surrounded by mountains and the Pacific Ocean, Los Angeles offers a wide variety of outdoor activities. You can enjoy the beaches of Santa Monica and Venice Beach, surfing in Malibu, hiking in the Hollywood Hills, or just relaxing under the california sun

In addition, the city is home to a wide selection of theme parks, such as Universal Studios Hollywood and Disneyland, which guarantee fun for the whole family.

When it comes to culture, Los Angeles is home to numerous renowned museums, such as the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) and the Getty Center, where you can appreciate works of art from different periods and styles.

The city has a thriving theater and music scene, with a wide range of broadway shows, concerts and festivals that attract artists and art lovers from all over the world.

Los Angeles offers a wide variety of lodging options for satisfy all tastes and preferences.

From the luxury and glamor of Beverly Hills to the laid-back atmosphere of Venice Beach, each area has its own unique charm and characteristics.

We hope this guide help you choose the area that best suits your needs and allows you to fully enjoy your stay in the wonderful city of Los Angeles. Happy journey!

Hollywood dreams come true

In Hollywood, dreams come true and the magic of cinema becomes palpable. This iconic area of ​​Los Angeles is known around the world for being the heart of the film industry.

Staying in Hollywood It is a unique experience that will immerse you in the atmosphere of movie stars and iconic places of fame.

From the famous Walk of Fame, where the stars of your favorite actors and actresses are embedded in the sidewalks, to the iconic Grauman's Chinese TheaterHome to countless movie premieres, Hollywood is the place to be for those who want to be close to the action.

Stay in Hollywood will give you the opportunity to be close to major movie studios, which means that you could have the possibility to see closely some production in progress or even meet some movie star.

The excitement and energy felt in Hollywood is contagious and will immerse you in the unique atmosphere of the entertainment mecca.

West Hollywood, fun and nightlife

West Hollywood is known as the epicenter of fun. and nightlife in Los Angeles. This lively area is a popular destination for both locals and visitors looking to enjoy a vibrant and energetic experience.

Staying in West Hollywood will allow you to immerse yourself in a mix of fashion, entertainment and world-class dining.

This area It is famous for its lively nightlife, and with a lots of bars, clubs and discos that offer a wide variety of musical styles and atmospheres.

If you are a lover of live music, West Hollywood is the place for you. Here you will find numerous venues with live performances, where you can enjoy local and international bands in an intimate and exciting atmosphere.

Beverly Hills, luxury and exclusivity

Beverly Hills is synonymous with luxury and exclusivity in Los Angeles. This prestigious area is known around the world for its impressive mansions, designer shops and elegant lifestyle. TOstaying in Beverly Hills will give you a luxurious experience and will allow you to immerse yourself in an environment of sophistication.

One of the main attractions of Beverly Hills is its iconic shopping street, Rodeo Drive. Here you will find a selection of luxury boutiques, where the most exclusive brands exhibit their creations.

From fashion and jewelry to luxury items, Rodeo Drive is a shopper's paradise for those looking for high-end items and exclusivity.

Staying in Beverly Hills will allow you to live like a star, since many renowned hotels are located in this area. These hotels offer first-class service, luxurious facilities and exclusive amenities to provide you with an unforgettable experience during your stay in Los Angeles.

Downtown LA, the heart of the city

Downtown LA is the vibrant heart of the city of Los Angeles. This central area is a melting pot of culture, history and modernity that offers a unique experience to those who decide to stay there.

One of the highlights of Downtown LA is its impressive skyline of skyscrapers. Here you will find iconic buildings such as the US Bank Tower and the imposing City Hall building. These towering structures bear witness to the growth and development of Los Angeles over the years, and provide spectacular panoramic views of the city from their observation decks.

Downtown LA is also known for its rich history. Here you will find numerous historical buildings that have been carefully preserved, like the Bradbury Building and the Orpheum Theatre. These buildings tell fascinating stories and offer a glimpse into the city's past.

The El Pueblo district of Los Angeles, considered the birthplace of the city, home to many historical monumentslike the Church of Our Lady the Queen of the AngelsKnown as La Placita, and Casa Avila, dating from the Spanish colonial era.

Staying in Downtown LA will allow you being close to numerous tourist attractions and have easy access to museums, restaurants and nightlife. The diversity of accommodation options in this area is wide, from boutique hotels to modern apartments.

Westwood, with a student atmosphere

Westwood is a charming area of ​​Los Angeles that It is characterized by its student atmosphere. home of the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), this vibrant and youthful area offers a unique experience for those who want to immerse themselves in student life and enjoy a lively environment.

One of Westwood's most prominent features is its famous shopping street, westwood village. Here you will find a wide variety of shops, boutiques, cafes and restaurants that cater to students and the local community.

From vintage clothing stores to specialized bookstores, Westwood Village is a perfect place to walk, shop and enjoy a relaxed and bohemian atmosphere.

Nightlife in Westwood is also lively, with bars and clubs attracting students and locals alike. From bars with live music to karaoke places and nightclubs, there are options for all tastes and preferences.

The jovial atmosphere and diversity of options make Westwood a popular destination forFor those looking to have fun and enjoy the company of friends.

Staying in Westwood gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the student atmosphere and take advantage of the many activities and events that take place in the area.

Santa Monica, beach and beyond

Santa Monica is one of the most popular waterfront areas in Los Angeles and stands out for its relaxed atmosphere and its wide range of attractions. With its beautiful beach, its iconic pier and its lively promenade, Santa Monica offers a wonderful experience for those seeking enjoy the sun, the sea and the entertainment.

Lhe beach of Santa Monica is the main attraction of the area. With its long stretch of golden sand and blue waters, it is the perfect place to relax, sunbathe and enjoy water activities such as surfing and paddleboarding.

Stroll along the Santa Monica Pier will allow you to enjoy stunning ocean views, explore shops and restaurants, and hop on the iconic Ferris wheel in Pacific Park, where you can enjoy exciting attractions and panoramic views.

The Santa Monica Boardwalk is a real gem, full of life and activity. Here you will find a mix of street performers, street vendors and a wide variety of souvenir shops and food joints.. You can ride a bike, skate or just walk while you enjoy the festive and relaxed atmosphere of the area.

If you are looking for a relaxed atmosphere but with a touch of fun and entertainment, Santa Monica is the perfect place to stay. The area has a wide selection of hotels, from beachfront options to boutique accommodations in the city center.

LAX, Los Angeles airport

LAX, Los Angeles International Airport, it is one of the busiest airports in the world and a gateway to the city of Los Angeles. The area surrounding the airport, known as LAX, offers a convenient location for those looking to be close to the airport and enjoy comfort during your stay.

Staying in the LAX area it is ideal if you have an early flight in the morning, a long layover or you just want to be close to the airport for convenience.

Numerous hotels are located in the vicinity of LAX and Do they offer airport shuttle services?, which facilitates your travels.

The LAX location also gives you the advantage of quick access to major highways and public transportation routes, allowing you to easily explore other areas of Los Angeles.

While LAX itself is not a tourist area, it is within a reasonable distance of popular attractions like Venice Beach, Santa Monica and downtown Los Angeles.

Chinatown, neighborhood of oriental culture

Chinatown in Los Angeles It is a colorful and vibrant neighborhood that invites you to immerse yourself in the rich oriental culture. This unique cultural enclave offers a fascinating experience for those who want to explore and enjoy tradition, the history and delicious food of Chinese culture.

One of the highlights of Chinatown is its authenticity and the opportunity to explore Chinese culture first hand. You'll find shops selling traditional handicrafts such as porcelain teapots, silk fans and beautiful works of art.

You can also find traditional chinese medicine, herbal medicine and natural products used in traditional Chinese medicine.

Staying near Chinatown also offers the advantage of being close to other Los Angeles tourist attractions, like downtown and the arts district. This makes it easy to explore the city and combine your visit to Chinatown with other popular destinations.

Venice beach, bohemian atmosphere

Venice Beach is a coastal gem in Los Angeles that stands out for its laid-back, bohemian vibe. With its unique mix of beach, street art and alternative culture, Venice Beach offers a unique experience for those looking to immerse themselves in a creative and lively environment.

venice beach It is the epicenter of the action in this area. With its wide strip of sand, it is the perfect place to relax in the sun, enjoy water activities or simply take a walk while enjoying the sea breeze.

One of the highlights of Venice Beach It is its famous promenade, known as Ocean Front Walk you'll find a vibrant mix of surf shops, vintage clothing stores, art galleries, and food stalls.

You can walk along the promenade and enjoy the creativity and color of street art that adorns the walls and public spaces.

Staying near Venice Beach will give you the opportunity to fully enjoy its relaxed and bohemian atmosphere. You'll find a variety of accommodation options, from boutique hotels to beachfront apartments, allowing you to immerse yourself in the authenticity and laid-back lifestyle of the area.

Pasadena, historic charm

Pasadena is a lovely city located near Los Angeles offering a quiet atmosphere, historic charm and beautiful grounds. With its rich history, impressive architecture and an abundance of green space, Pasadena is the ideal location for those seeking a relaxing and culturally enriching experience.

One of the most prominent features of Pasadena is its beautiful gardens. The Huntington Botanical Garden is a must-see destination, which has an extensive collection of exotic plants and flowers from around the world.

Here you can stroll through themed gardens, explore greenhouses and marvel at the beauty of chinese and japanese gardens. Another highlight is the Descanso Gardens, an oasis of tranquility with shaded walkways, ponds and an impressive variety of plants and flowers.

Pasadena is also known for its cultural scene. The Pasadena Museum of Art houses an impressive collection of European and American art, while the Norton Simon Museum displays masterpieces by artists including Van Gogh, Picasso and Rembrandt.

Staying in Pasadena will give you the opportunity to enjoy the tranquility and the historical charm of the city, while allowing you easy access to other Los Angeles attractions. The city has a selection of boutique hotels and bed & breakfasts They reflect the character and beauty of the area.

The 9 best hotels to stay in Los Angeles

Other destinations in the United States that may interest you

Luxury hotels in downtown Los Angeles

Movie stars on the streets, exclusive boutiques, how can there not be luxury hotels in downtown Los Angeles? The DoubleTree by Hilton Los Angeles Downtown It is one of the most popular in the city due to its fabulous gardens and common spaces, ideal for any event or celebration.

The four stars of Westin Bonaventure Hotel & Suites They do not disappoint either, and they are also located near the Pacific Stock Exchange and the Los Angeles Convention Center, making them an ideal starting point for discovering the city. And how about staying in the Millennium Biltmore Hotel Los Angeles? 683 rooms of pure luxury on the corner of Fifth and Grand, in the artistic and financial heart of the city.

Cheap hotels in downtown Los Angeles

And if you have a tight budget? No problem, because in Los Angeles you will find hotels for all budgets. For example, him Ramada LA Convention Center hotel is one of cheap hotels in downtown Los Angeles most popular for its excellent value for money and for being just a short walk from the Los Angeles Convention Center and Staples Center.

El kawada hotel It is a great option for those looking to stay in Los Angeles on a budget. Perched at the corner of Hill Street and 2nd Street, you'll have the Disney Concert Hall and Music Center within easy reach.

3-star hotels in Los Angeles

The three-star hotels in Los Angeles They are usually the ones with the greatest tourist demand thanks to their reasonable prices and the balanced quality of their facilities. Find an affordable hotel with us, the best available offer and take advantage of the best promotions on the market to reserve your three-star hotel in Los Angeles.

Hotels in this category have a series of more than reasonable services, such as the Internet, which is really very useful when traveling to calculate the itineraries to be done on site. In addition, the three-star hotels usually present a design between avant-garde and classic that pleases all kinds of clients and always at very reasonable prices.

Thanks to our huge database you will be able to find the three-star hotels in Los Angeles that best meet your expectations and make your reservation without waiting, without wasting time. Your three-star hotel in Los Angeles is already waiting for you.

4-star hotels in Los Angeles

In our records you have hundreds of accommodations among which you can find the four-star hotels in Los Angeles that interest you the most, at the best market price. Our specialized search engine will help you find the cheapest offers for four-star hotels.

A four-star hotel proposes a high level of quality in its services, since they govern standards with a high level of demand. The accommodations in this category are usually located in the downtown area, or in places with good communication to facilitate the tourist visits that they have planned. The four-star hotels in Los Angeles are defined by their excellence and their design, remarkable even if it can sometimes seem sober.

A four-star hotel in Los Angeles usually has Internet service and a sports room, as well as a restaurant and various leisure areas. With our cheap hotel search engine you will be able to discover four-star hotels in Los Angeles on sale and at the most interesting prices on the market.

5-star hotels in Los Angeles

Our hotel locator will allow you to locate five-star hotels in Los Angeles at a very affordable price and with the cheapest promotions on the market.

Five-star hotels are the highest category and luxury. There are accommodations of this category in all cities of the world and for this reason we have numerous five-star hotels in Los Angeles in our database, so that you can choose the one that best suits you based on price or its luxurious facilities. In the international tourist language, the five stars of a hotel are equivalent to sophistication, very high quality service and a design that meets the most demanding criteria of the public.

Choose from the more than 500.000 hotels in our database the five-star hotel in Los Angeles that best suits your dreams: there are sophisticated and classy hotels, hotels with all the services and hotels with the best suites. Our cheap hotel search engine allows you to find your five-star hotel in Los Angeles one click away and at the best price.

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