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Greece, with its blue seas, rocky landscapes and large cliffs, always invites us to tourism and adventure. Movies like "Mama Mia”, above all, they are a great incentive to know the coastal area of ​​Greece.

In this case, Lefkada It is a great option to enjoy the best, since it is a dream island located in the Ionian Sea and is connected to the rest of the country through a suspended bridge-type road.

Lefkada is part of the 4 largest islands in the Ionian Sea, with lots of green, citrus fruit fields and an abundance of pine trees. Another peculiarity of this Island is that, due to the earthquakes of 48 and 53, there are very few churches or monuments left to visit.

Therefore, what really allows Lefkada to be a very important tourist place in the country, is the quality of its beaches!

In addition, the area offers a variety of landscapes: white cliffs, cypress forests and a lossless view of the island that Lefkada borders.

In general, it is a very calm island where there is no mass tourism, which invites you to relax among its coastal towns and the small details of simple lives and amazing landscapes. Do you dare to visit it?

This island of vibrant colors and that invites the fun of its visitors, it is a place with many things to do and what to see, as well as attractions to visit.

In that case, if you doubt where to stay in lefkada and which area is better to stay for a few days, that's what we want to talk to you about on this website!

Here we have listed from the most popular destinations in Lefkada, to other less recognized areas so you can decide where to sleep in Lefkada depending on the purpose of your trip, your budget and the number of people with whom you attend… Let's go to them!

Lefkada city, the formidable capital

Also known as Lefkada Town, is not only the capital, but also the first destination you land at just after crossing the bridge over the sea, which connects the island with the rest of the country.

Therefore, it is a very touristy area and full of places to visit by excellence. Precisely because Lefkada is a quiet destination with no demand for mass tourism, its greatest attraction is concentrated in the main city.

Also, it is only a few 20 minutes from the airport, so it is also the closest place to where flights land. For this reason, it is the area par excellence for stay in Lefkada.

Thanks to this, there are numerous accommodation offers in Lefkada city, ranging from boutique hotels, to villas, apartments and very exclusive and beautiful beach accommodation spaces that will captivate you.

Now, this is one of the areas with the most historical destinations: museums, castles, monasteries, a large marina, restaurants of local food, bars and many iconic places. Nevertheless, does not have its own beaches.

Therefore, to enjoy a day of sun and sand you must go to Agios beach, which is the closest aquatic destination. Despite that, it is the place where you will find more accommodation offers in Lefkada.

Lygia, a family city

This is one very intimate and cozy coastal village which is to the left of the road that leads to the island. It is very close to the city of Lefkada - only about 5-6 kilometers away - so it has an excellent connection to the capital and its tourist centers.

Due to the inhabitants that compose them and the idiosyncrasy of the place, it is a space where the accommodation of villas, inns, and family spaces are common. Ligia is usually the ideal place for families with children to find a accommodation in Lefkada.

Although the places are very picturesque, they leave aside the luxuries of 5-star hotels, to transmit a more real experience, with the typical cultures of the island, and with many appropriate services so that the whole family finds activities that they enjoy.

Lygia has a crystal clear beach, moderate flow of people, and calm waters so there is no panic of accidents. In addition, it has a landscape full of colorful villas, a lot of green and a large number of local restaurants.

It is a city without many cultural attractions, being a zone of excellent beaches, some activities you can do with guides, and a quite picturesque local market to buy souvenirs for the rest of your family and friends.

The really important thing to consider stay in lygia, it is the tranquility that you can obtain, the local experience and the intimacy of the town; plus, it's only a 15-minute drive to the capital.

Nikiana, the quiet fishing village

Nikiana is a common destination for quiet retreats and accommodations. It is a place where its beaches, although with many tourists and bathers, do not have shops and chairs (due to the low demand from tourists), so it is a space to spread out a blanket and live a simple experience.

It has a number of cypresses and trees where you can take shade, but in general it is a natural experience and full of an encounter with the essential. For this reason, this area is chosen for spiritual retreats or vacations with total disconnection.

Nikiana it is chosen by many tourists to have a very quiet experience in cozy villas, buying their own products in nearby shops along the road or having a change in some fish restaurants.

The advantage of stay in Nikiana is that it offers an authentic natural experience: swimming at the beach, enjoying the scenery, watching the fishermen at work, hiking and walking around.

Additionally, Nikiana offers a connection port to many beaches in all directions. For that reason, staying in Lefkada by choosing Nikiana as a destination, it is an opportunity to enjoy a quiet experience in a central location.

Nidri, fun destination

Don't is destination with more tourists when staying in Lefkada. Although it is not the first place to enter the island (like the city of Lefkada), it owes its popularity to offering a wide range of places to go, shops, restaurants and bars.

The plans never end in this town, and it is that you will get everything from supermarkets, to ATMs, travel agencies, car rentals, local and international restaurants, as well as everything you are looking for... It is a modern area!

Nidri is postulated as a fairly complete place for the tourist has everything he needs when staying in Lefkada, and that also has attractions to do in your free time.

For this reason, the beaches of Nidri are also a very important point: they have a blue flag (approved in terms of their services and environmental quality), restaurants, shops, bars and activities to do with the family.

In addition, it is ideal thanks to the offers to browse starting from its bay, enjoying the first level Greek landscape.

 For that reason the accommodations are numerous and spread throughout the island, with high-end hotels being the most common.

Yenion (Geni), the town of yachts

It is a zone with multiple names: Yenion, Geni or Genion, belonging to Lefkada Island and located less than 5 kilometers from Nidri, but with totally opposite characteristics: while Nidri is the cosmopolitan of the region, Yenion is an area of ​​boats and ships.

is chosen by tourists who like sailing, drive boats, do activities such as kayaking, and in general, have contact with maritime transport. Therefore, Yenion has open bays only for the use of yachts and other boats.

The starting point for these is vylcho bay, an ideal space so that all those who wish to do marine life can do so without problems. This, without neglecting the views full of green and the entire spaces of curtains of tree leaves.

Jenion does not have beaches as we know them, but rather an extensive sea that has a sports center for sailing. For this reason, we recommend choosing this destination to stay in Lefkada if you want to rent a boat and travel in it.

The best part is your intimate connection with Nidri: You can choose a hotel in Vylcho, enjoy experiences at sea and when you want to drive to the neighboring city to have cultural experiences or buy in various supermarkets.

Vlycho, a beautiful little town

Vlycho is a nice town in Lefkada situated in the Ionian Islands region of Greece. This area offers a wonderful beach, a natural port, a traditional settlement and a beautiful bay.

Locations near Vlycho include the Town of Charadiatika and the settlement of Genion. Therefore, it is an ideal area to find out about nearby destinations, find good hotels and enjoy the excellent weather.

Mikros Gialos, full of towns and beaches

This zone offers formidable beaches. For example, inside the town of Poros you will find the beach Mikros Gialo (Poros Beach), known for having a blue flag and having a wide range of services to enjoy the turquoise water and the sun on your skin.

From loungers to chairs and various tents, they will be available for you to have shade and a place to relax. It also has restaurants around, bars, and lots employment offers so that you have a unique experience.

En Mikros Gialo there are water activities to choose if you go as a friend, or if children attend with you, having options of playgrounds and alternatives with the well-being of all in mind.

Despite being a quiet city, it is quite complete to choose at bedtime in Lefkada, with an infinity of towns and destinations to discover. The landscape is marked by the mountain range of fishing villages, which makes it a very picturesque area.

The best thing is its variety of accommodations: either hotels, villas, or campsites, you will be able to enjoy an area to reside as a tourist, adapting to your travel needs and your budget.

Sivota, ideal for sailing

this is another destination dedicated to lovers of yachts, boats, speedboats, and all kinds of maritime vessels. It also has a sports center that invites the meeting of captains or fans of the sea.

However, what sets Sivota apart from other areas to stay in Lefkada is its elegance, beauty in all its surroundings, and the sophisticated air it offers visitors.

In addition, it has a sand and pebble beach, as well as a quite colorful port, flowery and full of many attractions that are very striking to the eye. It also has a wide range of restaurants, bars, shops and bakeries.

Sivota It is an area of ​​great attributes and in each of its corners you will get the best fish restaurants from Lefkada.

Therefore, the options to stay in Sivota are many: hotels, luxury villas and glamping. However, they need reservation in advance.

Vasiliki, perfect for windsurfing

Although it is a small town, it has all the conditions, ecosystem and climate for lovers of windsurf; that makes many foreign athletes or residents of surrounding areas choose Vasiliki.

It is also an attractive focus for tourists interested in enjoying the beaches of Greece, which is why it is the main area as a destination when deciding where to stay in Lefkada.

The visiting public Vasiliki is mostly young, in couples or small groups of friends, which is why activities such as kite surfing are also possible, as well as night life, the bars and the awakened essence and funny.

The accommodations are varied: apartments, villas, hotels or camping ideal for those adventurers who want to live a complete experience.

Athani, very well located rural town

Athani is a little inhabited place (It is believed that there are only 250 inhabitants living in the area) in the middle of a mountainous area with very white cliffs. Therefore, it is that it boasts an imposing nature and full of much attraction.

Athani is a coastal town, but has an exceptional location: It is only 3,5 kilometers from beaches such as Gialos, Egremni or Porto Katsiki.

It is a alternative to sleep in Lefkada, considering that it is much cheaper than the capital or more crowded and luxurious cities. The accommodation proposal is boutique hotels, apartments and villas for rent.

Agios Nikitas, ideal for the honeymoon

This island city is quite sought after and can even be said to be a popular destination. Although everyone is welcome and some families choose it, it is a destination that is focused on couples.

Agios Nikitas It has a wide range of forests, cypresses, and first-class green landscapes. But, in addition, it has an excellent location for both the capital and the airport

Therefore, it is preferred to be in an area surrounded by coast, but without straying too far from the city center.

It is a cosmopolitan city and full of a large number of offers from restaurants, bars, supermarkets and even ATMs and other places so that nothing is left unattended.

La activity in Agios Nikitas is daytime mostly, because nightlife is done in the city of Lefkada.

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