The best areas to stay in Hamburg

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Best accommodation to sleep in Hamburg

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Discuss Hamburg, is to refer to one of the most beautiful and interesting cities in Germany and around the world.

This city is located in the north germany (at the confluence of the Alster and Bille rivers), being one of the most recognized in the country, offering great charm to both residents and tourists who visit it every year.

Hamburg It stands out for its innumerable canals, green areas, monuments and of course its striking port (known as the Door of the World), being one of the most important worldwide.

If you have a visit to this beautiful city planned and you are looking for the best places to stay in hamburg, here we will give you the information you need.

Although prices for sleeping in Hamburg can be a bit high, especially in the city center, you should not worry because also you can find excellent and cheap hotels in other well recognized areas.

In this case, the best areas to stay in Hamburg They are: Altstadt, Neustadt, Altona, Wandsbek, St. Pauli, St. Georg, Hafencity, and Harvestehude and Rotherbaum.

All of them offer various accommodation options that adapt to your requirements and budget. If you want to know more details, stay with us until the end.

Next, we will talk about the Best places to stay in Hamburg.

The center (Altsdat), the best area of ​​the city

Old town It is a wonderful place that is located in the Hamburg old town, being one of the best areas to stay in the city.

There you will be able to know the oldest monuments in the country, among which the city ​​hall building with a neo-baroque facade and the rathaus building, which houses the Parliament and the Senate.

In this area you can also find the renowned churches of St. Petri and St. JacobiSeveral museums, top pubs, restaurants and shops de Hamburg

En Old town You can also know the krameramtswohnungen, some typical wooden houses from the XNUMXth century, and which today allow us to understand everything related to commerce in the city.

If you want to stay in full center very close to all the tourist attractions and urban life of Hamburg, definitely Old town It is one of the best areas to stay.

As for accommodation pricesAs in all old areas of major cities, they tend to be higher than in other neighborhoods. On Old town, the average price of hotels is € 100-150 per night.

Neustadt, the modern and commercial area

Neustadt It is located west of the old town and is one of the neighborhoods most modern and commercial in Hamburg, offering many new construction buildings and offices, as well as renowned shops and places to party in the evenings.

En Neustadt you will know some very interesting buildings, among which the church of san miguel with its baroque façade, a panoramic platform and a huge clock.

In this area also highlights the hamburg museum  State Opera, the castle Hambach Castle, the vineyard Weingut Haerle-Kerth and Otto Dill Museum.

Very close to the Alster lake, you can also stroll along the Jungfernstieg shopping street, which offers many options to eat, shop, play and sleep.

Additionally, this neighborhood is Very well communicated by public transport with other areas of the city.

Neustadt It is one of the most central areas for stay in hamburg, but it is also somewhat expensive (although you will spend a little less than in Old town).

Here you can find hotels with an average of €100 per night.

Altona, the elegant and distinguished neighborhood

Altona It is a district that is located in the western part of Hamburg. Previously, it was known as a merchant neighborhood and today it is one of the most distinguished and elegant of this German city.

This neighborhood is located in a very privileged area and offers tourists the best views of the port, as well as many places of interest to visit.

In this area you will get Renowned shops, luxurious homes, green areas, formidable restaurants, bars and cafes, plus some Antique buildings with neoclassical facades.

You can also observe other special places, such as the old fish slice now converted into a spacious concert hall and also a Sunday market offering many types of fish.

Altona It is an ideal area for young people, as it offers a bohemian atmosphere, thus shaping the whole essence of this neighborhood, which draws a lot of attention from visitors.

Additionally, the average price of hotels it is a little lower than in other more central neighborhoods of the city. Even if you book in advance, you can stay in a renowned hotel for € 90 per night.

Wandsbek, the 2nd largest district

Wandsbek is considered the second largest district Hamburg and is divided by the river of the same name, which runs through much of this area.

This district is located in the northeastern part of Hamburg, a little further from the city center, but very well served by public transport: train (line 1), bus (line 36) and metro (line 1).

This very beautiful neighborhood with a particular character offers visitors various places of interest to go for a walk and have fun.

Among them, we have the municipal botanical garden, Slot car racing Center, and amusement parks Goblinstadt, Boulderquartier and Sprung Raum.

The offer of accommodation in Wandsbek may be somewhat lower than in other areas of Hamburg, so you won't have many options to choose from.

But, the great advantage is that hotel prices they are cheaper than in other nearby districts. On WandsbekYou can sleep for about € 70 a night by making your reservation in advance.

St. Pauli, the most popular area

St. Pauli It is located in the Hamburg-Mitte district (very close to Altona) and is considered the most popular area of Hamburg

This area stands out for being full of bars, clubs, concert halls and even diverse brothels, converting to St. Pauli in the most recognized nightlife district of Hamburg

But, if you are a lover of tranquility and art, through the streets of St. Pauli You can also admire some museums (such as the prominent Sankt Pauli Museum), the church of St. Josephskirche, various art Galeries, the monument to Bismarck and Heinrich Hertz Turm (the tallest building in the city).

St. Pauli It is a neighborhood very close to the center of Hamburg (about 3 kilometers), and it is also very well connected by bus (lines 6 and 37).

Therefore, you will find many accommodations with prices affordable. You can even stay in a very acceptable hotel for around € 50 a night.

Although, if you travel as a family or want to spend a few days more relaxed and calm, stay in St. Pauli maybe we are the best option for you.

St Georg, lively and inexpensive

St. Georg is a neighborhood that is a little further from the center of Hamburg (15-20 minutes walk) and it is an excellent area to stay if your budget it is not very wide.

Neighborhood St. George stands out for being multicultural and very lively day or night, offering residents and visitors a wide variety of renowned bars, cafes, boutiques, and shops. In addition, it is considered the gay district of Hamburg. 

Here you can also know the museums Kunsthalle and Deichtorhallen University of Applied SciencesOuter Alster Lake (ideal to enjoy nature) and the Cathedral of Santa María with its 2 towers.

Additionally, the area is very near the main train station, so it communicates very well with other districts.

En St. George You can stay in very nice hotels with a low budget. If you don't want to spend too much and want to stay in a relatively central area, then this neighborhood is the one for you!

Here you will find good accommodations from € 30 per night. We recommend the Central Hotel belétage, Courtyard by Marriott Hamburg City, Hyperion Hotel Hamburg, Generator Hamburg and the Hampton by Hilton Hamburg City Center.

HafenCity, modern and glamorous

HafenCity It is located in the downtown district and is the most modern area of Hamburg You can even see some places that are still under construction.

If you are looking for a different and modern area to stay in Hamburg, without a doubt this neighborhood is an excellent option for you.

Formerly, HafenCity It was considered the port city, but now it is becoming a glamorous area with many shops, parks, establishments and offices.

In addition, you can enjoy the views of the Philharmonic building and Port of Hamburg, in addition to knowing the great theater Kampnagel and Chile house (declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco). 

Another great advantage of HafenCity, without a doubt it is its location close to the urban center of Hamburg Additionally, it is very well connected by bus (line 111) and train (line U4).

HafenCity an excellent area to stay in Hamburg, especially if you want to be in a modern environment and something different from the city center.

But, here the accommodations have a bit high prices, similar to those you find in the old town or in the downtown area of Hamburg En HafenCity, the average price of hotels is around € 100 per night.

Harvestehude and Rotherbaum, residential

Harvestehude and Rotherbaum are 2 residential areas located at west of alster lake. These neighborhoods offer various green areas to visitors and residents, in addition to being notable for their buildings of art nouveau and the campus of the University of Hamburg.

These areas are very safe and quiet, unlike the districts located in the center of the city, for this reason they are very popular among tourists looking to spend a few relaxed days in Germany.

These 2 neighborhoods are somewhat far from the urban center of Hamburg (20-30 minutes walk). However, they are very well connected by bus (line 109) and train (line U1).

Regarding the offer of lodging in Harvestehude and RotherbaumThis is somewhat limited and the prices are not that cheap.

If you want to stay in these residential areas of Hamburg, you will have to pay around 90€ per night in low season and more than 100€ in busy times.

The best hotels to stay in Hamburg

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3-star hotels in Hamburg

Each three-star hotels in Hamburg They are usually the ones with the highest tourist demand due to their reasonable prices and the good quality of their facilities. Find with us a cheap hotel the best available offer and take advantage of the best offers on the market to book your three-star hotel in Hamburg.

Hotels in this category have a series of more than reasonable services, such as Internet, which is really very useful when traveling to calculate the itineraries to be carried out on site. In addition, three-star hotels usually have a design between avant-garde and classic that satisfies all kinds of clients and always at very reasonable prices.

Thanks to our huge database, you will be able to find the three-star hotels in Hamburg that best suit your expectations and book without waiting, without delay. Your three-star hotel in Hamburg is already waiting for you.

4-star hotels in Hamburg

In our database you have hundreds of accommodations among which you can find the four-star hotels in Hamburg that interest you most, at the best market price. Our specialized search system will help you find the best four-star hotel deals.

A four-star hotel proposes a high level of quality in its services, since standards with a high level of exigency govern. The accommodations of this category are usually located in the downtown area, or in places with good communication to facilitate the tourist visits that they have planned.

The four-star hotels in Hamburg stand out for their excellence and design, which is remarkable even though it may sometimes appear austere. A four-star hotel in Hamburg usually has an Internet service and a sports room, as well as a restaurant and various leisure areas. Thanks to our cheap hotel search engine you will be able to find four-star hotels in Hamburg on offer and at the most interesting price on the market.

Hotels in the center of Hamburg

In our database we have a wide set of hotels in the center of Hamburg so you can make the most of your trip, without wasting time on your way. Normally the most interesting areas of a town are in its old town, in the central part.

That is why we have created a filter that selects all the hotels in the center of Hamburg from our database in order to allow you to find the accommodation you are looking for at the lowest price. Our hotel search engine will present you with all the available results ordered according to price, from the most affordable to the most expensive, and all this thanks to this filter, which is able to discover the hotel in the center of Hamburg that interests you the most.

If you want to find your hotel in the center of Hamburg with a specific service, take advantage of the product filters that you can find in the column on the left. Thousands of hotels in the center of Hamburg are waiting for you to choose the one you like best.

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