The best areas to stay in Germany

Find hotels to visit cities in Germany

Germany is a country that offers a wide range of possibilities to anyone who comes to discover its corners. Lush forests, green meadows and fine sandy beaches. High alpine peaks and hidden enigmas behind the Black Forest, contrast with the color of traditional towns and villages or with the intense vitality of modern cities.

Germany has been and is full of life which is reflected in its monuments, museums and art galleries that exude beauty on all four sides. At shows, fairs and street attractions for those looking for fun; or in the elegant clubs with music and typical taverns for those who enjoy the bitter taste of beer.

When is it cheaper to stay in Germany?

If you are traveling to Germany, it would be best to plan your trip around February, as prices are significantly lower than in September - only € 55 per night.

Where do most people stay in Germany?

As you would expect, when visiting Germany, in Berlin more people stay than in any other city.

Which city in Germany has the most expensive hotel rooms?

At € 127 per night, Oberstdorf is the most expensive city in Germany to book a hotel room in. The average price of € 127 is 58% higher than the average per night in the country.

Which city in Germany has the cheapest hotel rooms?

If you want to get the most out of your budget when visiting Germany, consider staying in Berlin. According to our data, Berlin is the cheapest city to stay overnight when you visit Germany, with an average price per night of € 14, it is 85% cheaper than the country's average.

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