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The city of amber, as it is known to Gdansk, is the largest locality port de Poland. Together with Sopot and Gdynia, they form "The Tricity". Gdansk It is located on the southern coast of gdans gulf, On the banks of Motlawa river. It stands out for having a complejo marked by domain Polish and German.

If you visit Gdansk, you will know its fun night life, the diversity of nationalities y cultures, and his medieval architecture with colors flashy. All this makes this port city the best option to stay in Poland. 

Gdansk gastronomy includes traditional ingredients poles, such as semolina, mushrooms, pickles, curdled milk, cabbage, and fermented cucumbers. That is why you can not stop visiting their restaurants and enjoy the traditional polish food.

Moreover, Gdansk It has many places of interest such as Dluga street, where most of the shops, cafes and restaurants from the city. The Neptune statue and Town Hall buildingThey are an icon of the city and you cannot miss visiting them.

If there is a recommended time to visit Gdansk, is between the months of May to September, when the city presents a Fresh weather and a cloudy sky. In this city, all Visitantes have a fabulous system of internal transportation, made up of a network of buses, trams, taxis and the system SKM trains.

If we have to recommend you the best areas to stay in Gdansk, el Old without a doubt it is one of them. In this area, its impressive buildings with medieval style. Besides, his central location, allows you to enjoy the night life in the various bars and restaurants availables.

As for the options of accommodation in Gdansk, you will have to choose between different hotels, hostels, apartments, pensions, bed and breakfast and hostels in different areas of the city.

If you have plans to travel to Gdansk soon, here we will recommend the best areas to stay.

Old town, the old town

El Old Town (Old Town), is the ideal place for to stay in Gdansk. It is located on the north side of the city ​​center, being a very advantageous area for tourists. 

Here you can see some rebuilt buildings that are combined with other buildings much more modern. Among the attractions of this area of Gdansk, highlights the Great mill, for an medieval building dating from the year 1350, which houses a mall for your visitors.

You can also visit the Central Maritime Museum (old Gdansk Barn), the elegant Town hall, la Preachers House and more Antique buildings (Kamienice) located in this area of Gdansk. 

You can not stop visiting, the church of Santa Catalina (XNUMXth century)who owns the clock most accurate in the world, the church of Santa Brígida, Solidarność Shrine and monument Defenders of the Polish Post.

You can access different parts of the Oldif you take the train at stations Gdansk Grówny y Gdansk Sródmiercie. 

As for the accommodation options and costs at Old, vary by category. Although you can get various alternatives for all budgets. For these reasons, it is the recommended area where to stay in Gdansk.

Wrzeszcz, the place of the student community

Wrzeszcz is known as the heart of the student community of Gdansk. It is a highly populated area located northwest of the city, about 5 km from the Old Town. 

Here the night life is very active, thanks in large part for the population young and student residing in Wrzeszcz. 

Wrzeszcz It has many sites of interest, among which stand out, its Brewery Library Saint Stanislaw Biskupa Parish Dwór Studzienka and Parish de Saint Stanislaus Bishop and Martyrson.

This area is also ideal for going purchases, since it owns the shopping centers Baltycka Gallery and Centrum Handlowe Manhattan. In addition, you can enjoy its striking medieval buildings, housing complexes and mansions, that make it a very picturesque area.

En Wrzeszcz you will have at your disposal, various transport to move through the streets and avenues of the area. Among them, the buses, trams and the system railway

Here the hotel offer it's not as big as the Oldbut you have good accommodation options, that they offer you all necessary services during your stay in the area.

There is no doubt that Wrzeszcz, It is one of The best areas to stay in Gdansk.

Przymorze, one of the most important districts

Przymorze It is considered as one of the most important districts of Gdansk, for being a coastal area located in the northern part of the city. 

This area is divided into 2 parts, Przymorze Malewhich is the administrative district of Gdanks y Przymorze Wielkie, which includes the part modern and commercial city.

Przymorze Male is surrounded by beautiful groundslike Park President Ronald Reagan and the playground Kraina zabawy. Both are worth knowing.

Przymorze Wielkie It is a residential area that offers few attractions, but with some malls y Sports stores, which make it an excellent accommodation option to go shopping.

You can easily access Przymorze from the central gdansk, taking the train at the closest stations, such as Oliwa and Przymorze - Uniwersytet.

Przymorze it is an area residential ideal of accommodation, for its ease of transport, its pretty parks and green areasexcellent malls with stores outstanding good restaurants y hotels that all portfolio to your visitors.

As to lodging in Przymorze, you have at your disposal, various hotels modern, apartments for rent, hostels and villas perfect for all kinds of Tourists. That is why it is considered another of The best areas to stay in Gdansk.

Brzezno, one of the most visited neighborhoods

Brzezno is one of most visited neighborhoods by Tourists in the city of Gdanskwhich is very famous for its charming beaches and Brzezno pier. 

Visitors choose Brzezno for their pretty beaches, The medieval fortifications and for being a welcoming Fisher's town.

Here the Tourists you will have as options for the entertainmenttake a walk around the Brzezno Pier pier, enjoy a day in the beach, ride a bike on the Sopot route or walk the park Brzeźnieński JJ Haffnera. 

You can also enjoy excellent seafood restaurants around the beachwhere you will delight very fresh food typical of the area. If you plan some shorts vacation in Gdansk, we recommend you stay in Brzezno, for being one of the most visited areas by Tourists.

Also, this area is much more quiet than other areas central de Gdansk, so your stay will be very relaxed enjoying the maritime environment of the area. Here you have various very affordable accommodation options, among which stand, hostels, villas, houses for rent y hotels with access to the beach.

Because of its environment tourist and excellent sea views, there is no doubt that Brzezno, is another of The best areas to stay in Gdansk.

Jelitkowo, the most traditional tourist destination

Jelitkowo It is considered one of the tourist destinations more tradicionales y visited en Gdansk.

This area is located in the mesoregion of the kasubia coast, which limits with the Baltic Sea to the north and Przymorze to the south.

En Jelitkowo it is very common to enjoy Beach, take a bike ride along the route from Sopot to Brzezno, know the Park jelitkowski or visit the old fishermen houses in the XNUMXth and XNUMXth centuries.

You can also visit the main streets of Jelitkowo, as are Piastowska, Pomorska, Kapliczna and Jelitkowska.

This beach area it has very good connection with other areas of Gdansk. In addition, it offers an excellent night life, with various Restaurants and bars that will make your stay something unique.

There is no doubt that Jelitkowo, Is The best areas to stay in Gdansk for its great variety of hotels, hostels, villas and apartments for rent for all types of tourists, which are adapted to the budget and reason for travel of anyone.

Highlight those hosting sites what they offer you not only affordable prices, but also, Sea View or park, installationss to exercise, pools and all basic services necessary for any visitor.

The 9 best hotels to stay in Gdansk

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Located on the coast southern gdansk gulf at Baltic Sea, this old fishing village acquires a great role throughout history. His troubled past, in Gdansk the Second World War began, turns the capital of amber in the symbol of the fight against Nazism, against Soviet communism and in favor of human rights in Europe. The jury of Princess of Asturias Award for Concord He recognizes that effort in 2019. It is one of the most beautiful cities in Poland.

There is a large number of Gdansk Cheap Hotels built in unique buildings. Most of them are located in the most central and strategic area of ​​the city to walk around.

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