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Frankfurt am Main
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Frankfurt is the commercial capital of Germany, the most modern and technologically advanced city in the country, but this does not mean that everything here is built of glass and concrete.

La sad historical truth is that, during World War II, the city was almost completely destroyed.

However, carefully restored, it now pleases its guests with a harmonious combination of elegant mansions from the Museum Embankment, which has housed many interesting museums, and the modern buildings of the Banks Quarter, shining with a thousand lights at night on the other side of the river.

There are many contrasts with modernity and international activity that make the main metropolis of Hessen a great tourist destination.

Do you want some examples? It is worth seeing the beautiful and new Frankfurt old town, with its architecture, that invites you to take a pleasant walk or go shopping.

Lovers of art and culture get the best, more than 40 museums and exhibition halls and more than 60 theaters and independent theater groups offer a great program.

In summer, the Museumsuferfest attracts visitors from all over the world, celebrating the great collections that line up like pearls on a string as a colorful outdoor and cultural feast.

Later on, guests have plenty of options to choose from cozy restaurants and cool bars, the next day they can go on a trip to the countryside. Boredom doesn't stand a chance in the city of Main.

Frankfurt offers travelers many opportunities to have a good time. It does not matter in what period you have come to this modern German city: for a week or a month, the vacations here will be unforgettable.

The center (Altsdat), the best area of ​​the city

Old town It is a charming little district (less than 1 square kilometer) and corresponds to the Frankfurt old town.

This area of ​​the city is very popular with national and international tourists all year round. Among its attractions, its renowned museums and historical buildings that certainly attract the attention of visitors.

It also highlights the Römer square, considered the heart of Frankfurt since the Middle Ages, being a very popular place that offers a very diverse market, especially at Christmas.

Additionally, there are buildings of interest such as the Roman (current seat of the Town Hall), the Church of San Nicolás Collegiate Church of San Bartolomé, the wooden houses Römerberg, the church of Paulskirche and Fountain of Justice.

Nor can we forget the museums Die Schirn, the History or Anthropological one, and one of the most recognized restaurants in the country: the Haus wertheym.

The center (Altstadt) It is an area very well served by subway and it is also pleasant to drive through its streets and avenues (Mainkai and Berliner Street, for example).

As to accommodation in Frankfurt, in this area you can find good hotels north and west of Berliner Street, with average prices of 100 per night.

Innenstadt, for the shopping

Discuss Downtown is to refer to the center of Frankfurt. Located north of Altstadt, this area is surrounded by many fabulous parks, such as the Bockenheimer Anlage or Bethmannpark.

Furthermore, Downtown we can see a wide avenue with a circular shape and ending in a river, thus facilitating communications with other districts.

In the western part of Innenstadt, is the renowned financial area Mainhattan. There, the skyscraper Main tower it deserves all the attention thanks to its viewpoint located 200 meters high.

In this area of Frankfurt also highlights the Alter Oper, undoubtedly one of the best theaters in the city and the country, in addition to the renowned Jewish Museum.

And if you are a shopping lover, you cannot miss visiting the Frankfurt's Golden Mile, the street Goethestrasse or the street Sail, as there you will find many well-known stores and the wonderful MyZeil Shopping Center.

Additionally, you can also taste good dishes in the various restaurants of international and national food located in the center of the city.

Si you wish to stay in Innenstadt, the available options are not that wide and the prices are a bit high (around 90 night), but it is undoubtedly an area that offers all possible comforts to visitors.

Bahnhofsviertel, the best leisure area

Bahnhofsviertel It stands out for its wide range of leisure and culture. This neighborhood was considered an industrial and residential area for many decades, and today it has become one more place tourist And pleasant.

Here you will find various cafes, bars, restaurants, entertainment venues and more hotels at affordable prices.

Bahnhofsviertel It is crossed by a tourist tram and is surrounded by Mainzer Avenue and Highway 44.

In this beautiful area of Frankfurt, you will be able to observe various tourist attractions such as Hammer Museum, la Acac Gallery y The English Theater.

Additionally, if you go to the Kaiserstrasse street, you can make your purchases in the market there and in many well-known stores.

In addition, you cannot miss the opportunity to taste the best dishes in the city, in the different restaurants of national and international food from Bahnhofsviertel.

And if you like nightlife, you can know the James from Bar Chango room or the Orange Peel, so that you can enjoy an exquisite drink and good music. 

If you are looking for a very lively and leisure area to stay in Frankfurt, definitely Bahnhofsviertel It is an excellent option.

Gutleutviertel, next to the Main river

Gutleutviertel it is located between the river Main and the tracks of the Frankfurt Central Station. This residential area stands out for its large avenue (Gutleutstrasse) And Westhafen Tower (with more than 110 meters high) located right in front of the river.

En Gutleutviertel, you can also enjoy a nice park and know the Westhafen Pier, which stands out for having a very large complex to celebrate events of national and international interest on the banks of the river.

Nor can you miss one of the most recognized buildings in the city: the Gutleutkaserne, which dates from the XNUMXth century.

Another very interesting place that you should also visit in Gutleutviertel, is the Sommerhoofpark, a summer park highly recognized throughout the country.

And, if you are looking for the best gastronomy in the area, on the banks of the River Meno you will find various restaurants to taste authentic German food with very fresh products.

You can also visit in the surroundings, some bars with outdoor terrace, in addition to the Tanzhaus West, a famous nightclub and concert hall.

If you want to stay Gutleutviertel, the vast majority of accommodations are located in the eastern area, very close to the Central Station.

Gallusviertel, residential and quiet

Gallusviertel It is a district known as Gallus and is located north of Gutleutviertel. It is crossed by the great mainzer highway and is delimited by the railway lines that depart from the Frankfurt Central Station.

Being located very close to the train station, the area is residential type, although tourism has been booming in recent years, especially in the eastern part.

En Gallusviertel 2 buildings of great renown stand out: Tower 185 (200 meters high), and the Skyline Plaza, a renowned leisure and shopping complex.

On the other hand, the great mainzer avenue and its nearby streets offer visitors many shops and restaurants of German and international food, the Gallus Theater and nightclubs like the Bristol Bar and Pitcher's Pub.

Additionally, Gallusviertel it is very well communicated thanks to its train stop and tram stops to communicate with the east and west of the city.

As for lodging in this very quiet area of Frankfurt, Most of the accommodation is located around Mainzer, Highway 44 and Europa-Allee.

Westend, luxury area

West endresidential, is made up of 2 neighborhoods (north and south) and is the most luxurious area de Frankfurt.

Each filtering bag main attractives de West end They are the Botanical Garden, the Goethe University campus, the Palm Garden (Palmengarten), the Senckenberg Nature Museum and the Grüneburgpark.

You can also visit the Financial district, where the Messeturm (255 meters high), the Westend Tower (208 meters) or the Deutsche Bank Twin Towers (with more than 150 meters high each) are located.

In addition, it is also worth visiting the concert hall Festhalle Messe Frankfurt, The statue of Hammering Man and Frankfurt Book Fair (in mid October).

And since they could not be missing, stores in West end They are very famous, especially the boutiques located north of Bockenheimer Street.

On the other hand, this area of Frankfurt it is well communicated with the center of the city through Bockenheimer avenue and its 2 highways (east and west) close to the Frankfurt Central Train Station.

For, stay in Westend, we recommend you go to the west area near the Botanical Garden.

Bornheim, somewhat far from the center

Bornheim It is a neighborhood a little distant from Frankfurt, although it is very well connected by metro, highway 8 and the tram.

This area is mostly residential, but it has been gaining much popularity among tourists for its various attractions.         

In ancient times, Bornheim it had numerous taverns, brothels, and dance venues. Today, some of these are still preserved. taverns They attract thousands of tourists each year (eg the Zur Sonne).

Among other attractions in the area, we can mention the Bornheim Weekly Market, which offers fresh produce every week.

Further southeast, you will find a large entertainment area with ice rink, or you can also know the city ​​zoo (the limit with Ostend).

If you like art, we recommend you visit the Bornheim museum located on Turmstrasse street, which is arranged in a house built in 1770.

As evening falls, you can take a walk around the Berger street, an ideal area to go shopping and eat a good dish in some of its restaurants.

And if you want to have fun until dawn, you can visit some well-known sites, such as the Sugar Cocktail Bar or Weinkellerei Dünker.

Sachsenhausen, cheap and cozy

Sachsenhausen It is located south of the Main River, just in front of the downtown district. It is a residential area, but it has an area intended for tourism in its northern part.

Among its attractions, the various museums located on the banks of the river stand out, such as the Städel Museum, Creative Arts Museum and Sculpture Museum at the Villa Liebieghaus.

In this area you can also meet one of the street markets bigger than Frankfurt, where you can buy everything you are looking for.

Additionally, you can go to the liveliest area of Sachsenhausen: la Schweizer Street and its square, where many bars, restaurants and cider houses.

And, to enjoy the nightlife, in this same area you will find very famous places such as the Mogk's Bierstubb or Hopper's Cocktail Bar.

Finally, Sachsenhausen It is an area very well connected by metro, road, and tram, so you can reach the city center in just minutes.

If you want to stay in this part of Frankfurt, you will get various cheap hotels (around € 50 per night).

The airport

This area is located at southwest of downtown de Frankfurt. If you need to stay very close to the city's airport, this is undoubtedly the best option.

Although, if you also want to take a walk through the center of Frankfurt, communications from this area are very good, both by road, train and bus.

The towns that surround this area of ​​the Airport they are residential and do not offer many tourist attractions.

Although, you can visit certain restaurants and shopsAs well as Commerzbank-Arena (football stadium of the Eintracht Frankfurt team) or the Frankfurt Golf Club.

If you wish to stay in this area of the city, the options are somewhat expensive (More than 100 the night), but they are very luxurious and with basic services.

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