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Hotel Santa Cecilia
 Single Room from 22 EUR

Hotel Pilgrims of Fatima
 Twin Room from 25 EUR

Victoria Hotel
 Room from 40 EUR

Nossa Senhora da Paz Hotel
 Room from 40 EUR

Hallelujah Hotel
 Single Room from 23 EUR

Hotel Enclosure
 Single Room from 25 EUR

Hotel Azinheira
 Double or Twin Room from 28 EUR

Domus Pacis Fatima Hotel
 Single Room from 28.79 EUR

Hotel Regina
 Single Room from 33.48 EUR

Essence Inn Marianos Hotel
 Single Room from 35.64 EUR

Steyler Fatima Hotel & Congress
 Single Room from 36 EUR

Fatima Star Hotel
 Single Room from 36.8 EUR

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Fatima is one of the cities most attractive in Portugal and is recognized for being the most important pilgrimage center in the country.

It is a city that is worth visiting and where you will be able to enjoy different tourist spots that are related to appearances of Our Lady at Fatima.

It is a very special place that is usually to the liking of faithful believers, ideal for all those tourists who want to get to know the city and at the same time make prayers and ask for their relatives.

Is that in Fatima, the Virgin of Mary appeared and 3 shepherd children were the lucky ones (6 times in a span of 6 months).

These appearances culminated in the miracle of the sun, and in which more than 70.000 people were witnesses; For this reason, many religious are curious to visit Fatima, considered as a Holy ground.

But, not only for the religious it is a great destination, it is also perfect for those who want to visit a famous place in Portugal and learn more about their culture.

Thus, Fatima should be noted on your wish list and during your visit to Portugal You cannot miss visiting this region of the country. It is a place where you can discover many things of interest and a city that hosts thousands of visitors year after year.

If you are interested in visiting the city of Fatima, we are going to show you where stay during your stay; make the most of the center of this city, a place that is worth visiting on your next visit to Portugal.

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The historic center of Fatima

The Portuguese city Fatima It is a small town and for that reason the city ​​center It is the best option to stay during your visit.

And in the center of Fatima you will be able to find different types of lodgings and hotels; also in this area you will be able to enjoy traditional foods of the region, and discover various shops.

between the avenues Blessed Nuno and Pope João XXIIIis where you will be able to find most accommodation of Fatima center, and many of these have balconies that allow you to observe the beauty of this city.

In addition, these accommodations They are located a few meters from the main attractions, such as the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Fatima.

In the center of Fatima you will be able to find accommodation depending on your tastes: for those who want to spend an elegant night and also for those who are looking for something more relaxed, however, They all provide excellent services.

It is also important to know that, being accommodations in the city ​​center, their prices may be a little higher than in the periphery.

The 9 best hotels to stay in Fátima

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Book your cheap hotel in Fatima

Fatima has become one of the most important religious tourism destinations of the world. Due to its tourist interest, it is easy to book cheap accommodation to visit the sanctuary. October to April are the months with the least influx, so it is easier to book cheap hotels in the city of Fátima and its surroundings. All of them are perfectly connected to its two main basilicas and the Chapel of the Apparitions, its best-known monuments.

Visit Fatima

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