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Hotel Arde Köln Zentrum
 Single Room from 32 EUR

a & o Köln Hauptbahnhof
 Single Room from 37.9 EUR

Europaischer Hof am Dom
 Single Room from 40 EUR

Hostel Cologne
 Room from 45 EUR

Sonata City Hotel
 Single Room from 26.25 EUR

Hotel Königshof The Arthouse
 Single Room from 40 EUR

Garten-Hotel Ponick
 Single Room from 41 EUR

PLAZA Premium Köln
 Double Room from 43 EUR

HOPPER Hotel St. Josef
 Room from 44 EUR

Atrium Rheinhotel
 Double Room from 45 EUR

Best accommodation to sleep in Cologne

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  • Offers parking
  • Free WiFi (most customers think the connection is excellent)
  • It has its own terrace
  • Ideal for two travelers

  • Rooms for non-smokers
  • Recent travelers give it a very high score
  • The best location
  • One of the most reserved in Cologne!

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Colonia It is one of the most imposing cities in Germany, due to its incomparable monuments and attractions. Visiting this city is entering a historical world!

If you are one of those who want to know important and world-renowned tourist scenarios, this german city it could be the best option for your vacation destination.

Colonia is recognized for its formidable architecture, where its historical highlights Cathedral. With almost 6 centuries since its creation, this place has been the center of attention of every tourist who visits the city.

Cathedral Hohe Domkirche St. Peter und Maria, Declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, it is one of the most impressive structures in the entire country: from its facade, through its culture and history, offering a spectacular view of the entire city.

Visit a great destination like Colony, It allows you to know different places, cultures and traditions. In addition to offering a very cultural panorama, in this city you will also enjoy different recreational activities, such as the carnival that lasts most of the year.

Once installed in the city, you can not stop visiting the Padlocks bridge, one of the best tourist destinations for you and your family. And, if you go with your partner, you can leave a lock on the rack, where there are thousands more. Without a doubt, it will be a unique and unforgettable experience of your visit by Suburb.

That is why you will find multiple choices in this wonderful city: during the day it offers magnificent settings, and at night you will enjoy its endless parties, accompanied by excellent beers in the best German style.

Colonia it is a symbol of party, fun and many attractions. But, Where do I find the best places to sleep in the city? This is where we want to take you, and for that reason we will tell you the best places to sleep in Cologne.

We have chosen 4 special areas that you will love and so you can have a very pleasant rest. These are: Altstadt-Nord, Altstadt-Süd, Deutz and Neustadt-Nord. We want your stay in the city to be unique and very pleasant, so we select for you the better places to do so, take note:

Altstadt – Nord, the old town

This area is considered the oldest part of the city (the old helmet). As it is an area where many tourists are concentrated each year, it is usually a bit more expensive to stay in hotels, but if you have a good budget for the trip, then you will have no problem staying here.

Altstadt-Nord it is divided into two zones. In this case, the northern part is located the Colonia's cathedral, being more attractive for tourists, since you will find everything you are looking for very close and it is where there is more commercial activity.

This area is excellent to enjoy and rest after a long day of travel. It is the perfect destination where they are the best places to sleep in Cologne, which are around € 90 per night.

Altstadt – Süd, cheap in the old town

The southern zone includes the part of Cologne center (same as the north zone), but here you will find cheaper options for your stay and the better places to sleep at low costs.

Additionally, this southern area is very close to the important areas of Colonia, such as the Cathedral and other tourist attractions.

Therefore, it will be very easy to get to the city center by walking a few blocks (the most populated part of Cologne).

On the other hand, if you want to stay in a comfortable, quiet, safe and pleasant place, Altstadt–Süd is perfect for you, because here you find the best residential options to sleep in Suburb.

Although the northern area of Old town it is more attractive, as it concentrates a greater number of visitors, Altstadt–Süd It is a bit quieter and still offers many attractions for tourists. Here for a few € 80 per night, you can sleep in an excellent hotel.

Deutz, next to the bridge of locks

Stay in Deutz It is much cheaper compared to the prices of the accommodations that you find in other parts of the city.

It is important to note that, despite their low prices, the attention and service offered by the accommodations is the same as other areas in Suburb.

Deutz It is located at the other end of the Puente de los Paddados, one of the best attractions to visit in Suburb.

In addition, it is a fairly modern area that attracts many tourists, this means that you will not be far from the city completely. The Colonia's cathedral It is only 10 minutes away by bus or taxi, and if you want to go more to the center you can do it without problems.

Deutz It is a very strategic point to stay, because you are very close to the most impressive tourist attractions in the city of Suburb.

Moreover, you will also find the best places to sleep in Cologne with affordable prices for all types of budget (about € 70 per night).

Neustadt-Nord, another very good option

Area Neustadt-Nord, It is located next to the Altsladt -Nord area, and offers a large number of establishments and accommodations.

This part of Colonia It is a much cheaper option than the most central areas of the city, precisely due to its distance.

Here you will find an excellent hosting service in large hotel chains and at much lower prices than the aforementioned areas (for a few €80 the night).

But, remember that this area is further away from the city center and you would have to walk about 25 minutes to get to the historic center, where, for example, the Colonia's cathedral.

Although, if you want a lot of tranquility, this is easy to solve, because you could travel by bus or taxi and get to any attraction or place without problems.

Colonia is characterized by being a relatively small city, so wherever you choose to stay to stay it will certainly be a great option!

The best hotels to stay in Cologne

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