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Catania It is considered the second most important city in Sicily and a real economic center. It is located in the East Coast of this island, with very old and attractive places.

There is no doubt to visit Catania It is an excellent option. It presents a great offer Hotel, beaches, monuments and the proximity to one of the volcanoes most active in the world, as it is Etna.

To enjoy the advantages of Lodge in full historic center of Catania, With all the services available, it is best to choose one of the many hotels available in this city.

Here you will find the one that best suits your budget. Since the more luxurious 5 stars, up to the most familiar and simple 1 star.

Another option of accommodation in CataniaAre the apartments and houses for rent. They are ideal for Visitantes who want to feel the esencia de la ciudad.

You can find this type of accommodation not only in the center of Catania, but also, around the city, in the striking villages from the Gulf of Catania or at the foot of Etna (Caltagirone, Acireale, Nicolisi, Aci Castell and more).

These places are very tranquil, ideal to get away from the chaos of the city and be surrounded by nature. If you want to know the best areas to stay in Catania, then, we indicate them to you:

The historic center

El historic center of Catania, is without a doubt, one of the best areas to stay in Catania, especially for Tourists seeking Lodge in very central and with the main portfolio de la ciudad.

The Piazza del Duomo, which houses 2 of the most visited attractions in CataniaAs The Cathedral (the Duomo) and Elephant sculpture, is the most central point de la ciudad.

This plaza we can have it as a reference, to reserve hotels and apartments located in the middle historic center of Catania. Some of them offer fabulous views to Etna from its rooftops.

To discover the richness of the history of Catania, you can visit the beautiful Crociferi street with its fabulous baroque churches. The via Etnea, Is the shopping street most important that goes through the center of Catania. It offers you the best views to Etna on the clearest days.

La via Fiorintina meanwhile, it is the street with the most restaurants of all kinds. You can also find excellent bars, to enjoy the best drinks in town.

The main station of Trains and of Bus, you can also locate them in the center of Catania. This way, if you want visit other points of the city, it will be very simple.

Aci Castello, the fishing village

Aci Castello, a small town of fishermen and farmers, is located a few minutes from the center of Catania, in direction to Taormina. Its great attractions are the crystalline waters surrounding him the castle black basalt and restaurants seafood and fresh fish. The beaches however, they are not the best on the island of Sicilia, but they are very visited.

In summer, Aci Castello becomes great Turistic center Thanks to their attractions and beaches of lava rock. I Faraglioni Di AcitrezzaIs a rocky beach who owns a promenade very nice, ideal for walking or running.

Another place to visit in this area is the Norman Castle. From this castle you can have very good views of the town, being cozy and striking for visitors.

Norman Castle It is a very beautiful place at open air adjacent to port, which will transport you to other times. It is perfect for Tourists looking for a quiet place to enjoy the sun and sea.

En Aci Castello you will have boats that will take you to give a fabulous walk in the surroundings. The cliffs are the most prominent element, they are in front of the the and they are large and very beautiful.

You can stay in hotels and rooms en rental for every taste.

Acireale, the charm of a town with history

Passing Aci Castello in direction to Taormina, you will find the town of Acireale (about 17 km from the center of Catania). Acireale It is a town with a lot of charm and history. It has a wide accommodation offer, in addition to a fishing district called Santa Maria La Scala (in the low part next to the sea).

One of the characteristics of Acireale, is his baroque typology. It has a lot of churches and that's why they know her as the City of 100 Bells or the South vatican.

En Acireale you will find important monuments of great value artistic and architectural, built after the earthquake of 1693. Today is a day, Acireale, It is an important center agricultural and commercial, with high vocation tourist and thermal. Here are various water sources sulfuric, iodic and radioactive. Plus it's a fabulous baroque center.

Some wonderful festivities for the enjoyment of Tourists in this area, are the carnivals from Acireale. They are recognized throughout Italy, as one of the most fun and attractive in the country.

Here you can also visit the Santa Venera hot springs, where the spa waters serve many Tourists of the area. The acireale cathedral It is also one of the attractions of this town of Catania.

La offer Hotel in this area it is not that big, but they are very affordable for your accommodation. That is why it is considered one of the best areas to stay in Catania

Nicolosi, at the foot of the Etna volcano

If you want to visit Etna or take advantage of winter to ski, an excellent option is to stay in Nicolosi, a town at the foot of the volcano, from where the cableway that will take you to visit it.

Nicolosi it's about 30 minutes from Catania by car. You also have at your disposal, the station Bus via Archimede.

In this town you can visit the Mount Etna Crater, to observe vegetation and rocks completely volcanic, With a views wonderful and air very fresh. A truly unique experience.

In addition, we invite you to know the modern and interesting Museo Vulcanologico dell'Etna, where you will get all the information about the volcanoes in the world and particularly from Etna.

Another attraction that you can not miss, is the Funivia dell'Etna, un funicular that takes you up Etna. From there you can begin to observe the craters and spectacular views of Catania.

On the other hand, if you like Traditional Italian food. At Nicolosi you will get the restaurants what will the best dishes originating from this country.

If you want to stay in Nicolosi, you can do it in hotels with views to Etna or with Mediterranean gardens, hotel / spa, villas y housing for rent. Certainly a the best areas to stay in Catania.


Caltagirone It is located about 70 kilometers from the center of Catania. It is an area with A lot of height (608 meters above sea level). In the winter, you can enjoy a fog called "to countrywoman", Caused by the large temperature difference between the day and night.

Caltagirone she was considered Heritage  by Unesco in 2002, called "Late Baroque city of Val di Noto ”.

El Caltagirone historic center was rebuilt after the earthquake of the year 1693, which destroyed this area almost entirely. Thank you to your baroque facades, you will be able to observe the hidden treasures having Caltagirone.

And is that Caltagirone, it is a jewel that everything Away must discover. Here the ceramic staircase It is one of the great attractions. You can also see the Public Garden in pure English style, dating from the nineteenth century and the Ceramic Museum, which has pieces from prehistoric times.

Nearby, you can enjoy the Music Kiosk with fabulous style and the Teatrino, a great gazebo that precedes museum. You can not stop visiting the Piazza and Church of San Francesco d'Assisi, a wonderful baroque temple.

As to lodging en Caltagirone, here you can find various hotels, apartments, villas, hostels and resorts for all kinds of budgets.

The 9 best hotels to stay in Catania

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