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Cannes It is one of the most outstanding cities in France. It is highly recommended for Tourists who want to enjoy the Blue Coast versus Mediterranean coast.

This fabulous French city, presents many places charming and interesting for any traveler. That is why it continues to be one of the most popular destinations all France. 

Cannes owns a large number of palaces, most concentrated in the walk of the Croisette adjacent to tue y fabulous beaches, a real attraction for Tourists who visit this city.

Moreover, Cannes home for over 70 years, the film Festival most famous in the world. Here attend the most important stars of the cinematic universe, which places this majestic city, in the center of all eyes.

With regards to gastronomy in Cannes, without a doubt it is very outstanding, especially for lovers of real Mediterranean flavors.

Here you can enjoy traditional dishes such as dehydrated fish, marinated or tart anchovies, veal or ratatouille. In addition, you can taste the best wines de France and world.

If from places to lodging We speak, Cannes has various Neighborhoods very charming, highlighting the Center, Pointe Croisette, la Croisette, Le Vieux Port, Le Suquet, La Bocca, among others.

If you have among your plans visit this glamorous city Soon, here we will recommend the best areas to stay in Cannes. You will surely spend a few dreamy days that you will never forget.

The historic center of Cannes

El Cannes center It is located a few meters from the old town Le Suquet, the fabulous walk of the Corniche. Here you can find the port ass and beaches lovely.

In this area of Cannes is the train stationwhich is ideal for connecting with other cities of france very important, like Paris, Nice and Marseille. The Cannes center it is a very area fun and busy by hundreds of Tourists who visit it daily.

Here you will find various restaurants to savor the typical gastronomy of the city, highlighting the dishes of seafood and fish very fresh. On the other hand, you have at your disposal, many pubs, luxury stores and other Places of leisurethat will keep you well entertaining during your stay by Canes. 

Center The city is undoubtedly one of the best areas to stay in Cannes, especially for those looking to rest in downtown areas and be close to the main Portfolio and the best beaches.

In this area of Cannes , there is a high concentration of hotels of various categories and for all tastes. However, Luxury hotels what are you offering exclusive serviceswhose costes They are usually high and more during the days of the an international festival or in summer time.

The fabulous Pointe Croisette district

Pointe Croisette It is a fabulous district of Cannes , which comprises a small area of the Croisette.

It is a great option for tourists interested in the best beaches, boardwalks, fabulous restaurants y very famous places. This area has a environment a little more quiet y residential. Pointe Croisette stretches the entire length of the bay, which is parallel to Mediterranean coast.

Pointe Croisette It is a fabulous starting point for an excursion to the Lérins islands, made up of the islands Santa Margarita and San Honorato. In these I you can enjoy a nice Botanical Garden, a fabulous castle, monasteries, bars and diverse restaurants, where you will have the opportunity to savor local delicacies.

And of course, you will enjoy the wonderful Ocean floors of its waters, where you can practice various maritime activities, like snorkeling or diving. If you intend to combine the fun of tue with the urban tourism, Pointe Croisette is  ideal link between city ​​and beach, being one of the best areas to stay in Cannes.

After visiting this Cannes areaYou will surely want to return immediately to continue enjoying it in a big way. In this area the hotel offer and other hosting sites it is very small. Although you can find houses and apartments to accommodation with sea views, in addition to certain hotels with all the luxury of the city.

The old port of Cannes (Le Vieux Port)

The Old Port or old port of cannes, is located right next to the Palace of the Festivals, near the hill of Suquet and facing the Mediterranean coast and Lérins islands.

Moreover, The Old Port is close to the building of the Town hall and the known Forville covered local market. Previously, The Old Port was a fishing port and trade, but at present, it is the most distinctive, exclusive and elegant de Canes.

At the docks that make up the old port of cannesthey arrive very luxurious boats, which give this area a shiny appearance, worthy of a city like this. The Old Port It is perfectly communicated, since, in its West zone, is located Quai du Large (ferry terminal), which also has a heliport and availability of Bus Full-time.

If you want to enjoy the best shops, cafes and luxury restaurants, you must visit the San Pedro pier, in which you can try the best fresh fish and seafood from the city, next to excellent drinks and other products.

The Old Port is one of best areas to stay in Cannes, ideal for those who want to have very close the tue and leisure sites. In the vicinity of the old port of cannes, a wide variety of hotels, most of them with fabulous Sea View.

They also offer you luxury boutiques and services of spa, for an excellent relaxation during your stay. If your budget is limited, you will also find mid-range hotels for you lodging in this Cannes area.

Le Suquet (the old part of Cannes)

Le Suquet (The Cannes old town), is located at the top of the Chevalier Hill, highlighting its steep streets and old walls. This area offers some fabulous views al Mediterranean, the old port and Lérins islands. In addition, it protects architectural treasures truly unique.

The most outstanding places of Le Suquet are the Castle (houses the museum of la castre), the church of Notre Dame of Hope (the oldest of Cannes ), the chapels of Saint Anne or Mercy, the mill Forville - Victor-Tuby Museum and the medieval tower Suquet.

The street Rue St Antonie is the most outstanding of Le Suquet, which has many local shops, cafes and the best Cannes restaurants. Close to this street, is the Rue Dr. P. Gazagnaire, which welcomes the fabulous Forville market. 

There is no doubt that Le Suquet, is one of best areas to stay in Cannes. Here travelers can Lodge in true architectural jewels or in unique neighborhoods and with elegance. 

La offer de hosting sites en Le SuquetIt is not the largest in the city, but the Prices if they are very varied and there are them for any type of budget.

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