The best areas to sleep in Cádiz

Cheap and economic accommodation to stay in Cádiz

Summer Cadiz
Room Bed in shared room from 17 EUR

Cádiz Guesthouse
Single Room from 22.5 EUR

Pensión La Cantarera
Single Room from 23.6 EUR

Pension The Four Nations
Single Room from 24 EUR

Hotel de France and Paris
 Twin Room from 33.33 EUR

Hotel Las Cortes Of Cádiz
 Room from 43 EUR

South Patagonia Hotel
 Room from 49 EUR

Playa Victoria Hotel
 Room from 41 EUR

Monte Puertatierra Hotel
 Room from 46 EUR

Occidental Cadiz
 Room from 50 EUR

Senator Cadiz Spa Hotel
 Twin Room from 55.16 EUR

Best place to stay in Cádiz

Most popular services

  • With transfer to the airport
  • Free WiFi (most customers think the connection is excellent)
  • It has its own pool
  • Rooms for non-smokers

  • Family Rooms
  • Recent travelers give it a very high score
  • The best location
  • One of the most reserved in Cádiz!

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Do you know which are the best areas to stay in Cádiz? If you have decided to travel or visit this special and wonderful city, we show you good places to stay, very cheap, recommended and very comfortable.

There is a wide variety of hotel offers that fit your budget. Places to stay as in the Playa de la Victoria area, historic center and towns near this spectacular city. It is good to get cheap accommodation in Cádiz since this makes everything easier when traveling there.

On our website, in addition to telling you about the ideal places, it also presents the ideal options of rooms in hotels, apartments or other venues for when you decide to visit the province of Cádiz.

You don't have to keep looking places to stay or stay in CádizBecause with our tips your vacations or pleasure trips will be very relaxing and comfortable. The good thing is that these tips and options that we show are completely free since for us your well-being is our greatest wish.

There is no need to worry, since these places where you can sleep in Cádiz have the most touristic places in the city nearby. You just have to be guided by the tourism experts who know the cheapest accommodation, with good rooms where you can stay for the days you want.

Now these are some neighborhoods, nearby towns or ideal places so that when you visit Cádiz you can stay to sleep.

The historic center: one of the best areas

This place or neighborhood is also known as the old town, it is a real luxury to stay in this area since here you can enjoy the beauties that this wonderful city has. The historic center is an important heritage of Spain, its narrow streets make a view and enjoy a wonderful walk, you can also enjoy bars, shops and businesses available at all times.

Also, the best advice is to stay in a central hotel that allows you to get to know the surroundings such as the great Plaza de la Catedral, which is wonderful for its majority of tourist attractions in the province. Of these we can mention: el Gadir archaeological site, lto Caleta beach, andl Central Market or the Tavira Tower.

That is why the important thing about staying in good areas with central hotels in Cádiz Since it makes it easier to meet and stay during a long or short vacation, do not wait for September to travel here since it is better to enjoy in time when there is no great tourist boom.

There are undoubtedly many very nice places to take photos and enjoy the days when you plan to stay in this beautiful province, many of the hotels in the center are in old, but very sophisticated buildings. It is advisable to make reservations in advance, especially on important dates such as carnivals or times of increased tourist visits.

Playa de la Victoria, one of the best in Spain

This is one of the most frequented urban beaches in Europe, it is undoubtedly one of the best in Spain. If you are wanting to travel to this area, you must choose in advance where to stay, since the Victoria de Cádiz beach almost always has a great attraction for people from different parts.

With our guide you can find out which hotels are close to Playa de la Victoria, apartments, restaurants, shops, terraces and more. Consult the free advice so that you book cheap accommodation in advance, so that when you visit everything it is enjoyment and relaxation.

This beautiful beach has more than 3km of extension, including security, entertainment, very good services to the public, it is ideal since it is the perfect set of beach and city that you need. Here there is not a great variety of offer with the hotels but there are tourist flats with very cheap prices.

Know the 3 best nearby areas to stay in Cádiz in 2023

Before traveling somewhere, it is important to know of a good cheap accommodation that allows a quiet stay. There are many places like hotels but they have very high prices, it is there where the vital thing is that it is to do a good search and have a list of options both of places to stay, as well as the place to sleep, these are 3 very good towns near Cádiz.

It should be noted that these are destinations near the capital of Cádiz, but that they are very viable and cheap when choosing a good place to stay, whether in apartments, hostels, etc.

Puerto de Santa María, beach and fun

This is a beautiful town near Cádiz that is a good idea in case you have not found accommodation in the city center. In addition, here you can enjoy many tourist and natural attractions.

Since there are also extensive beaches, terraces and restaurants where you can eat good seafood, important facilities for leisure and fun, etc.

You can go out to dinner and then enjoy very top nightclubs, get to know the Water Park, Flamenco tablaos, the Bahía de Cádiz Casino, and much more. Best of all, it is located just 17km from Cádiz.

The port of Santa María has fine sandy beaches with more than 6 kms of beautiful view between sea and sand.

San Fernando, perfect for hiking

San Fernando is a town near Cádiz that has a great variety where to stay with very cheap prices. This is an area very frequented by people who are lovers of hiking, trekking, etc.

You already know, in case the stay lasts more than 5 days, you can apply any of these new experiences to the list of things to do, tour and see.

If you are visiting with family or a group of friends, the best place to sleep in San Fernando is the Bahía Sur complex, a very good neighborhood for its offers, cheap prices and a variety of very comfortable apartments with pools, shops and restaurants.

Puerto Real, a place with history

Puerto Real is the last of the three best nearby areas to stay and rest in Cádiz, good places that we have chosen very tactfully to offer only the quality of service so that you can have a unique experience.

This is located in the north of the bay of Cádiz, this town offers beautiful archaeological remains that are very good to go to meet them for people who like to see antiques and learn about history, be sure to take pictures of yourself in these wonderful places.

Then you already know, book in advance the best place to sleep and stay for the days you want. Make sure beforehand, find out which hostels or apartments are pet friendly or not, if they are available 24 hours or any other questions so that you do not have any problems when you arrive.

The 9 best hotels to stay in Cádiz

Other destinations in Spain that may interest you

The city of Cádiz, located in the middle of the Bay, is one of the most precious treasures in Andalusia. If you want to discover why here you will find the best hotels in the center of Cádiz. Choose yours and reserve it at the best price and with the maximum guarantee.

Cadiz Tourism

Are you considering traveling to Cádiz and don't know where to stay? If so, we propose a solution ... Have you ever thought about renting an apartment in Cádiz to enjoy your holidays? If what you are looking for is planning your trip making the most of your free time and planning your stay in the most independent way, do not hesitate, the best option is to find the apartment that best suits your needs.

Do you want an apartment with a pool, a parking space or even a mini golf? Maybe you are looking for accommodation by the sea? We have the widest selection of apartments, with more than 15 possibilities available in Cádiz.

Regardless of the apartment you need, be it a studio, a family chalet or an aparthotel, because you can quickly find it in our search engine. In one click, you will easily and safely find your perfect accommodation in Cádiz ... and always with the best offers and prices at your disposal!

Luxury hotels in the center of Cádiz

What better than luxury accommodation to complete a dream vacation in the city of Cádiz? He Parador of Cádiz It is one of the most desired hotels in the center of Cádiz due to the quality of the services it offers its guests.

Nor will you miss any comfort at the Monte Puertatierra hotel and the Barceló Cádiz hotel, both with a 4-star category and located near the Victory Square. And of course do not stop looking at the rooms of the Senator Cádiz Spa Hotel, an enclave for rest and entertainment.

Cheap hotels in the center of Cádiz

An affordable accommodation? Don't worry, you can also find cheap hotels in the center of Cádiz. Among the best valued for its value for money is the Hotel Argantonio, a hotel located near the Tavira Tower whose decoration is inspired by the different cultures that have populated the Andalusian city.

Don't think about it anymore! Book now your ideal hotel in the center of Cádiz and get ready to live a dream vacation. You will love visiting the Castle of San Sebastián, take a dip in the La Caleta beach and stroll through the Genovés Park.

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