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If you are one of those people who are passionate about traveling and traveling the world, and you are thinking about stay in Brussels, You have come to the right place. Here you will know the best areas available so that you can spend some great days in the capital of Belgium.

Brussels It is an excellent destination for all visitors, thanks to its various tourist attractions that are located in very beautiful areas.

Gastronomy, culture and architecture are some of the main attractions of the capital, in addition to the incredible places available to stay.

In addition, here you will find very interesting buildings, a lot of vegetation, a wide cultural offer, and a really charming cosmopolitan atmosphere.

Among the Brussels main attractions, highlights the Atomium, the Grand Place, the Mini-Europe, the Choco-Story Brussels, the Museum of Musical Instruments in Brussels and the Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium.

Therefore, if you come to visit this renowned European city, you should know the best areas to stay in Brussels before booking your hotel.

In this case, the historical center of Brussels It is not that big, which will help you if you do not have much time, since you will be able to see it on foot and observe all the attractions present there.

But, there are also other areas a little further from the historic helmet and they have a lot to offer. Choose the place for your accommodation according to your requirements!

Among the most prominent areas to stay in Brussels, we have: Grand Place, European Quarter, Sablon, Avenue Louise, Ixelles, La Place Rogier, Gare du Midi and Saint Josee-Ten-Noode. Find out more details below ...

The Grand Place, the perfect place

La Grand Place and its surroundings, it is undoubtedly one of the best places to stay in Brussels, since this area is considered the center of the city and where most of its tourist attractions.

Here, visitors will be able to know La Maison du Roi, el Manneken Pis, the galleries of St. Hubert, Guild buildings and the Grand Place, next to the Town Hall.

Furthermore, the royal park, the Royal Palace, and the Cathedral, as well as different museums (Royal Museums of Fine Arts or the Museum of Musical Instruments), are well-known tourist sites in this area.

And, if you like shopping or want to try the best gastronomy in the city, in The Grand Place You will also find many restaurants, shops, bars, shopping centers and establishments to enjoy the night life From the capital.

The offer of places of accommodation in La Grand Place it is also very extensive, although it can be somewhat expensive. The average price of the night is usually around € 120.

Among the most recommended hotels in The Grand Place, we have:  Rocco Forte Hotel, Warwick Brussels, NH Collection Brussels Center, Bedford Hotel & Congress Center, Citadines Sainte-Catherine Brussels and EasyHotel Brussels City.

The European Quarter, central and quiet

El European Quarter It is another of the best areas to stay in Brussels and stands out for its tranquility and good communication with the city center.

If you decide to stay at the European Quarter, here you can get to know different very interesting places, such as the Cinquantenaire Park with its wonderful Arc de Triomphe, the building of the European Parliament, la European Commission and Council of the European Union.

You can also know the military Museum or Autoworld (especially for car lovers), in addition to the Place Ambiorix It offers beautiful Art Nouveau architecture.

Even from this area of Brussels you can get to Grand Place walking only 20 minutes. In addition, the European Quarter it is very well connected to the city center by metro and bus.

Although this area has a lot of movement during the day, due to all the people who attend their jobs, at night or on weekends it is a Quite quiet and safe place.

That is why the European Quarter, it is a good choice for stay in Brussels. Here you get a wide variety of 4 and 5 star accommodation, and with better prices than in the city center (80-90 € the average price of the night).

Between the most outstanding hotels in the area, we have: Stanhope Hotel by Thon Hotels, Sofitel Brussels Europe, Aparthotel Adagio Access Bruxelles Europe and the First Euroflat Brussels.

El Sablón, for art lovers

Sablon It is a special neighborhood for lovers of art and antiques, which stands out for its various galleries, small churches, antique shops and chocolate shops.

This area is very charming and we can say that it marks the transition between the historic center of Brussels, the Ixelles district and Avenue Louise

Here you can know the famous Grand Sablon square and admire its facades dating from the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, in addition to finding many cafes, restaurants, terraces, markets and chocolate shops.

In this neighborhood you can also visit the beautiful Place du Petit Sablon (with a garden surrounded by many statues) and the Notre Dame du Sablon church Gothic in style and built in the XNUMXth century, undoubtedly one of the most beautiful in Belgium.

Additionally, you cannot miss the Museum of Ancient Art and of Modern Art located next to the Place royale. And, if you want to walk to the Grand Place, you can do it in just 10 minutes.

As for the options of accommodation in Sablon They are also very spacious and somewhat expensive (€ 120 the average price of the night).

Avenue Louise, for luxury shopping

La Avenue louise It is a very luxurious area in Brussels, being one of the longest streets in the city, where many stores recognized throughout the country.

This area is very elegant, quiet, clean and safe, and you will also find many restaurants, bars and discos very select.

The extent of The Avenue Louise is 3 kilometers approximately and begins at the height of the Palace of Justice, reaching the Bois de la Chambre park.

For much of its journey, the Avenue louise cross the Ixelles neighborhood, so you will find many things to do during your stay in the area.

The surroundings of the Louise metro station, is the most central point of this area and is located only 15 minutes walk from the center of Brussels.

You must bear in mind that, being a very large avenue, certain accommodations may be somewhat removed from the metro stop, for which you must use the tram, bus or taxis to move around the city.

Being a very luxurious area, in Avenue louise Hotels are usually somewhat expensive, with an average per night that exceeds the 120 €.

Ixelles, for those who like to go out at night

El Ixelles neighborhood It is located southeast of the historic center of Brussels, and it is an area that offers residents and tourists a formidable night life.

This area is another of the largest in the capital and is one of the best to stay, since it offers a lot of elegance and safety.

But, not everything in Ixelles refers to upper class, since there are also other simpler areas such as the African district of Brussels, the area of ​​the University and Matongue Place Flage y Chatelain.

In this neighborhood, the offer of bars, restaurants, and establishments for night life It is very wide and exclusive, so fun is guaranteed.

Undoubtedly, Ixelles It is one of the most popular areas of the city and that is why it is highly visited by tourists every year, and is also one of the most sought-after areas to live in the capital.

La accommodation offer in Ixelles It is very wide and can even be a little cheaper than in The Grand Place, Sablon and Avenue Louise Media (price per night from € 80-90).

La Place Rogier, central and well connected

La Place Rogier It is a very central and well connected part of the capital, being one of the best areas to stay due to its high fullfilment of security requirements and location near the center of Brussels.

This area is located a few minutes walk from the North Station, a renowned station that you can get to by train from the Brussels Airport and also from where many trains depart to other cities in the country.

Additionally, the Place Rogier is right in front of the Rue Neuve, considered the most commercial street in Brussels.

In this street you will get the international marks most prominent and several shopping centers of interest, such as the Immo or the City 2.

Stay in the Place Rogier is an excellent alternative, especially if you want to be close to the Grand Place and get hotels at slightly cheaper prices.

Therefore, if you wish stay in Brussels and you search for hotels near the downtown and in a very safe and commercial area, the Place Rogier is your best option!

Gare du Midi, if you want to stay cheap

Midnight station is the recognized railway station area in Brussels, and an ideal place to find cheap hotels, although it is not the safest part of the capital.

This area communicates very well with the Brussels Airport and with other cities in the country, thanks to the trains that depart daily from the station.

Many prefer Midnight station for its wide range of accommodation with cheap prices, compared to other areas of the capital, in addition to being very well connected.

But, it may not be the best area where to stay in Brussels, because it is not very clean or the safest in the city (especially at night).

We recommend you stay as close as possible to the station, to avoid taking the subway at night or walking long hours to places of interest.

Saint Josee-Ten-Noode, the other alternative

Saint Josse-Ten-Noode It is a central and well-connected neighborhood located just 20 minutes walk from the grand place, which is why it is an excellent area to reserve your accommodation.

This neighborhood stands out for its multiculturalism thanks to the immigrants who live there, being a very active area with kebabs, pastry shops, various shops and other establishmentsThey are open until late at night.

The accommodation offer in Saint Josse-Ten-Noode It is very wide and includes hotels, tourist apartments and hostels, mostly located around the train station. Madou metro and the European Quarter.

Thus, Saint Josse-Ten-Noode It is a very safe and beautiful area to stay in Brussels, with an average per night of € 60-70. Tea we recommend the City Center Hotel, NH Brussels Bloom, Progress Hotel and the Hôtel Méribel.

The best hotels to stay in Brussels

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