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Wroclaw is a city located in the Oder river, in the west of Poland. You will love its great structure designed with beautiful terraced houses and a modern font.

Award-winning city like the best European destination in 2018It is surely one of the most unknown cities in Poland.

Marked by World War II, Wroclaw surprises tourists for the charm of its people and the beauty of its architecture

This city with a very urban aspect is very famous for the Marketplace, who has a fabulous source and town hall Gothic style with an astronomical clock, it is very striking for all Tourists who visit this city.

Wroclaw It has been a little known city, but it has a great History and culture, waiting to be known by the Tourists worldwide.

This city also stands out for its wonderful bridges, monuments and churches highly recognized throughout the country.

You can also get to know the auditorium Centennial Center, which has a large dome and a very tall spire, and the Panorama of Racławice, a painting depicting the epic battle for independence of 1794.

Wroclaw It is a very quiet city, where the Tourists you can spend a few days very relaxed, enjoying the classic and modern wonders available here.

Next, we will indicate you the best areas to stay in Wroclaw and so you will have various options on your visit to this special corner of Poland.

Rynek, the market square area

This is the area of ​​the marketplace, which is surrounded by old houses and a building . original.

Market it is the most famous and known de Wroclaw. Here you can see the old town hall with a late gothic style and a tower 66 meters. It is without a doubt, it is the most impressive building of this kind of all Poland, which is used as a museum for all visitors.

Market it has various points of interest and awesome sites for all visitors to the city, like the fountain Zdrój, the monument to Fredo Picota, houses Hansel y Gretel and the church Saint Elizabeth.

In the Plaza de Wroclaw, you can enjoy Christmas markets, Parties of end of the year, ceremonies religious, military and academic. This area is the center of the tourist life of the city and the place where Visitantes They go out to enjoy and have a few glasses of good liquor.

If you are a good lover gastronomy of Wroclaw, in this area you will find very good restaurantsLike Piwnica Świdnicka, which is one of the oldest in Europe.

Market It is considered the heart of Wroclaw, so you will have at your disposal a great diversity of hotels with affordable prices, very comfortable and with complete services for tourists.  

Ostrów Tumsk, the origin of the city

This is the area where the city of Wroclaw, making it one of the most historically important in the city.

Ostrów Tumsk it is a picturesque place with very nice streetsserving as relaxation for all Visitantes who decide to explore it. This area is closely linked with the Catholicism, for which you will find a lot of religious buildings.

Ostrów Tumsk It is a place with a lot of culture and reflection, with classic buildings practically intact. Although, in this area, you will not find many shops, cafes, bars or restaurants.

The feeling it gives Ostrów Tumsk it is on another level and offers you a lot joy away from the bustle of city ​​center. The night is very special, since it is still customary to light gas lamps on the streets.

Ostrów Tumsk It has some interesting places to visit, such as the great cathedrals of Saint John the Baptist and Santa Cruz,

You'll also get the old one museum of the Archdiocese, the monument of John of Nepomuk, and finally the Botanical Garden from the city, one of the most beautiful, picturesque and unnoticed places to spend time in Wroclaw.

Each filtering bag hotels They are very quiet in this area, ideal for Tourists who want to have a accommodation very relaxed, away from the noise and the crowd. Without a doubt, it is one of the best areas to stay in Wroclaw.

Dzielnica Czterech Świątyń, the four temples

This area known as the Four Temples District, is a place of meeting and much respect.

This area is located between the streets Kazimierza Wielkiego, św. Mikołaja, św. Antoniego and Pawła Włodkowica. One of the aspects that highlights Dzielnica Czterech Świątyń, is its fabulous gastronomy, an unforgettable experience for any visitor.

The main places of interest in this area are the monuments of the sacred architecture, being diverse churches and synagogues.

The orthodox church of the Birth of the Holy Mother of God, the Catholic Church of San Antonio de Padua, the evangelical church of the Divine Providence and the synagogue Pod Białym Bocianem.

This area is characterized by mutual respect, in order to strengthen cooperation between various religions. The sculpture of the artist Ewa RossanoIt is also another symbol of the neighborhood.

En Dzielnica Czterech Świątyń you can enjoy several events cultural and educational. In addition, in summer, many concerts and exhibitions. Another point of interest in this area is the cinema Nowe horyzonty, which fulfills an important cultural function.

This is the first multiplex in Poland, focused on the rehearsal art cinema. Here the film festivals most important Wroclaw. Staying in the various hotels and hostels de Dzielnica Czterech ŚwiątyńIt is ideal if you like the calm atmosphere and the cultural area.

Wlodkowica, the Jewish quarter

Wlodkowica formerly conformed, the Jewish neighborhood from the city of Wroclaw. Today, this area of ​​the city is a very attractive place for tourists.

Here you can see the White Stork Synagogue, in addition to the various restaurants of the area, where you will spend evenings and whole nights with much entertainment.

One of the places of interest that you must visit in this area is the Jewish Information Center, where you will find the best literature on Jewish culture and community.

You should also know the CIZ Cafewhere tourists can drink juices freshly made or enjoy a Express with a kosher cake. Another establishment to visit is the Jewish Theological Seminary, highly recognized internationally.

Due to its new classicist facade very resplendent, it is currently an important destination for all Tourists they visit Wroclaw, especially those interested in the Jewish history. This temple is a Cultural center which also lends itself to many events and exhibitions.

The synagogue It is an essential place for this city, where you can enjoy performances children's theaters, workshops on Jewish musicconcerts summer and conferencesIn addition to permanent exhibition on the history of the Jews.

Around Wlodkowica, you will find a wide offer in luxury hotels, apartments and houses for rent, being one of the best areas to stay in Wroclaw.

Przedmieście Odrzańskie, the traditional quarter

Przedmieście Odrzańskie It is an area that is located north of the old and new cities. This area of Wroclaw, survived the Second war worldwide without being affected.

This part of the city of Wroclaw, it is ideal for tourism. Its environment is made up of houses with historical style, next to houses a little more modern and other renovated perfectly.

One of the places of interest in the city is the train station Wroclaw-Nadodrze. This suburb is occupied by this famous station, which shows how important this area has been for Wroclaw.

Here you can see the building Neo-Roman from 1868 and other buildings, which are a true architectural jewel for Wroclaw. Among those, stands out The siege, which was built in 1945.

Other places of interest in Przedmieście Odrzańskieare the big ones stately churches with great renown and importance. Some of them are even temples most important Wroclaw.

This area is very attractive for Tourists, since it conserves the best style of the culture of poland and a lot tradition from the city of Wroclaw.

The 9 best hotels to stay in Wroclaw

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