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If you are thinking of going on vacation in Italy, Bologna is without a doubt, a excellent option for you and your family. Bologna is the capital of the eponymous metropolitan city and the region Emilia-Romagna.

It is a very special area to visit, due to its attractions, history and its magnificent state of conservation.

The city of Bologna It is not very big, which is ideal for you to know it and enjoy it of everything that can offer you without any problems. Bologna owns one of the medieval old town largest in Europe.

Its areas are perfect for tourist destination, where you can find very good hotels and other types of accommodations for any budget. 

This city It has 3 main areas to visit, the Historical Center, very easy to tour and with various places of interest; the Estación Central, with options of accommodation . Affordable; and the Bologna fair, perfect to attend congresses, exhibitions or fairs available throughout the year.

In addition, you can stay in the university area or in the Jewish neighborhoodOther good options in the city.

Moreover, Bologna has many restaurants Specialist in Mediterranean food, which stand out especially, in the elaboration of typical dishes of the city.

Next, you can learn in more detail, the best areas to stay in Bologna, so you can choose the one you like the most.

The Centro Storico (city center)

El Old Town is recognized as one of the best areas to stay in Bologna, ideal for all kinds of Tourists. If you travel to do tourism o rest for one night the historic helmet from the city is your best option.

It is an area with a lot charm and with great movement of people all year. Here you can see all the attractive what does it offer Bologna, in a space very small You can tour the Old Town very easy, walking through its pretty streets without missing any interest site.

The area of the Old Town it is the safest of all Bologna. Its streets will lead you to city ​​center, where you will get the most prominent places of interest, such as the Plaza Greater.

Here you will find various local food markets, where you can delight yourself with the best dishes from the gourmet capital of Italy. In addition, you have the opportunity to know the Basilica of San Petronio.

Area commercial of Bologna Storico Center, has a nice decor. Here you will find various stores of the best Italian and foreign brands, restaurants, pubs and all Portfolio a tourist you may need.

That is why, the Old Town, it is an ideal area for to stay en Bologna if you want to be very search everything, try the best dishes, go to purchases or enjoy your medieval atmosphere only. On the other hand, you can tour the city walking, without the need to use public transport, saving a lot of time and money.

If we talk about the options of accommodation in the Old Town de Bologna, you can choose between the various hotels, resorts, apartments and rooms for rent available.

The Central Station

The area of ​​the Central Station de Bologna (Stazione di Bologna Centrale), is located north of the historic helmet. It is ideal to enjoy all attractive of the city so safe and comfortable.

La Central Station de Bologna It is one of the most important and busiest in Italy and its Trains they will connect you directly with big cities of the country, such as Milan, Rome, Florence and Venice.

In addition, this area offers you Bus local, regional and long distance. That is why, stay in the Central Station de BolognaIt will be very beneficial if you plan to visit other cities in Italy.

Additionally, the places in this area denote all the art and culture of the country, in addition to having excellent restaurants with fabulous traditional dishes. In the Central Station you will find a great diversity of places to accommodation, to a affordable price y close to sites of interest.

Here the hosting sites offer a good variety of Portfolio for the tourists. You have the possibility to stay in various hotels, B&B and hostels with all the amenities for visitors. If you stay in the Central Station, you will be very close to city ​​center and you will be able to know many attractive places.

The Bologna Fair

La Bologna fair is an area specialized in making various events, such as fairs, congresses, conventions or exhibitions. This area of ​​Bologna is located northeast of the old town from the city, above the train tracks.

It's a shopping complex ideal for the entertainment of all Visitantes, so to stay in this area it makes a lot of sense, especially if you are going to attend some special event that interests you.

For being an area of ​​many shops and businesses, you will have good connections public transport. In addition, the rates of the accommodations tend to be more Affordable than in other areas of Bologna.

La number of events in this area it is impressive, so you will notice a very dynamic and entertaining. Any tourist You will enjoy this commercial area greatly, since it is something not very common to witness in other cities. Between the events most important that are carried out here, highlight the children's book fair and illustration. 

The hotels available in this area are type business, for the type of purpose of the accommodation that occurs in this area. Generally, prices are cheap and they are ideal for Travelers they come for business or leisure. On the dates of the main eventsit can be difficult to find lodging, so we recommend Reserve in advance. This is another of the best areas to stay in Bologna.

The Jewish Quarter

El Jewish quarter is located in the city ​​center de Bologna and it is an area that has the particularity of having a large amount of streets, which form some labyrinths.

This is something unique for Visitantes and it's perfect for relax and reflect. Here you can forget about your problems and daily routines. This area is a very special corner of the city and offers many adventures to discover. It is the ideal neighborhood to give a walk relaxing and passionate.

La old Jewry is today a lattice of streets ideal for exploring them very calmly. Here you can walk peacefully, observing their Alleys secluded and very pretty.

To know the Jewish quarter, you must start on the street dei Giudei, entering from the Puerta Ravegnana Square, which is dominated by 2 imposing towers and by the church of Saint bartolomeo. Another place of interest that you should not miss is the famous Uguzzoni Tower, which is 32 meters high, with a lookout at the top.

This is one of the Jewish neighborhoods most striking of all Europe and despite the years of antiguaty, it has a high level of conservation in its original structure. On the other hand, you can see the beautiful and colorful Street market, ideal for a walk in the morning.

The options of accommodation in the Jewish neighborhood they are varied and Affordable. Accounts with various hotels, apartments and rooms for rent for all tastes.

The university area

La university area It is one of the most elegant and visited in the city of Bologna. It is an area very frequented by tourists and students from other regions, since, in this neighborhood, one of the university buildings oldest in the country.

Here at the university area, they also concentrate a large amount of palaces and stately homes very well decorated. The symbol of the area is undoubtedly the Two towers. These 2 towers famous medieval people, with defense functions, rise in the Piazza di Porta Ravengnana.  These represent the city ​​panorama and are visible from almost any corner. 

This area has various very interesting sites, which you should not miss if you you lodge in this university neighborhood. You should visit the Piazza Santo Stefano, which offers you some wonderful palaces and you can also visit the legendary basilical complex of Saint Stephen. 

Other places with a long history are the churches of San Giacomo Maggiore and of Santa Maria dei Servi, the highlighted National Art Gallery or Bentivoglio palace. This area of Bologna combines the modern architecture with various old styles. Here you will feel in the past and present at the same time as you go through the pretty streets y buildings of the university area. 

The alternatives of accommodation in this area they are also varied. You will find various hotels, hostels and rooms for visitors At affordable prices. That's why the university area, It is one of the best areas to stay in Bologna.

The 9 best hotels to stay in Bologna

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Accommodation in Bologna

If you want to live a quiet trip to Italy one of the best options is to book a hotel in Bologna and live the peace that is breathed in this Italian city. Its diverse cultural and architectural heritage will fascinate you.

Centrally located hotels in Bologna

The most popular tourist attractions of the Italian city are Piazza Maggiore, the Towers of Bologna and the Neptune Fountain. Staying close to these places is easy, as Bologna has a small historical center.

Among the best rated hotels are the Mercure Bologna Centro hotel, the Holiday Inn and the Novotel Bologna Fiera hotel. Both have quick access to the tourist spots of Bologna. The Asinelli Bed and Breakfast, the Thp Bolonia hotel and the Milano Maríttima hotel also stand out for their good location.

Bologna Luxury Hotels

Those looking for hotels in Bologna belonging to well-known hotel chains may find the Accorhotels their ideal accommodation. Or perhaps they prefer to spend their nights at the NH Bolonia de la Gare hotel, located very close to the Piazza Maggiore.

The accommodation options in this city are very wide. Do not hesitate and book your hotel in Bologna now at the best price with a travel guide.

Cheap hotels in Bologna

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