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Barri Antic Hostel & Pub
Twin Room from 25 EUR

Hostel Cisco de Sans
Single Room from 35.2 EUR

Room from 40 EUR

 Single Room from 25 EUR

Hotel Sant Jordi
 Double or Twin Room from 35.91 EUR

Glaner Hotel Cafe
 Single Room from 47 EUR

Residence Restaurant Indalo
 Double or Twin Room from 55 EUR

 Single Room from 30.5 EUR

In situ Eurotel Andorra
 Twin Room from 36 EUR

Hotel Pyrenees
 Single Room from 38 EUR

Cervol Hotel
 Single Room from 39.69 EUR

Best accommodation to sleep in Andorra

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If there is a place that is a true paradise, without a doubt it is Andorra. In fact, hundreds of people choose it daily as their tourist destination. This is because it offers relaxation, culture, good art, interesting shopping places and a unique contact with nature and white sports. If you want to take a getaway to the country of the Pyrenees, and you still don't know where to go to stay, don't worry! Here we will give you detailed information about the better areas where to stay in Andorra.

One of the things that stands out most of this nation located in the foothills of the Pyrenees, is the beauty of its stations Vallnord and Grandvalira, which are true gems for ski and snow lovers.

The stores are great, and you'll want to take home everything you see, well in case you didn't know Taxes are not paid in Andorra !; where areas such as Andorra la Vella, the attractions and opportunities for you to save and you can buy as you like are real.

In addition, you will have an endless number of other tourist attractions, such as its Romanesque style churches that abound in the principality. This together with their museums such as the Automobile, the Ethnographic Museum, the Tobacco Museum or the Miniature Museum.

But that is not all, since there is no shortage of natural beauties to discover, among which places such as Madriu-Perafita-Claror, the Sorteny Valley or the Comapedrosa Valley.

These destinations, together with their hot springs, are a pleasant temptation to relax and create unique memories, where when you visit Caldea, you will no longer want to leave.

Don't worry about food, because it presents a extensive gastronomy and rich in different flavors, since it offers a mix between French and Catalan culinary traditions, without losing sight of its own essence. What tourists prefer the most are Andorran trout and its famous cannelloni A delight!

As expected, the variety of offers to stay it is more than diverse. You will have different alternatives that adapt to the tastes, styles, budgets and characteristics of the travelers. The good news is that there are also cheaper places to stay, such as Arinsal, Ordino or Andorra la Vella. But let's not waste any more time, and we will see area by area in where to stay in Andorra.

Pas de la Casa

This town is located about 30 km from the capital of Andorra and very close to Grandvalira; is very famous for having at its center lots of shops.

Among its interesting monuments is the Church of San Pedro. But what most attracts people is its accessibility to the Grandvalira ski center

What is true is that here the hotel offer is not so great, so more or less about 75 euros per night you enjoy a quiet 3-star hotel.

The Tarter

In this town we love its mountain country style, which with a traditional architecture gives you the opportunity to get there direct to the snow stations using the cable car (don't forget to take lots of pictures).

If we talk about accommodation, there is really not much variety, since it only has a handful of 4 and 3 star hotels, whose prices range between 80 and 90 euros.

It is certainly one of the busiest destinations, and its nightlife is not far behind because it has many pubs, bars and cafes for you to enjoy the beautiful Andorra at all times.

Stay in Andorra in El Tarter, it will be a dream.


We recommend this area because from it you can easily get to GrandvaliraIt is also one of the largest areas where you can stay in Andorra.

In Canillo, accommodation is a bit cheaper, being a good option if you are short on budget. With about 50 euros you can enjoy a 3-star hotel, without inconvenience.

The best thing is that it offers a variety of attractions to visit:

  • The sanctuary of Meritxell.
  • The Ice Palace.
  • The Romanesque church of Sant Joan de Caselles.

Another monument that draws your attention powerfully is its rock carvings at les Bruixes; That's why you can't leave Andorra without taking a postcard in that prehistoric treasure.

Andorra la Vella

It is the capital of the principality: Andorra la Vella, which is located in its central valley. This is one of the favorite spots for shoppers, as it is literally full of luxury stores and huge shopping centers, especially on the busy main avenue Meritxell.

Walking through its streets is an absolute pleasure, since its architecture is exquisite, and you can take the opportunity to visit the church of San Esteve or Sant Andreu.

Transportation in the area will not be a problem, because numerous land routes depart from there that run through all the most famous tourist areas such as:

  • Path of Prat Primer
  • Marginalized
  • Santa Coloma

Just take into account that, from Andorra la Vella you do not have direct access to the ski areas.

Accommodations here range from luxury hotels with breakfasts included from about $75 per night even the cheapest for a little tight budgets. What there is is a great diversity of accommodations. 


Soldeu belongs to the parish of Canillo, also located at the foot of the Pyrenees and converges with the Valira river, then ¡imagine the majesty of its landscapes!

The best thing about this area is that it has direct access to the ski slopes. In addition, once you are in Soldeu, you will have first-hand entry to visit one of the best parks in Andorra, such as the Bike Park.

If you walk its streets you will find good restaurants, and at night the bars and bars are very busy.

The only detail is that the lodgings are luxurious, and they do not go down from about 100 to 120 euros.


Arinsal's location makes it very convenient for the seriously consider as a place to stay. It is a few km from the capital and the ski centers. Lovers of white sports constantly come to this point.

But there is also the Church of San Andrés and the Estanys route, and how to forget the step towards Tristania, which are one of the most impressive glaciers in Andorra.

La offer for accommodation Will not disappoint you; On the contrary, with about 55 euros you get a 4-star hotel with breakfast included.


We continue now with this beautiful town located on the border with France, and which forms part of the Grandvalira station, and is very close to Andorra la Vella. from there if you can direct access to the main ski slopes, like the Grandvalira.

At its center are many pre-Romanesque style monuments and interesting museums, among which the Sacred Art and the Automobile one stand out.

There you can also visit:

  • The temple of San Jaime de Cortals
  • The church of San Miguel de la Mosquera.
  • Church of Santa Eulalia.

Another of its great attractions is the Senda Pyrenees, ideal for walking along it and coming into direct contact with forests, impressive alpine landscapes and lagos surprising.

As for your accommodation alternatives, we recommend that you think very seriously about staying here, because accommodation is cheaper, and for a few $60 you can stay calm in a 4 star hotel.

La Massana

Here is the highest peak of the principality: the Alto de stonecoma; and it is located near Andorra la Vella.

It also has beautiful and fascinating museums such as the Farga Rossell or the Comic Museum. But what is fascinating about La Massana is thatIt is at the foot of the Vallnord station, and has many hiking trails.

For these great features, staying here is an attractive idea. You can find cheap 3-star hotels between 55 and 60 euros, but there are also more expensive luxury hotels.


This town is more than 1.000 meters above sea level and northeast of Andorra. It has various museums that may interest you such as the Microminiature or the Christianity.

Another highlight is that it is close to natural parks like the Vall de Sorteny or the botanical garden. This area is part of the Vallnord station.

Your hotel options are not much, but if you allow stay in Andorra quietly. With about 60 euros you can spend the night.


Located in the center of the principality, as you can imagine, they have many shopping centers and stores to do your own thing with shopping. In addition, eating here will be a delight, as it has countless restaurants and cafes for the delight of visitors.

The most striking thing about Escaldes-Engordany is that it is the headquarters of the largest thermal center on the European continent La Caldea.

To stay for one night you will only need about 60 euros, and the best thing is that you have variety of hotels to choose.

The 9 best hotels to stay in Andorra

Accommodations in Andorra

In the principality of Andorra, tourism stands out especially for its great diversity. Although there are multiple mid-range accommodations designed for families, couples and groups of friends who want to spend some magical days in the country, there are also some luxurious hotels and very cheap options. Below we have highlighted several accommodation in Andorra that are interesting for the price they offer and for the positive evaluations they contain.

The Hôtel Grand Pas, located in the town center of Pas de la Casa, is a charming four-star establishment. With a Classic, has all the services that will make you enjoy a quiet and comfortable stay in this dreamy mountainous enclave. The enclosure has, among others, Wireless, elevator, games room and an indoor pool.

In case you want to enjoy a few days Family Or with a group of friends, another interesting option is to stay at the Sant Moritz Apartments, located in the pretty town of Arinsal, which offer stunning views of the mountains and have everything you need to enjoy your days in the country: rooms , bathrooms, living room with comfortable sofas, kitchen-dining area to prepare your meals when you need it and balconies where you can enjoy the landscape.

Likewise, if you feel like going to Andorra to take advantage of its great store offer, a good option may be the Hotel de l'Isard. Located in the country's capital, Andorra la Vieja, it is ideal to enjoy everything the city has to offer: shopping, restaurants, leisure, business ... All of this, of course, without losing sight of the mountains. The establishment, which has three stars, is located in a central area of ​​the capital and offers you comfortable and fully equipped rooms for a carefree and relaxed stay.

All-inclusive accommodation in Andorra

Wellness centers, ski slopes and places of great beauty are just some of the attractions of Andorra. Are you thinking of this as the place to spend your next vacation? So don't waste any more time and book your room now in one of the all-inclusive hotels in Andorra. The getaway you've been dreaming of for so long is just a few clicks away.

Luxury all-inclusive hotels in Andorra

Thanks to the tourist importance of this destination there is a wide range of all-inclusive hotels in Andorra for all tastes. We help you find yours in a few steps. Just mark the dates of your trip in our hotel search, filter by your preferences and compare the prices of your options.

Would you like to spend your stay in the country surrounded by all the luxuries and comforts? Then you will be interested in taking a look at the 5-star accommodations, in which you will have at your disposal facilities for moments of tranquility and moments of leisure and quality services to facilitate your stay.

One of the all-inclusive hotels in Andorra that have this category is the hotel diana parc. This luxury accommodation is perfect to relax after a day of snow or sightseeing, as it has a Wellness Center and spa where massages and beauty treatments are offered. Furthermore, if you decide on this hotel you will be in the heart of Arinsal, one of the most charming towns in Andorra.

All-inclusive snow hotels in Andorra

Another of the great attractions of this destination are undoubtedly its ski slopes. If you are a lover of this sport or want to take advantage of your trip to ski, it is best to stay at one of the all-inclusive hotels in Andorra near the slopes. In this sense in Hotel Princesa Parc It may be what you are looking for.

This 4-star accommodation has easy access to the ski slopes and it is located a few minutes walk from the Arinsal cable cars. It also provides its guests with the guarantee of a good rest thanks to its fully equipped rooms and facilities, in which you will undoubtedly feel at home.

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