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Alsace Region
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Alsacia It is a large region located in France and offers various sites that can be visited by national and foreign tourists.

This tourist area It is ideal for a route through the Black Forest, since it has borders with Switzerland and Germany. In addition, it offers various attractions that you should definitely visit.

Alsacia it must be considered when planning a family trip or as a couple and for this you must know the best lodging places.

Thus, there are some areas to stay in Alsace. Among the most prominent are the following:

  • Colmar: Located in the center of this region, it can be used as a base camp or stopover for any subsequent routes.
  • Strasbourg: It is located in the extreme north of the region, it is ideal to start or end a route through
  • Mulhouse: it is located in the extreme south of this region and is very close to the airport.
  • Eguisheim: It is one of the favorite towns and a perfect place to stay in this region. It is a rural and very quiet town located on the outskirts of
  • Ribeauvillé: located between Colmar and Strasbourg; It is ideal to stay if you will make a route by car.

Read on and find out more about the Best places to stay in Alsace…

Colmar: the best town to stay

Colmar it is a quintessential small town or village of this region. It can be found in all listings of places to stay in alsace.

This is because noted for architecture and the spirit emitted by said region, so it is very popular and receives a large number of tourists every year.

If you visit Colmar, you cannot miss shows such as rue Tanneurs, Petite Venica or Quai de la Poissonnerie.

It is also said that this is eThe original town of Beauty and the Beast, another reason why it is always full of tourists.

Colmar It is a highly visited tourist area and therefore the offer of lodging and services is very wide, unlike other places in the region of Alsace.

Other aspects that we cannot ignore is that this town is located in the nerve center of Alsace and that is why it is ideal to start tours of the area and consider it as a base camp to rest.

Strasbourg: a city with a lot of history

Strasbourg It is known as one of the most beautiful cities located in the north of the region, and is located near the border with the German nation.

Its historic center is characterized by being Heritage thanks to the architecture it offers and also has a hidden architectural gem, as is the case of its Cathedral.

Although it is located in the north, it is quite close to the points of interest and the main towns of the Alsace region. Being a larger city, it has many more accommodation alternatives than other towns.

This city has 2 nearby airports. In this way, Strasbourg It appears as the ideal city to start or end a route made by car, since it is located at one end of Alsace.

That is why it is an ideal area to stay, because it is close to many interesting towns and airports. So you should not leave it off your list if you are going to sleep in Alsace.

Mulhouse: a strategic area

Mulhouse It is characterized by being a small city in this region. Generally, it is very little valued, but you must bear in mind that it is a great option to choose on your visit for Alsace.

This city is located in the south of the region, precisely at the opposite end of Strasbourg. For this reason, if you find yourself making a route by car through Alsace, this becomes one of the interesting points to start or end the route.

In this way, its location is listed as one of the best to make a stop when making any route through this region. As in the case of Strasbourg, Mulhous, Being a larger place than other towns, it has many options to stay.

If you plan to travel in plane to Alsace, this city has an airport and when you get there you have the possibility of renting a car.

This Airport is considered one of the most curious in the entire European continent, because of its location it provides service to three nations: Switzerland, Germany and France. In addition, it is the best connected in all of Alsace if you travel from Spain.

Eguisheim: the favorite of many tourists

Eguisheim It is one of the favorite towns of tourists and one of the best alternatives to look for lodging, being also a mandatory stop on any route through Alsace.

Eguisheim is characterized by having all the essential features of this region, such as the colored facades, cobbled floors, wooden houses and flowers on the windowsills.

This town is located near Colmar, specifically to the south of the city and in the heart of the Alsace region. Therefore, it is listed as one of the best options to sleep in this French region.

That is why it is known as the perfect stop to stay before or after visiting Colmar, in case you do not want to stay to rest in this other town.

If you are in one of the final stages of your route or you are looking for a base camp, This town is ideal for its location and charm to stay.

Ribeauvillé: the village to be in Alsace

It is a town that stands out for the charms it offers, since it looks like a typical village from a fairy tale. This village is considered a mandatory stop on your route through Alsace.

One of the activities you can do in this town is to walk through its streets and visit the well-known castle of Saint Ulrich.

It is located halfway between Colmar and Strasbourg, becoming an ideal stop to rest in a route to Alsace.

Undoubtedly, Ribeauvillé It appears as an excellent option if you are looking for accommodation within the area. It is located around 30 minutes from Colmar and 45 minutes from Strasbourg.

Other essential towns on the route through the Alsace region, can be found very close to Ribeauvillé, As is the case Riquewihr and Hunawihr, so its location is ideal for any tourist.

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