The best areas to sleep in the Algarve

Cheap and cheap accommodation to stay in the Algarve

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Best accommodation to sleep in the Algarve

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In the southernmost region of Portugal it is located Algarve. Its borders border Spain to the east and Alentejo to the north, from which it can be reached quickly by land, sea or air.

There are a lot of beaches, towns and places to visit. That is why every year thousands of tourists choose it as their destination of arrival.

But to know exactly the best areas where to stay in Algarve it is important that you know the points of interest you want to visit.

As it is a fairly large region (approximately 200 km) in the south of Portugal, we recommend that you explore different locations such as: Portimao, Albufeira, Faro, Lagos, Vilamoura and many others.

Each one of them will catch you with its magic, and then you can get the most out of it by encouraging you to adventure.

If you want to give yourself that getaway and you don't know in where is better to stay, in this post we will give you a complete guide to the best areas to sleep in Algarve, the most emblematic places to visit and some additional tips to make your trip more than unforgettable.

This is a destination with a lot to offer. Are more than 9 million tourists who visit it every year. And is not for less. Its marshes, fields, mountains and caves take visitors' breath away.

The Algarve is a region that has managed to preserve traditional towns and mix that conservative air with the fun and entertainment of the coast and sun.

In summer there are many visitors, especially since reaching it is easy. You can do it from Lisbon by rented car, by train or by bus. So the transport will not give you problems. Coupled with that, it's a zone low cost.

Whether you start the tour of its administrative capital The Faro, you decide to go to the Ria Formosa Park, or visit the Albufeira beaches, we assure you that in any of these places you will create beautiful memories.

Albufeira, the place to stay

Our journey begins in beautiful Albufeira. In fact, those who seek cheap accommodation, beautiful beaches and lively night activities stay in this area.

It is located in the center of the coast, and was once a quiet fishing village that now comes to life as a large tourist center. In Albufeira you will have one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe: Falesia Beach. There is also the one for the Germans, which is very busy.

To entertain yourself outdoors, you can choose to visit the labyrinth of the caves by boat or take advantage of and see some cetaceans. But if what you want is walk its streets, it is also a good alternative. Be it day or night the variety of entertainment is great.

In the historic center there are plenty of traditional Portuguese streets and squares full of restaurants, shops and cafes. The nights are very busy and you will surely find several places to have a great time.

The variety of accommodation here is very good and diverse. You will have to choose between luxurious 4-star hotels or even family apartments; if what you want is to feel the warmth of home. The best thing is that the accommodations are very close to the beaches.

Transportation will not give you inconvenience, because there is a good train and bus service that will take you throughout the town.

Portimao, a mixture of tradition and beaches

Already in Portimao the area is busier. It is located in the western Algarve, nestled on the banks of the Arade River.

It is a town that has at least 55.000 inhabitants and is considered the main commercial center of the region. In fact, it is the second largest city from Algarve.

The streets of your historic center are very crowded. But this is good, because it allows you to be in contact with people from other latitudes and see first-hand the interaction of the Portuguese communities.

You will also get many artisan shops. So take advantage and get a few traditional products and crafts for your memories. When it comes to eating or sitting down for a coffee, the options are limitless: there are restaurants side by side.

Leaving Portimao without trying a delicious fish or a seafood cataplana is a sin. The best place to live this experience is in the Ribeirinha de Portimao. There you will eat in front of the sea.

However, if the beach is your thing, just 3 km from the center is Praia da Rocha, a majestic beach with all the necessary services to spend a day of total relaxation. Also from Portimao you can take a walk to the Benagil caves; that is something that will be forever etched in your memory.

There are hotels and apartments for all tastes. In addition, there is a range of perfect family stays to stay for several days. You will be able to spend a quiet summer, and as in Albufeira and Faro the lodgings are cheap.

Faro, the great alternative

We continue our journey to reach Faro, a tourist and commercial city. In fact, it is the capital district of Algarve and the International airport headquarters.

That is why there are many tourists who start their stay in Faro. Its urban center is simply beautiful. Once you are in it, you cannot stop visiting:

  • The Chapel of Bones.
  • The Gothic-style Cathedral.
  • The Episcopal Palace.
  • The maritime museum.

The commercial area is very busy. In it you will find terraces and restaurants that surprise you because of the variety of cuisine. 

In Albufeira the transport and accommodation are very good, the train connects with several towns as well as the bus station.

As for the accommodation in Faro, you will see that it's very cheap and the sites are comfortable and beautiful.

Without a doubt, it is a good alternative to combine beaches, history and shallows. prices in accommodation.

The charm of staying in Lagos

In Lagos, Portuguese tradition, dream beaches and modern buildings are perfectly combined. It is certainly a jewel of the Algarve. Every corner of it has something interesting to tell.

The streets integrate beautiful romantic squares and endless bars so you can cool off at will.

Take the opportunity to discover in its center different monuments such as the Church of Santo Antonio or the Ponta Bandeira Fort. Its wall is monumental. Not to mention the beaches. For many the most beautiful is the Prada de Doña Ana, although the one in Porto Mós is not far behind.

The location of Lagos is ideal to consider it as a hub for your vacation. If you decide to stay here, you will have access to a good transport system that leads to most of the Algarve.

And if you drive, going from Lagos to Faro, for example, is super easy. You will enjoy an incredible view of the large sandy areas and different rock formations of very curious shapes. Take advantage and you make a stop in Ponta Piedade, to take the best pictures of your life.

Of course, this is one of the best areas to stay in Algarve. There is transport by train and bus that provide a first class service. And hotels are cheap. Of course, if you opt for a more category option, you can stay in one of the Luxury resorts which are located on the coast.

Tavira, one of the most beautiful cities

Further to the eastern part of the region is Tavira; perhaps considered one of the most beautiful cities and a good alternative to stay in Algarve. You just have to consider that to get to the beaches it is necessary to take the ferry.

It is in the vicinity to the Spanish borderThat is why many tourists come to this area. Take that detail into account so that you make the reservation in advance.

Its architecture is very sober and with Gothic and Renaissance touches. Also, many houses with Arab reminiscences can be seen along the Gilao River. A whole set of details to admire. Its cobbled streets lead directly to the church of Santa María do Castelo or the hermitage of Sao Sebastián.

The night is also busy. If you are looking for a night of dancing and fun, in Lagos you will find good bars and clubs that are ideal to enjoy with friends or partner.

A recommendation more : if you go with children, visit Pego do Inferno (but don't be scared by its name). This is a quiet bathing area. And don't forget to walk along the riverbank, cross the old Roman bridge and visit the Camera Obscura: a water reservoir that serves as a mirror for Tavira.

To get around comfortably, take a train or any bus. Although as we already mentioned that rent a car it is still the most convenient.


Carvoeiro is a striking fishing village located between Albufeira and Lagos, on a golden coast of unimaginable beauty. From there you can plan excursions to various sites without inconvenience.

Even if you decide to spend your vacation alone in Carvoeiro, there are many things to do and see. You can walk the Carvoeiro Borardwalk at sunset or see the coastal caves from the Algar Seco park, which will surely leave you speechless.

Do not worry about the beaches since there are many around them, and very beautiful, such as the Benagil, Marinha or Albandeira beaches. Also, there are many walks and hiking excursions to explore the surrounding nature.

Around the Plaza de Monte Carvoeiro, there is a range of accommodation available. They are excellent for those who want to get away from the bustle of the Algarve and relax with the family. The prices are affordable.

Right there in the center you find the bus station or various car rental centers that allow you to move to other areas to get to know the whole of Algarve without problems


At the westernmost tip of the Algarve is beautiful Sagrés. Staying there would not be bad at all. Its dramatic cliffs have been carved by the roughness of the sea. A few postcards there and everyone will want to know that place.

It's a great destination for surf lovers, and the predominant traditional architecture invites you to spend the day walking through its cobbled streets.

Visiting the fortress is a must. You can go to the Church of Our Lady of Grace, a temple in which the sailors entrusted themselves before leaving for their journey in the open sea, and to which they returned to thank the favors received to return safely.

Many excursions come to Sagrés to see Cape San Vicente. Tourists challenge wild nature by doing hiking, climbing or surfing.

La Tonel Beach is famous because it has the biggest waves in the entire region. Although there are also quieter beaches such as Ingrina, which falls in love with its crystal clear waters.

Accommodation in this part of Algarve is good. You will find inns, hotels and different apartments. There is a lot to choose from and with prices that are worth it.


One of the first populations that settled on the Algarve coastline was Quarteira. From there it has loyal visitors who always opt for its relaxation and beauty.

That is why staying in this region is an excellent idea. It is perfect when traveling with children, because their beaches offer all services to spend a day without worries of any kind. Quarteira Urbana, Forte Novo and Cavalo Prieto stand out.

Quarteira has good transport connection towards other areas of the Algarve, so it can be used as an arrival center.

A remarkable monument that you should undoubtedly know is the Roman Villa of Cerro da Vila. You will have the opportunity to get a closer look at a Roman settlement dating back to the XNUMXnd century. Is awesome.

En summer the weather is very warm, but at any time of the year the temperatures are tolerable and will not give you a major problem.

Of course, between July and August almost all hotel places are reserved, you will find many cheap hotels and comfortable. Also, there are alternatives like family apartments, resort and higher category hotels. It all depends on your plans and budget.

The 9 best hotels to stay in the Algarve

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Do not let them to tell you! Choose among all the hotels in Faro the one that will make your trip an unforgettable experience and book it with our offers. You will love to know the Estói Palace, enjoy a day in the desert island beach and take an excursion through the places of the Ria Formosa.