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Albufeira It is located in the center of the the of Algarve in Portugal, between Carvoeiro and Quarteira.

Traditionally, this area has been a Fisher's town but that, in recent years, it has evolved as a tourist destination par excellence.

In this coastal city you can enjoy your extensive beaches, for an climate fabulous and many bars and restaurants specially located in the old town and coastal area. This increases the large supply of nightlife that invades the city.

Something to highlight in Albufeira, is the environment of the beach bars in summer in the zone of Areias do Sao Joao. 

El historical Center de Albufeira it's a little small, but it's very picturesque. It has a traditional architecture of whitewashed houses, which are distributed in narrow streets similar to many Andalusian towns.

You can not stop visiting, the pretty ones Albufeira white churches or its spectacular Beaches.

HR most visited beaches de Albufeira, are those of Coelha, Gale, Praia do Barranco das Belharucas, dos Aveiros, Falésia, Sao Rafael, Arrifes, Evaristo, do Castelo, dos Salgados or Pescadores (urban beach ).

Moreover, from the same Albufeira town center, the beach of do Peneco It has a very original tunnel-shaped access. It is also recommended to visit el Labyrinth of caves on the coastThrough boats with outputs from it Albufeira port.

El lodging in Albufeirawill generally be more or economic sector. if you reserve one House for rent instead of a hotel, aparthotel, hostels or camping, especially if it is a large group.

And, lately, there are not many couples visiting alone at Albufeira, since this region has become a Ibiza type destination, with lots of fun, party and music.

Albufeira It has 2 main areas of accommodation, old town and Oura. Next, we will indicate you the best areas to stay in Albufeira.

The old town, city life

El old town is the best areas to stay in Albufeira. This is because it is a few meters from the city ​​center and it has very easy access at beaches most beautiful in the region.

El old town It is a relatively quiet area, although in a few minutes you can get the best restaurants, bars and discos from the city. The pedestrian zone of historical Center is full of commercial, among which stands out, the flea market of the Square April 25.

Here you will find many accessories and clothing of high quality. Is a plaza which will also take you directly to the Peneco Beach and the one Fishermen, which is recognized as the most famous in the Algarve.

La Fisherman's beach, it is the main place of events sports and cultural most important in the city. You can't forget to visit The Laguna de los Salgados. It is a leisure place with a wonderful view, considered Algarve regional heritage.

If you walk the old town, you will also get the Plaza Engehneiro Duarte Pacheco Plaza Jacinto d'Ayet, Municipal Museum of Archeology and Museum of Sacred Art.

You also can visit La Marina in a nice walk about 15 minutes. This area is ideal for eat and enjoy at night, since, a few steps away, you will have many locals with good drinks, live music and fabulous food.

La accommodation offer at Albufeira historic center, includes hotels up to 4 stars, apartments near the beach, villas and houses for rent in the surroundings.

Rua da Oura, party and fun

The famous Rua da Oura or Avenida Sa Carneiro, it is a street with a lot party and fun daily. Although it will also be a bit difficult to sleep with tranquility, if you are very close to the leisure establishments in this area.

Rua da Oura it's a street very extensive with a lot of bars type pub and discos from beginning to end. Although some years ago, it was a very familiar area, ideal for walking with children and seeing many shops, today it is more an area for youth and adults who like full fun.

The avenue of discovery to the beachfirst stretch of Rua da Oura, has many bars and diverse stores that you must observe. You will find several local of clothes, shoes and gifts.

El second section starts after Libertos bar. You will differentiate it by the street that cuts through the middle. From here, the environment its alot stronger and traditionally, on nights of summer, closes all traffic from this point.

And the third section of Rua da Oura, is after the roundabout that you will see later. From here, you will not find barsbut if a strip club and other places. If you walk lower, you will get a slope that will take you to the beach. 

La Oura beachwhich is at the end of this streetIt is spectacular, but it is usually crowded with people in high season.

Offering hotels, hostels and apartments for rent en Rua da Oura is diverse. You will surely find the one that best suits your preferences and budget

Inatel beach, the beach par excellence

La Inatel Beach It is located at is of Albufeira old town, in the district Bairro dos Pescadores. Its wonderful beach with a blue flag, it is a tourist destination par excellence for those who visit Albufeira.

La Inatel beach It is about 800 meters long and 450 meters wide, approximately (at low tide). It is surrounded by a concrete pier which covers the output of the Ribeira of Albufeira.

If you visit this wonderful beach, you will see how within walking distance, you will find many hotels and accommodation vacation located in the suburbs of the old town. When walking the Infante Dom Henrique Avenue, adjacent to the rear of the Inatel beach, you will find different spaces for parking and other activities.

For visitors, in addition to the beach, They're available bars and restaurants throughout it. The Inatel beach  It is very clean and you will have at your disposal, showers and rent of umbrellas and sunbeds.

During the summer months, this beach es patrolled by lifeguards, for more fullfilment of security requirements of visitors. Here you can also enjoy a ride on high boards, facing the various hotels and the fabulous Beach.

There is no doubt that the Inatel Beach, It is one of the best areas to stay in Albufeira.

Olhos de Água, the quiet area

Water eyes it's a fabulous place to to stay en Albufeira, especially for those who are looking for some vacation very quiet and cozy.

This area offers a easy access to the famous Falesia Beach, considered one of the best in the Central algarve. You will enjoy their crystalline waters, gold sand and its wonderful cliffs. In addition, it is only 6 kilometers from the Albufeira old town.

This Fisher's town offers various restaurants high quality with very affordable prices, better than others coastal places of the area. In Water eyes, you will notice the recent improvements that have been made, allowing you to have the necessary services To enjoy the beach.

In addition, you will have a comfortable entrance ramp to the arena, highlights boardwalks, shelters, walks, garden benches y public spas in perfect condition.

For some years now, the tourism in Water eyes has been growing rapidly, improving the economy of the area, increasing the number of establishments hoteliers, commercial, restaurants, bars and apartments for rent.

In a nutshell, Water eyes it is a place tourist very special with affordable services and a wide variety of offers hotel, beaches, bars, restaurants, supermarkets, health center and parking. 

Do not miss the opportunity to stay in one of the best areas to stay in Albufeira.

Sao João de Areias, the other area for sun and party

The people of São João de Areias, is the most recommended for all visitors looking to enjoy Salt and the good party. From here, you will have the best access to Oura Beach and Santa Eulalia beach. 

If you you lodge en Areias de Sao João, you can enjoy the great night life from the area known as the Albufeira Strip (Avenida Dr. Francisco Sa Carneiro), which is located within walking distance.

Here you will have a variety of pubs and nightclubs for every taste. In addition, from this area, you can take a little train that runs the coast until historic helmet de Albufeira.

El Mediterranean climate with continental and maritime influence in São João de Areias, will allow you to enjoy winters cool with a lot of wind, springs very soft with a little rain and a  summer hot and dry, ideal for not leaving the beaches here available.

Addition beaches and places for nighttime fun São João de Areias You can visit other places of interest, such as the Chapels of San Sebastián, San Pedro and Santo Cristo. You should also observe the Royal House of Arms.

La accommodation offer at São João de Areias, he offers you houses for rent, fifths, hotels up to 4 stars and apartments near the beach.

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